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WTF is up with all the spiders at the moment?! Seriously?! My house is full of the creatures don’t know why. As I type there is one 6 foot away from me on the ceiling. I hate spiders I just feel they are a complete waste of a species and I just do not understand their existence in the world. At all. 

Right I know my past two blog posts have been about things I’ve brought but for the foreseeable future my blog posts are likely to remain, about my life in general just because I’m really going to try and not buy stuff. The reason for this, is mainly because Christmas and my Birthday are on their way I really need to stop buying stuff I like and want because otherwise I will have my family complaining at me because they don’t know what to buy me because I will have already brought the stuff I want. I am someone who generally if I want something I’ll go and get it example and point being my most recent Burberry lipstick purchase and if I want something really expensive I will save and buy it. So I’m really going to restrain myself for a little while. Also me and my friend Gina are going to see Wicked in London in October, and we all know that I won’t be able to restrain myself from shopping when we go there LOL. 

Next week we should have a pretty interesting week with regards to the fact it shouldn’t be that boring LOL. I may even post a video of it when we go to a top secret location… LOL it’s not top secret at all… it’s legoland… we are going for my nephews 2nd Birthday. I say we’re going for my nephew’s birthday but in all honesty it’s probably more for us “adults” than anything. None of us have ever been we are all between the age of 21 and 23 this shows our maturity levels off wonderfully. Unfulfilled dreams and all that. I’m looking forward to it I will probably have to take a wheelchair because my sister says from the looks of it it’s quite a large place soooo that will be useful. 


Guess what I got home to today? My University stuff arrived! Well not all of it but the Living Political Ideas module stuff did.

DD306 Living Political Ideas, Uni work.
I’m a little bit wary of it at the moment because it’s all DVD and CD ROM based which is fine I suppose but I like a good book to hold and sort of engage with and highlight, then there’s the fact that if my computer decides to pack it in (Not expecting it to) then I would have nothing to resort to until I got it fixed but this is just me being cautious I’m sure it will be fine. I’m really looking forward to starting I really, really enjoyed Politics back when I did it in A-levels and I find I can get bored of one topic if I do it for long enough. So politics was enough of a change that it would still interest me but it blends perfectly with history as you can use it whilst also learning history. They are pretty much subjects that go hand in hand. I will be sinking my teeth in it tomorrow and hopefully I can get a good grasp on it.


Well I didn’t go through my uni stuff today and if that is an omen of how this module is going to go that is not a great start LOL. I intend to be fully ahead of myself in my next 2 modules because last year was kind of a bit here there and everywhere. I had a lot of doctors’ appointments which meant I missed deadlines and just became behind in general. I hate being behind because it sets me on edge and then I just sort of want to give up. So I plan on being at least 2 weeks ahead the whole 2 modules. Well this is the plan but you know me they never seem to go the way I plan LOL.

Christmas shopping is almost complete woop! I just have my mum to do which is awesome and as I have said previously that is a task that never seems to be done so I’ll probably be doing that up until the last week of Christmas. 

Also I would love it if you went and checked out a fellow PHers blog and journey http://hazelsblog-hazel.blogspot.co.uk/ It's always very interesting and provides a great insight and a different perspective on the journey we Pher's take :o)

And to leave you with this is a picture of the two Yankee candle things I brought today in celebration of autumn. I love autumn it means Christmas is on it’s way and it’s a great excuse to be all snuggled up in jumpers and scarfs and massive fluffy socks.

See you next week Blogland 
Stacie xoxo

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  1. If it wasn't for spiders, we'd all be up to our eyebrows in other bugs.


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