Headaches and migraines

Hey Blogland,

Well I'm having a not so great day today. I have a migraine which I've had for about 3 days now and it just won't seem to shift. The migraines are a result of the Sildenifil and Bosentan which both have the side affect of headaches. The doctors thought that the Sildenifil would maybe counteract the headaches from the Bosentan but it just seemed to make it worse. I slept in till 12:30pm when I was awoken by some stupid sales person at the door who even had the nerve to ask me if I had just woken up, it was midday? I had to bite my tongue, really not a great way to sell whatever you were selling. 

I've just taken a massive dose of Calpol to hopefully shift this massive migraine but luckily they seem to be a bit less painful at night because I'm not having to compete with sunlight and loud noises. The only problem I find is that if I go to sleep with a headache or migraine I will 100% wake up with one so I'm trying to shift it before I go to sleep otherwise it's gonna be another day in bed. I may even have to resort to going on my oxygen if it's still here tomorrow. Thats a sure fire way of getting rid of a migraine. The only reason I haven't used it et is I hate to use my oxygen too much because if I do I find I become to dependant on it, so I find I need it more if I use it more. Therefore I only use it when I absolutley have to. The doctors used to have a go at me when I was younger because I was meant to be on it all night but they eventually came around to my way of thinking because it really made no difference, only when I'm really bad does it seem to have any affect. 

It's difficult to know whether the Iloprost is adding to the headaches because when I first started it, it seemed to help stop them, but now they've made their unwelcome return so I kind of wonder if they are adding to it or whether the Sildenifil and Bosentan and powering through. Unfortunatley I'm not allowed to take many pain killers which is a bad thing for me when I'm having a bad day but good in the long run because when I get my transplant the painkillers they put me on should have more affect and therefore I shouldn't be i much pain when I get it. Which is good because thats the bit I'm dreading being in pain. I'm not much of a masochist and therefore do not relish in the idea of being in pain.

I'm also dreading waking up with a tube down my throat, luckily I have been assured by Paul (my transplant consultant) that I will not remember that part. 

Anyway there enough of my moaning for one post and I shall write again soon 
Goodnight Blogland
Stacie xoxo  

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