Burberry Lipstick

Burberry Lipstick

Right guys the reason I am doing this blog post is just to share my excitement at my most recent, rather expensive purchase. Now I’m not someone who buys make-up everyday and has excitement fits over make-up or at least I never used to. More recently I have discovered that I actually get enjoyment out of finding a really lovely shade/colour of a particular eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss etc.

So I actually invested, yes I said invested, in a Burberry lipstick. This shade is ‘Rosewood’ which is a part of the Lip cover range, they have 30 shades total, this is a little bit on the darker side but I don’t mind I find I can pull of a darker shade fairly well. It also has a bit of a shimmer to it so it’s not to matte. I think after Christmas when my bank balance is a bit better I will have to invest in some of the lighter shades like the ‘dusty rose’ shade. The main reason for me buying a darker shade is I have so many lighter verging on nude shade lipsticks and lip glosses I figured a nice welcome change was due. 

Now I’m not going to lie when I say this is a very expensive lipstick what with it being Burberry, but it really is lovely, and if you don’t own many lipsticks and want a fail safe lipstick this really is a lovely brand but maybe a tad expensive for everyday use. If you want to check out there other shades then just click here

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Hope you enjoyed that guys and will do another blog post on Sunday :-D

Stacie xoxo


  1. wow, what a fancy lipstick!

    - Keyta x

  2. This lipstick looks gorgeous, I love the color. I'd love it if you could check out my blog, it'd mean a lot.

    Xaimarys ♡

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I have this lipstick myself, it's lovely. Keep in touch! Lots of love! B x


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