Stacie on the road:- "Cornish Adventure..."

St Moritz - Polzeath, Cornwall

After Mark and my Edinburgh trip we decided a relaxed trip was very much in need especially with our current goings on in life (also the reason for lack of blogs, sorry!) So we decided Cornwall might be a lovely way to go and I was fortunate enough that I happened across The St Moritz hotel on Instagram, someone I follow happened to be staying there and I just thought it look amazing and the area looked so peaceful and so relaxing so that was that we had to stay there. 

I wasn't quite prepared for how lovely the hotel was going to be or quite how accommodating for our needs it would be. As a disabled/terminally ill person finding hotels that have EVERYTHING you require is virtually impossible, there is almost always something missing and usually you just have to accept that that is the case, well not here. The St Moritz was utterly amazing; we had a suite, it had a kitchen, a living/dining area, a conservatory, a patio, a great sized double bedroom and fully accessible bathroom. Every corner of that suite was accessible to my wheelchair! They even had a hoist if that was a requirement of mine which it could possibly be for future stays as I get worse as it led from Bath, toilet to bed which I thought really was great!

There really is nothing about our room that I think could have been improved on and I genuinely never thought we'd find a room that could do that because there is always something, you know, there is always something and whether that sounds pessimistic to you then fine but in our experience there really is always something missing but not here. 

Our stay was lovely though, unfortunately I was quite poorly during this trip which was completely unexpected but having such a beautiful and comfortable place to stay really made the trip so enjoyable, I booked myself in for a Manicure and Pedicure and Mark used their Pool and spa facilities. It was quite lovely to have a Mani-Pedi as it really is one of those things that takes a side seat when you're poorly as you're so focused on just pills, doctors, appointments, and just generally keeping up with other things in life that aren't your nails lol. The staff were second to none as well they were just so friendly and accommodating but not in that annoying on top of you way and you didn't feel uncomfortable asking for something if you needed anything. It really was just a amazing experience for a hotel and me and Mark very rarely say we'll go back to a specific hotel but we've actually already decided we'll be making a return visit at some point this year, we really did love it that much. 

Padstow - Cornwall

Padstow we only spent the day and we definitely need longer than a day really but we actually found we really loved it here. So many people said to us that we had to visit Padstow and that we had to go here or there whilst we were there. Now I'm one of those people that if too many people are saying something is great it probably isn't that great if you know what I mean? A bit like "The Walking Dead" or those really horrendous critically acclaimed films that are actually crap and shouldn't be winning anything. So I worried people were hyping up Padstow and I'd actually be super disappointed, I wasn't thankfully.

Mark and I really did have a wonderful walk along their bike trail which we plan on doing more of next time and actually might hire out a bike with a bit for me to sit in :-D. We went in some of the shops and had a general wonder of the harbour and took note of the restaurants and place we had to come back to see. One thing we did do whilst we were there was try out Rick Steins fish and chips and I'm going to be completely honest with you all and say, I wasn't impressed..... I'm sorry guys! I just wasn't I had cod bites and chips and although the cod bites were lovely the chips just didn't live up to expectation. We actually have a fish and chip place here in Norwich that I regard much more highly, "Grosvenor Fish Bar" absolutely amazing fish and chips in my opinion :-/. That being said however he did have some amazing ice-cream which was really yummy!

We got really lucky with weather this day and spent our whole day just having a lovely time and we can't wait to make a return. The weather has however led to my current downfall (to be revealed...)

Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa - Newquay, Cornwall

Next stop was our next hotel which was Fistral Beach hotel and spa. Now this was also a lovely hotel but you know how I said there's usually always something missing when you're of the disabled variety? Well this is a prime example. As lovely as hotels are and can be they can be let down by their lack of thought when it comes to someone with accessible needs. Firstly it was like an obstacle course or marathon length to get to the reception in the first place when having a simple ramp would have been ample enough but no you had to go through two restaurant areas, actually past the reception, up past their toilets and past their spa area, back through the bar area and finally you were at the reception area. All credit to them though their check in service was lovely with a lovely complimentary drink that was quite tasty. 

Now I completely understand that all hotel rooms aren't going to be like the St Moritz so the Fistral Beach hotel did have quite a lovely room with a lovely bathroom and its defining feature was certainly it's view. Mark and I  always enjoy a lovely sea view and we love waking up to the sound of the sea and just being able to see it from your room so it was definitely worth it for that. MY only annoyance I suppose was having steps up to the room, they were only two but I really feel for any guest who is disabled who physically is incapable of walking at all luckily I can at least combat two steps. 

Here is where I discovered my sunburn :-/ and not just 'ye olde' regular sunburn, actual great big old blistering sun burn. Mark and I weren't even in the sun for that long whilst in Padstow but my knees were exposed and due to my severely immunosuppressed immune system when I get sunburnt I REALLY get sunburnt! I have been in agony for days now but, we're dealing with it. Lots of Aloe Vera Gel at the moment :-). It didn't stop us getting out though, with the disappointment of Rick Stein's in Padstow we decided instead to give "The Fish House" next door which is by the chef who actually studied under Rick Stein for 15years. Now this was much better or maybe it was because we didn't really have any expectations but I had a 'Fish Finger sandwich,' Mark had a Seabass wrap and we shared bread and squid. It was Soooo Yummy!!! 

Although Mark and I had brought my off road wheelchair with us and had been using it we actually decided that to get on the beach we should give their accessible wheelchair a go and see how it compared to our one. Bare in mind they are different as in technically the wheels especially. Our wheels are more like bike wheels whereas as you can see in the picture these are more round and bouncy like, wheels with a greater surface area. Now as a passenger I feel safer in our chair but not dangerously unsafe in this one. Mark says they both have their pros and cons. Our wheelchair isn't amazing with the softer sand but can combat it whereas this chair gets over the softer sand more easily probably because of the wider tyres. However on the harder, wetter sand our chair is much better although this one still does the job. Both however still require a bit of a push if you're going uphill on soft sand so may require a strong surfer guy to help out lol. 

*                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    * 

Overall our trip really was lovely even though I was quite poorly throughout I did find that I really did like Cornwall a lot! I spent a lot of my childhood in Devon so know I love that kind of area anyway but to experience it as an adult is lovely. I know our trips are always slightly marred by my illness but we still manage it regardless of that. People do sort of seem to see the holidays and I wonder whether they think they are easy? I hope not in a sense because Mark really goes out of his way to plan our trips to a T so that if anything really does occur and go wrong we're in a position that we can cope with it and get it sorted. There is so much planning and sometimes stress behind our trips before we actually go on them and I guess we don't show that side of things very often and that is also why it is so important for us to have a nice place to stay that accommodates to our needs because sometimes if I do get poorly that is predominately where we'll be staying and you certainly don't want somewhere dreary and dower if you're going to be ill. 

We really can't thank the St Moritz enough though for being so accommodating and providing us with our first hotel ever that we actually will be returning to! :-)

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Hello my beautiful people! So okay I realise it has been sometime since I've blogged, I apologise profusely, you see it's not my fault! A kitten is very time consuming.... in that I just stare at him and lay him all day, it's his fault really :-D Hey I'm here though and I'm doing a blog that I've wanted to do for a very long time and it is my Subscriptions boxes blog!! I'm a great believer in treating oneself, it may sound self indulgent and it kind of is but I think that's okay and certainly mandatory sometimes. 

Personally I have THREE Subscription boxes that I subscribe to, I know, "three?!" I hear you cry well yes three. They are all different and all serve a different purpose but I love each of them equally and they really are like getting special surprise gifts from myself as I don't know what's coming. So here are MY subscription boxes... 


Now Birchbox is my second subscription service I ever purchased, "where's your first?" you ask, well my first was glossy box but i switched to Birchbox just out of preference. Birchbox is a beauty box which sends 5 items monthly which are catered to you and what you need which they figure out from a little survey you take when you sign up. They send make-up, skin care products, bathroom things, makeup tools, all sorts which are lovely items to discover and try out. There are regularly themes to the boxes and they have some really lovely designs of the boxes too as they team up with designers who do some lovely work. I think my favourite part and this is kind of lame is that their boxes are little drawers and because of how beautiful the boxes are i've ket them all and use them as storage!

I absolutely love Birchbox and I think the fact I have been a member for nearly 8 months demonstrates that love. 

£12.95 --> Birchbox


Papergang I have been getting since January and really love it, if you aren't into stationary, this probably isn't one for you but I do and it really provides for my scrapbooking too. March saw them go in a different direction with a tube which i actually quite liked and I really loved the print that came with it. Papergang team up with a different designers/illustrators each month and provide some really unique and quirky bits which also introduce you to some really lovely new designs and designers to get into and buy from. 

£10.95 --> Papergang
Buddy Box

Buddy Box is great! Now Buddy Box stems from a foundation by the name of "The Blurt Foundation" they seem like a lovely foundations who's main aim is to help people through bad times be that with depression, anxiety all that type of stuff and essentially what Buddy Box is, is a hug in box every month. They want to make you happy! It is basically a box of positivity which i love exploring through and they always have a theme, this months being "One Step at a Time" and thy have cute little illustrations to accompany them and everything is just catered to make you smile I think. 

I really advise this one for anyone that really just needs a happy boost or a bit of a self confidence boost. 

£21.50 --> Buddy Box

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We got a cat... kitten (yep there’s a difference) 

Photo credit: Mark Watson
Yep that’s right people! We got a little tiny, itty bitty kitten. His name is Marzuki (Marks choice, inspiration from one of his favourite musicians), he is a half Ragdoll half British Shorthair and was born on the 25th December 2017 so is a mere 9 weeks old! The fact that he is 50/50 from two different pedigree parents doesn’t actually mean he himself is a pedigree he just happens to have them as parents and they made him and his little bros and sisters. Little Marzuki is the runt of his litter and it’s basically like a match made in heaven I think. 

What led to the arrival of Marzuki I hear you ask? Especially when Mark is allergic to animal fur, I’m dying and won’t out live my own cat, we travel, so on and so on... Well let me tell you it hasn’t been a easy or quick decision AT ALL! We’ve been towing and throwing with the idea for a good 6 months at the VERY least. We all know I love cats! They are a part of my soul they make everything better I’m that odd girl that says “who needs children when you can have cats?!” And I get that look of disgust from people who have children who can’t believe I’m even comparing that ‘miracle of life’ that THEY produced, who’s probably some little shit that deserves no dessert, to an animal that in their opinion may as well be trash. I’ve been joking around for absolutely ages and actually probably since I’ve been with Mark that we should get a cat always with the response of not a chance which I’ve always accepted and that’s always been totally fine. Mark is allergic to animal fur not so much so that if he touches one he’ll balloon or his airways will lock just in the way that he uses his inhaler a lot more around animals and if he’s touched them becomes itchy and it just means a immediate wash of clothing occurs when we return home. I’ve never pushed the issue, I do however show mark A LOT of cat videos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter kind of on a constant irritating level. So Mark one day suggested that it might be something we could do... that was until my cat Alfie decided to do a disappearing act on us and was gone for quite some time luckily my father found him (my dad’s uh-mazing at finding our lost cats I don’t know how but he just has a amazing ability to draw them out of hidey holes and calm them enough that they want to come home). Alfie’s disappearing act scared us both but definitely put Mark on the back burner to wanting any pet. I still was constantly looking at cat videos as I do and Mark started looking at the cats that were for sale again. We then came across a few kittens that we just loved Marzuki’s litter being the main contender and the thing with kittens is for some reason they sell really fast so if we were going to have him we had to make a decision pretty tout suite and that’s when we decided on Feb 13th. We were really taken with Marzuki he was so cute from his picture and I’ve never actually had a ginger cat before so I thought why not now and we decided we had to have him. We couldn’t collect him until the following Monday but thankfully that gave us time to get everything that we needed to prepare for his arrival! 

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been in a pet store really, it’s been years since my Alfie and Ollie have been interested in cat toys and all cat food tends to be brought from supermarkets. Mark and I traipsed our way into several different pet stores only to be bombarded by a million varieties of litters and pet foods. We had to consider the pros and cons of grain vs non grain, dry diet or wet diet or both or whether he even liked wet or dry food. We had to buy A LOT of toys because we don’t know what he currently likes so mice, balls, a flamingo, a duck, ball tower, scratch boxes, carpets, simple box, many blankets, a tunnel! We brought a lot. 

Monday arrived and I honestly have never been so nervous and excited at the same time. I’ve never had to be responsible for a little life before I mean I’ve had cats but they’ve always been family pets so all I’ve ever had to provide is the love really. Little Marzuki needs me to give him love, play, food, water, when Mark’s not around I have to deal with his bodily functions, clean his little face when he’s all covered in food and his little feeties when he accidentally steps in his poopies! It’s VERY daunting! 

We’ve had him a week now and he is just the cutest thing he seems to have taken to us really quickly we’re having a few teething problems just with litter training, he knows exactly where the litter tray is but when he first got here literally within minutes he had a little accident in a corner so now he can sometimes be confused as to if he’s allowed to go there or not. So lots of positive reinforcement is happening and he never gets shouted at and is constantly given much love! He’s been to the vets already and he’s doing good, he’s a little underweight but that’s because he was the runt of his litter so me and Mark are very focused on getting the best food for him and making sure he’s eating enough so when he goes back he’ll have put a chunky bit of weight on. We also found that he has ear mites which is really annoying for him, I had noticed he was itching his ears a lot so was adamant the vet check them I was like a over zealous mother when we went into the vets appointment room... “I really think he might have something up with his ears, can you please give them a check” like the poor woman wouldn’t have checked them anyway haha! Apparently they’re super common in kittens and happen more often than they don’t because they have low immune systems. So me and Mark have our first proper parental duty and have to give him ear drops daily and cotton wool his little ears. It’s not something he enjoys but he’s already itching less so it’s obviously doing the trick. He really didn’t enjoy his carry cage on the way home from the vets he had just been jabbed by the eat and fiddled with so who could blame him so he got a nice snuggly ride with me on the way back :-). 

I personally think we’re doing quite well especially considering who we are as people. We both love him so much already Marzuki certainly helps me, I worry for his well being more than my own so I don’t overly analyse things when I feel dodgy or a bit unwell I’m more focused on what Marzuki is doing and how he is and whether he’s alright. I do however fear we’ve just added extra responsibility for Mark which isn’t something we ideally want but I think the benefits of Marzuki hopefully outweigh that addition. 

Luckily getting Marzuki as a kitten as well is great as it means Marks allergies can adjust to him and hopefully won’t be severe. We’ve also got a “Cat Hotel” that we’ll be using for when we go on longer trips which actually probably costs more than our actual hotels we stay in haha!! 

I’ll keep you all updated on Marzuki’s progress as we go. It if you do want more timely updates he has his very own little Instagram @marzukicat for those that are intrigued :-) 

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon