Family game night

Hey Blogland, 
Me and Candy

Me and the Pizzas
Meggy and Jaydon
Well tonight was family game night, Me, Meg and James went round Candice and Warren's house where we proceeded to eat a mountain of Nachos (Doritos to you and me LOL), Pizza, sweets and Trifle Yummy! We played a game I brought from Toys'R'Us Disney trivial pursuit. It was sooo much fun we are a family who absolutley LOVE anything Disney. It's also a very good game in the sense that there is an end to it. Some things like Monopoly can go on for hours and hours but this was good because it meant there was actually an end and you knew for definite who won. That is always important when you are a part of my family, there's none of this it's all about the taking part we need to KNOW who has won. We are all rather competitive LOL. Just so you know the team I was on won both games :-D. 

Meggy and James
Mountain of Nachos

Game time

Warren and James on the PS3
James being a bit more Cheerful
Candy's Baby Bump, it's getting bigger :-D

 Thats it for today guys I will blog again on Sunday :-D

Stacie xoxo


  1. Aw family games night sounds (and looks) so fun! I love board games and especially any form of trivial pursuit, plus those snacks sound yum!

  2. Sounds like you had a fun game night!



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