Disaster food and strange movies

Heya Blogland, 

Well this week has been pretty average as they go but I’ve been pretty much hooked up to my oxygen every spare moment that I have. My doctors told me they would prefer it if I was on it and I’m trying to be on it more because if it can help me a little bit I am going to try. 

I’m about three quarters of my through my xmas/birthday shopping. I’m pretty lucky in that all my Christmas/birthday presents that I’m buying don’t have to be waited for. In the sense I don’t have to wait for Christmas for them to bring them out. I only have to get something little for Candy, Warrens, and something little for James. Mum is always a on going thing but I never feel like that is finished.

I got to see my friend Rosie today and we have now discovered we really are not very good cooks. We cooked 2 pizzas one of which we burnt the top of and the other we burnt the bottom of LOL. Then we decided to watch “Drive” starring Ryan Gosling and for anyone reading this… DO NOT watch it… Seriously! I was confused the entire way through the movie. It made absolutely no sense whatsoever. I really couldn’t understand where the story had come from or what the whole thing was even based on… it was so random. I don’t know if it was one those movies where you have to be a director or a movie buff etc. etc. to understand it, but I would like to know who these people were that gave it 5 stars because I would barely give it half a star. Soooo strange!

Nothing very interesting going on this week that I’m aware of but I will be back next Sunday so see you then.

Goodnight Blogland
Stacie xoxo

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