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Well it would seem that my Doctors Surgery have had some sense knocked into them. I had a voicemail just before me and Gina went out, where I had their “head receptionist” apologising profusely to me about how I should have been allowed a flu jab immediately and that I shouldn’t have had to have gone through the stress of it all. So I rang them back whereby she continued to apologise profusely and of course I must have their earliest appointment possible, which is next Wednesday.

Is it bad that I actually get a bit of pleasure out of the fact that they are clearly “shaking in their boots”?

I know I shouldn’t but sometimes receptionists really do need to be reminded that, that is all they are, A RECEPTIONIST, and NOT a doctor. I’ve never actually had to complain about someone before (my parents have but I haven’t) but in the past there have been receptionists who you know are on their high horses a little bit but as soon as you mention terminal illness they shut up immediately. I think the woman I spoke to underestimated me though, because I don’t have a aggressive voice and I seem pretty unintimidating, but get on my bad side and I’ll kick you in bollocks (figuratively obviously).

So I’m really pleased that Hammersmith managed to sort it out, I feel a bit guilty though because I’ve sent a email to my local primary care trust complaining about them and now it’s sorted I feel like I should retract it :-/ maybe I should send them a email saying it’s sorted? Any suggestions? Or should I just leave it?

Any who now that I no longer have to worry about getting the flu I can tell you about my day. Rosie, Gina and I went to Frankie and Benny’s whereby I indulged in one of their amazing burgers, which I love I also had a Mocktail. Something you may actually not know is I am not allowed to drink alcohol because of the pills I take so I basically stick to diet coke and water but me and Gina had a Mocktail which tasted really good so I may have to try other varieties from now on to liven up my drinks as they are a bit boring at the moment.

After stuffing our faces we made our way to Bingo. Yes we are that cool! We didn’t win anything but it was still fun and I’m super chuffed we went because we don’t get to see each other that often because Gina lives up in Manchester and Rosie lives in Essex so I never get to see both at the same time usually LOL. We are however off to London in October where we will be off to Harrods which I’m really looking forward to, especially their ice-cream, followed by me and Gina seeing “Wicked” which I’m also ecstatic about.
That’s it for now guys, the next blog probably won’t be for a while simply because next week is pretty boring unless you would like me to rant about my uni work to you ;-) so probably next Sunday. 

See you then.
   Stacie xoxo     


First attempt at Baking :-/

Hey Blogland, 

Well it would seem my first venture into baking didn't go quite as intended. I made chocolate chip wedges which were supposed to basically be like a slice of chocolate chip cookie. I'm not entirely sure what I did but it came out more like a cake LOL. But every-one says it tastes fine so I suppose thats all that matters. 

Then on a whim I made some shortbread which actually went okay I kind of undercooked it a little though, but thats only because shortbread doesn't really change much colour unless it's burnt. So it was pretty much a guessing game after a certain amount of time 

My next venture is going to be sugar snaps I think because they look simple and therefore something I may be able to do, also a raisen/sultana cookie because I really want one :-D

Messy counter top :-/ LOL

Chocolate chip wedge just finished cooking

It turned into a cake :-D


Cut into eighths

 See you next time Blogland
Stacie xoxo



Hey Blogland, 

I apologise in advance but this going to be a bit of a rant.

I have just rang my doctors surgery asking to book my flu jab and she asked me if I  qualified and I, of course, said yes because I’ve had one every year since I was born. Then she asked me if I had asthma and I said no I am waiting for a heart and lung transplant. She then put me on hold for a few minutes to eventually reply with

 “You don’t qualify.”
I preceded to say “I don’t understand, I’ve always qualified, I even had one with you guys last year”  she then put me on hold for a further few minutes to then say

“I’m sorry but you don’t qualify”,

 to which I replied “I don’t understand why not. I’ve always qualified and I’m worse now than I’ve ever been so it’s more vital than it’s ever been that I get one”

The idiot woman then continued to say “We’re just following the NHS guidelines and they say you don’t qualify”

I was starting to get angry at this point and was trying to control my voice and successfully managed to “But I’ve always qualified under the NHS guidelines”

The woman then said “you can go to a pharmacy and have one done, they only charge about £10.00”

Yes I could do this but why should I when I’ve ALWAYS qualified for one? Also it’s the principle of the matter, also I would like to get one over on my doctors surgery because they are beyond S***, and have no idea what they are doing half of the time.

So eventually I said “No its fine I’ll just get my specialists to ring you guys” and I hung up. Stupid pretentious woman. The thing is it would be different if it had been a doctor I had been speaking to but it wasn’t it was receptionist who probably is enjoying the power she has over the people she is talking to.

After I hung up on them I rang Hammersmith and they are going to deal with it because seriously there is nothing that could have changed that much in the past year that would stop me qualifying to get a flu jab. Also the thing that annoyed me most is that they wouldn’t specifically tell me why it is that I don’t qualify except to tell me that I just don’t under the NHS guidelines. IDIOTS! Hopefully it will get sorted though because you just know the one year I don’t get one will be the year I get the flu which is why I have never taken the risk. 

I'll let you know how it goes :-)

Cheerio Blogland
Stacie xoxo


WW and cooking

Hey Blogland


Today I managed to walk to the bus-stop without stopping!!!

I know their will be people who come across my blog, and who will read this and be like why is this such great news? Well this really is great news for me. I haven’t walked to the bus-stop without stopping in… I don’t know how long. I have the walk down to a science I have 3-5 stopping points on my way to the bus stop, depending on how bad I am on the day, that I will stop at because they are inconspicuous and I can easily get away with looking like I’m waiting for a car to move or they kind of conceal me so I don’t look like a total loser wheezing and dying on the side of the road. Today though, me and my mum were walking at a pace that normal people would consider snails pace, (but that’s my speed LOL), and I just didn't stop. It didn’t last all day but it was really great to be able to walk to the bus-stop without holding anyone up because I’ve had to stop or feel like I’m getting in the way of people.

So that’s my awesome news of the day.

Tomorrow I plan on going back to Weight Watchers. I haven’t been in about 4-6weeks which I know is really bad of me, but I’m going to ask my team leader to start me from the beginning. I really just have not had the motivation but I only have 6 weeks to get back to weight I was when I last went to Papworth so I really need to get my arse in gear.

I find it so difficult losing weight. I will do it this time though. It kind of annoys me though because when I first went to Papworth for my initial consultation with them, I saw people who were FAR FAR more overweight than me I’m only overweight by a few pounds what kind of difference does a few pounds make? Grrrr.

I know, I know it’s part of the conditions so I really have to make the effort but it’s still annoying so ignore my rambling. I really look forward to the day when I can exercise my weight away :-]

I’ll let you know how I get on. 


So guys I went to Weight Watchers yesterday and I actually debated whether to tell you how much weight I put on but I figured my blog is place where I should tell the truth so I put on 6 pounds. Which actually isn’t that bad especially considering I purposely wore heavy clothing so that next week there will be an extra pound lost.

So I should be able to lose about 5lbs I reckon so long as I really, really stick to it and then I will just aim for 1-2 pounds a week thereafter.

Sooo I have decided that although yes I do have my uni work to do, which yes does take up a fair bit of time, but I have like no real hobbies. Unless you count my obsession with DVD’s a hobby which I do not. I feel like I need to be spending less time on the computer. I spend probably a lot of time on the computer either checking Facebook, Twitter, surfing YouTube or just surfing the net for anything to keep me occupied.

I have decided that this needs to stop, not completely but enough that I’m not on the computer all of the time or checking my phone every two minutes. Frankly I’m starting to feel slightly lame.
I have avenues open to me, I used to be good at textiles and actually enjoyed making clothes when I was younger and I even own a sewing machine so I could potentially start sewing again. I have however decided to start up baking again. When I was in school I loved it and I was pretty good at it. The only problem was that the school had, had really rubbish oven mitts which meant I actually suffered some horrible burns all over my hands and arms. I still have the scars to prove it. This put me off cooking for years and this is also why I decided to do textiles which as a rule is far less painful LOL.

So as I have decided to gain a hobby I have just brought a few things off of the inter-web to aid me in my new venture precisely cookie cutters, baking trays (because ours are fairly old), a 3 tier cooling rack and a piping bag. You would have thought that all the cooking that has gone on in my house over the years we would have a cooling rack but we do not, but seeing as my first venture into baking is cookies I see it as an essential. I only needed a few things because we basically have everything else so I think it’s going to be good and cookies seem like a good place to start especially seeing how I have a cookie cook book which cost a fortune and I haven't ever used it LOL.

I would have started at bread but in all honesty I HATE the smell of baking bread. You are probably thinking I’m overreacting but I remember the first week of school every year the year 7’s would bake bread and stink out the whole school with the smell and my tutor room was down the DT corridor so I could not escape the smell. It is just repulsive to me.  Urghhh. My sister would probably appreciate me baking bread but I just cannot force myself to do it.

So once my utensils arrive I will attempt to bake some cookies. I may even vlog so you guys can see.
That’s it for now guys but see you next time

Stacie xoxo



Hey Blogland, 

Here's the video I did while we were at Legoland yesterday in celebration of my nephews 2nd birthday, I apologise that it's not that great but I'll be putting pictures up too so don't worry :-) and if I have you on Facebook you'll get to see the whole album too :-). 


Me, Candice and Jaydon on his Birthday 14-09-2012
Waiting for Legoland to open
Candy and Jaydon smiling
James, Warren and Dean
Megan, Me and James under Mount Rushmore
London eye in Legoland
Me next to Picadily
Me in the Hot air Balloon
Me, Megan and James in the hot air balloon
Dean, Candy, Warren, Jaydon, Megan and James waiting to go in the submarine
Megan and Me avoiding getting squirted LOL
Jaydon, Warren and Dean in the spider teacups
Kenzie, Nathan and Honey in the spider teacups
Me and Mum chilling out :-)
James, Megan, Me and Honey just got totally drenched on the Log Flume

Aftermath of the Log Flume
Warren, Megan, Dean, Nathan, Kenzie, Kay and Honey on the swinging boat and Megan realising she was actually scared LOL
Jaydon being obsessed with planes the whole day!
Nathan, Kenzie, Honey and Megan waiting to go on the kids ride
 So there you go guys there's only a few of the photos taken but it was a great day and will probably end up going back to see it all again coz one day probably wasn't enough LOL.

See you next week Blogland

Stacie xoxo



Hey Blogland

Well I got the Transplant news magazine thing through the post today and it says that Papworth have only done ONE heart and lung transplant from Jan 2012 – June 2012. I know this is only a 6 month period but I just find this a little disheartening. I know this is an awful way to think that surely they should be doing more and by doing more that would mean more people would have to die blah blah blah, but I just can’t help thinking that there  “supposedly” someone dying like every second or something like that according to statistics. Well they can’t all be dying everywhere else and not the UK can they?

Okay so I just looked it up and on the net it says in the UK on average per day there’s near enough 1800 people dying per day. Now these can’t be all completely useless organs can they? It’s just starting to get on my nerves a bit that’s all. I know there aren’t many of us waiting for both heart and lungs but even in that small amount of people the likelihood of even half of us getting the organs we need in time is slim to none. It’s not fun waiting because I can tell you now in the 5 months I’ve been waiting for my transplant I have gotten worse. I didn’t think it was possible but I have… and it sucks. The 11 years I’ve had PH I’ve never gone downhill rapidly but the past year to 15 months has been literally from okay to absolute shit, I am tired all of the time and I don’t know why because I sleep A LOT and it’s even starting to make me question whether I’ll be able to do my Uni work to the standard I want it to be because I seem to be needing this excessive amount of sleep Grrrr. It’s just getting on my nerves that’s all blogland. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually I just wish I didn’t have such a common blood type then maybe I’d get it sooner being common is good if you needed to pull someone off of the street for a blood transfusion (I know unlikely LOL) but in this case not so great. 

Where are all you O people?

New life where are you?


Well I have been suffering from an unknown bug for the past few days. It’s hard to put into words but it just felt like I have been drained of all energy (probably the reason for my rant on Monday LOL) not that I normally have that much to begin with but for 2 days I was literally stuck in bed on my oxygen and sleeping which I know for some of my family they will be like “that’s what you do anyway”. And yes I do normally sleep a lot or not at all, but it felt weird because normally it’s my choice to stay in bed the past few days I couldn’t have got out of bed if I had wanted to. My parents were bringing me my meals and food and water and all that palaver. I think it’s just something I caught off my mum because she was ill Saturday and Sunday and pretty much spent the weekend on the sofa. But no need to worry I am feeling much better now although I generally do feel much better in the night time. So we’ll see in the morning if it continues I will know I’m definitely on the mend.

Although the time I wasn’t sleeping during this week I have been reading “The Hunger Games” trilogy. I get a tad obsessed with things sometimes. I go from one extreme to another being that I will read something about 5 times in a row and then not read it again for 6months. I think it’s something I get off of my dad. I get attached to things. My mum she can read a book and never read it again, watch a movie and never see it again, whereas me and my sister Megan we are a bit over kill when it comes to TV programme’s, movies, books we love to gorge ourselves with them until we’re sick of them and then we’ll leave them alone for a bit and then come back to them. For instance Vampire Diaries is coming back in 4weeks and Right now I’m planning to watch all 3 seasons in the lead up to its return. Now I have a fair bit of time on my hands so I can probably do this in a week but I’m looking forward to it.  

It is my little Nephews second birthday tomorrow and I will try and get some pictures for you. I’ve got him a lot of clothes because my sister Candice requested them as he’s started growing out of his old ones and also he has a million toys that will likely last him till Christmas, so I can spoil him with toys then. I can’t believe it’s only been 2 years since he entered our world, it’s strange because it’s hard to remember what we did without him but then I remember it like it was yesterday the day he was born. Strange I’m sure it’ll be the same when new niece or nephew arrives. I have a feeling it’ll be a girl but I think that’s just me hoping because I want to buy little girl clothes. Not that it’ll matter whether it is a boy or a girl I just really want to buy flowery dresses.

And in other news I had my 2nd module stuff delivered and I’m pleased to say that it HAS BOOKS, yeyyy! If you're reading this and are like “what are you talking about? Why wouldn’t it have books?” Well some courses like my Politic module is solely based on DVD’s and CD ROMs that the Open University has made and designed specifically for your course. They give you a few readings but other than that this is what you rely on. If you read my previous blog you will know that I like a good book , I feel like I’m learning when I have a book and would preferably have one when learning anything and that is my history module so Yeyyy! I am uber chuffed about that. 


Well it was the little nephews birthday today and I know I said I would put up a few photos to show but I have left  my camera at my sisters so she can take a few with her friends and their kids so I will add a few tomorrow when I add the video to LEGOLAND. But I can provide you with a picture of me and the Birthday boy that if you have me on Facebook and Twitter then you will already have seen it but it’s better than nothing :-]. 

 After having a busy day opening presents and playing pass the parcel with kids I totally forgot to ring Papworth to let them know that I would be more than an hour away from home tomorrow. Now after work hours you’re told to ring the on-call transplant co-ordinator. For some reason and do not ask me what that reason is I thought on-call meant they would be at the hospital just working the night shift, trying to fit sleep in where they can. But nooooo the total pleb that I am, they are actually at home. Now I was going to either ring tonight or like 5 o’clock tomorrow morning, I’m sooooo pleased that I chose to ring now than then because I would very likely have woken him up. I still feel sooo bad but at least I know and I’m going to have to try and be extra prepared the next time I go somewhere.

See you tomorrow Blogland   

Stacie xoxo