Designated Sunday

Heya Blogland,

Well I've kind of decided to do one blog post a week, unless something important happens, or something I think is interesting happens LOL. So I think I'm going to allocate Sunday as my Blog day as generally it's seen as the end of the week for most people :o). 

Okay so this week besides the severe migraines it's actually been really good. Boredom is starting to kick in while I'm waiting to start my level 3 modules with the Open Uni. I'm doing a history degree for those that don't know although I have picked up a Politics module for my level 3 just to bring a bit of diversity to it, and I really enjoyed Politics at A-level, sooo logical choice in my mind. 

Today I went and saw Batman;- The Dark Knight Rises with Megan (Twin Sister) James (Megan's Boyfriend) and Steve (one of James' Bestfriends) . I thought it was really good, I've never really been into the whole Batman franchise thing I didn't see the first one until the second one came out and I didn't really enjoy them because to be honest the Joker kind of freaks me out. Clowns in general do, I don't even know why they are deemed appropriate for children they are just creepy :-/. But anyway I really enjoyed this one much more. The only thing was throughout the entire movie I was on edge. I know the likelihood of some-one shooting up a cinema in Swindon is probably zero, but I just couldn't help but look around every so often just to check. 

Hopefully my appointment for Hammersmith will come through the post tomorrow, I had to rearrange it because it's my Great Grandmothers funeral this week but I'm happy I'm getting a bit of a hospital break for a while although I do have to ring the INR (How fast my blood clots) people tomorrow for an appointment this week. I've been lucky and had 2 weeks off but I think the migraine this week probably suggests that my INR is high so it probably means I'll be going weekly for a while, Grrr LOL.

Right thats it from me this week blogland and unless something major happens during the week I will see you next Sunday :o)

Stacie xoxo

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