Blogland I PASSED!!!

I passed my second year modules with the Open University. I cannot really truly explain how happy I am that I don’t have to do any resits.

When I did my exams back in June I knew I had probably passed my A200 Medieval to Modern module, and I did fairly well I got 57 which I’m really quite proud of because I’m rubbish at exams. Then there was my A218 Medicine throughout history, which I was sure I had failed, and I was therefore preparing myself for a bit of revision this summer for a resit in October but I managed to pass by ONE point. There was only relief and pure exhilaration when I saw that mark.

I really cannot tell you guys how rubbish I am at exams. I don’t know what it is but my brain just goes blank, it’s just an empty abyss. I have to search the far reaches of my brain so get any remnants of information that could be lying there. I like essays and coursework, because I like the time and research I get to do. I think exams force you to provide a pretty sub-standard essay that I personally would never hand in on a normal day. I like to be able to produce my very best work. Now I’m not a person who ever got A’s at school, in fact my GCSE’s were perfectly average with 2 B’s, 6 C’s, 1 D and 1 E. The E was in Spanish so it totally does not count LOL. I will continue to be perfectly average but I do like to know I’ve given the best work that I can do in. So for me exams are really an oddity. I think they definitely have a place like in Maths (this is probably because I was pretty good at Maths) but for something like history where there are no trends, everything is different throughout  history and feel that it’s a subject that just deserves time and effort, and an exam just doesn’t give you the opportunity to do that. 

But anyway enough of my ramblings about how stupid I think exams are I am just so proud of myself that I have managed to pass them. They were kind of my trial run subjects. In the sense my level one module didn’t provide me with enough knowledge of what it was that they wanted from me in regards to essays and so forth. So these two gave me the opportunity to realise how it is I should approach the essays they give me and what I should do with regards to quotes and bibliography etc. So now I feel very prepared for my level 3 modules and the two I have coming up don’t have any exams at the end so they should stay pretty consistent. I worked out that I either need to get 3 2nd Grade  passes or 2 2nd grade passes and a 3rd grade pass to get the 2:1 that I want. If I knuckle down I should be able to do.

I really hoping my transplant doesn’t completely disrupt my studies but it can’t be helped and I’ll have a tonne of time while I’m in hospital to catch up on anything I miss while I’m out of it :-D.
So that’s it from me today, I thought I’d do this as a separate blog just because otherwise my Sunday one will literally be about me passing my exams.

Have a wonderful day blogland and I hope wherever you are your smiling

Stacie xoxo


  1. Well done Stacie! Told you you'd pass, no problems :) I remember in year 6 at school, you were on the top table in maths doing all that extra work, so you can definately pull this out of the bag, easy peasy!

  2. hey your blog is so beautiful just like you :)
    blogwalking here, mind to follow each others? let me know.



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