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Well it would seem that my Doctors Surgery have had some sense knocked into them. I had a voicemail just before me and Gina went out, where I had their “head receptionist” apologising profusely to me about how I should have been allowed a flu jab immediately and that I shouldn’t have had to have gone through the stress of it all. So I rang them back whereby she continued to apologise profusely and of course I must have their earliest appointment possible, which is next Wednesday.

Is it bad that I actually get a bit of pleasure out of the fact that they are clearly “shaking in their boots”?

I know I shouldn’t but sometimes receptionists really do need to be reminded that, that is all they are, A RECEPTIONIST, and NOT a doctor. I’ve never actually had to complain about someone before (my parents have but I haven’t) but in the past there have been receptionists who you know are on their high horses a little bit but as soon as you mention terminal illness they shut up immediately. I think the woman I spoke to underestimated me though, because I don’t have a aggressive voice and I seem pretty unintimidating, but get on my bad side and I’ll kick you in bollocks (figuratively obviously).

So I’m really pleased that Hammersmith managed to sort it out, I feel a bit guilty though because I’ve sent a email to my local primary care trust complaining about them and now it’s sorted I feel like I should retract it :-/ maybe I should send them a email saying it’s sorted? Any suggestions? Or should I just leave it?

Any who now that I no longer have to worry about getting the flu I can tell you about my day. Rosie, Gina and I went to Frankie and Benny’s whereby I indulged in one of their amazing burgers, which I love I also had a Mocktail. Something you may actually not know is I am not allowed to drink alcohol because of the pills I take so I basically stick to diet coke and water but me and Gina had a Mocktail which tasted really good so I may have to try other varieties from now on to liven up my drinks as they are a bit boring at the moment.

After stuffing our faces we made our way to Bingo. Yes we are that cool! We didn’t win anything but it was still fun and I’m super chuffed we went because we don’t get to see each other that often because Gina lives up in Manchester and Rosie lives in Essex so I never get to see both at the same time usually LOL. We are however off to London in October where we will be off to Harrods which I’m really looking forward to, especially their ice-cream, followed by me and Gina seeing “Wicked” which I’m also ecstatic about.
That’s it for now guys, the next blog probably won’t be for a while simply because next week is pretty boring unless you would like me to rant about my uni work to you ;-) so probably next Sunday. 

See you then.
   Stacie xoxo     


  1. I was interested to read this as I had similar problems getting a flu jab because of a receptionist when I was on the transplant list. My wife, a nurse, got her's couple of weeks before.Because I had to wait,I got the flu and missed a call for new lungs http://takeabreathandsay99.blogspot.co.uk/p/missed-call.html
    You were lucky to get an apology I am still waiting for mine!!

  2. Oh no thats awful Mark, can you sue people for that kind of negligence? If so I would be tempted lol. I doubt my apology was very heart felt probably someone fearing for their job no doubt but I'll take it. xoxo

  3. So glad you got an apology! You definitely deserved it! I'm glad you stuck up for yourself too, that's something I struggle with so I'm always glad when other people do. Mmm mocktails! I can't drink either! Must keep this new liver as healthy as possible! Mocktails are not too bad an alternative I'd say. Do you have a fav? I love virgin caesars. Bingo sounds fun! Always nice too see faraway friends. And you have something to look forward to in October. That sounds like a great trip!

  4. Definatley I'm not usually one to stand up for myself coz my parents usually do but now I'm over 18 I'm the one that has to do it but it feels good when they back down :-).

    I don't have a fav yet but the one I had was called something sunrise and it tasted really good!

    A few days in London is always good refreshing from being here lol xoxo


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