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So I thought since I showed you what it is I do everyday regards to medication I would show what else it is I have to do, so hospital trips to Papworth, Hammersmith, Great Western Swindon and GP. 
Therefore as you've probably already realised based on the title todays Blog is based on the blood tests I have to have done regularly. 

Monthly bloods

So these pictures are showing you my monthly Blood test which I have done at my local GP the Great Western Surgery (they aren't very original with the names around Swindon LOL). I have been having this monthly blood test since I was diagnosed back in 2001. This blood test checks my blood count, ferritin (iron levels) and liver function. They have to be done regularly because although I have been on my pills for this many years, they can affect certian systems within the body, and your body can over time begin to grow intolerant to the pills. They continue to check my ferritin levels because they just need to make sure I'm not becoming any more anaemic. So basically it's just a good old MOT to make sure everything is running okay :-).

INR blood test

These next photos are showing you my INR blood test which stands for International Normalised Ratio, which doesn't actually tell you what it does. The INR test checks how fast you blood clots and a normal persons generally sits within the range of 0.9 - 1.2. Depending on how thick or thin your doctor wants your blood to be depends on how much warfarin you take. As I have mentioned previously mine has to be between 2.0 - 2.5. At the moment I'm having weekly tests simply because I have never been that stable with regards to my INR. The smallest things affect it. If I have to much chocolate, it goes sky high. If it's really cold it goes really low. If it's too hot then it goes really high. It all depends on the weather and what I'm eating. Being on warfarin also means your not allowed to much Vitamin K, this is generally in green vegetables like spinach and all those horrible things you hated as a kid. This is something that has never bothered me as I hated them when I was a kid and refused to eat them anyway LOL.
This is my old INR machine that is now out of date but in essence the new one looks pretty much the same and does the same job :-)

It's got to be the most NON-invasive blood test ever. I suppose the nearest thing I can compare it to is a diabetes blood sugar test. They only take a drop of blood and thats it. When you first start doing them it's a bit of a shock when the sharp needle hits your finger but you get used to that really quickly. I did used to have a INR machine (which I'll show you a picture of) but it went out of date and I didn't have a spare £300.00 to buy a new one so now it's weekly trips to the hospital again, but I used to be able to do it at home which was really good because it was really easy and didn't really invade my life. I'm saving for a new one now so hopefullly I won't be doing the weekly trips once I get a new machine.  

So guys thats it from me if you didn't know anything about the blood tests we Pher's have I hope you have found this somewhat interesting and I will be preparing some more Hospital orientated blogs soon


Stacie xoxo

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