Hey Blogland, 

I apologise in advance but this going to be a bit of a rant.

I have just rang my doctors surgery asking to book my flu jab and she asked me if I  qualified and I, of course, said yes because I’ve had one every year since I was born. Then she asked me if I had asthma and I said no I am waiting for a heart and lung transplant. She then put me on hold for a few minutes to eventually reply with

 “You don’t qualify.”
I preceded to say “I don’t understand, I’ve always qualified, I even had one with you guys last year”  she then put me on hold for a further few minutes to then say

“I’m sorry but you don’t qualify”,

 to which I replied “I don’t understand why not. I’ve always qualified and I’m worse now than I’ve ever been so it’s more vital than it’s ever been that I get one”

The idiot woman then continued to say “We’re just following the NHS guidelines and they say you don’t qualify”

I was starting to get angry at this point and was trying to control my voice and successfully managed to “But I’ve always qualified under the NHS guidelines”

The woman then said “you can go to a pharmacy and have one done, they only charge about £10.00”

Yes I could do this but why should I when I’ve ALWAYS qualified for one? Also it’s the principle of the matter, also I would like to get one over on my doctors surgery because they are beyond S***, and have no idea what they are doing half of the time.

So eventually I said “No its fine I’ll just get my specialists to ring you guys” and I hung up. Stupid pretentious woman. The thing is it would be different if it had been a doctor I had been speaking to but it wasn’t it was receptionist who probably is enjoying the power she has over the people she is talking to.

After I hung up on them I rang Hammersmith and they are going to deal with it because seriously there is nothing that could have changed that much in the past year that would stop me qualifying to get a flu jab. Also the thing that annoyed me most is that they wouldn’t specifically tell me why it is that I don’t qualify except to tell me that I just don’t under the NHS guidelines. IDIOTS! Hopefully it will get sorted though because you just know the one year I don’t get one will be the year I get the flu which is why I have never taken the risk. 

I'll let you know how it goes :-)

Cheerio Blogland
Stacie xoxo


  1. So insane! It's crazy that they would deny you when obviously you are one of the people who need it the most. If she didn't give you a reason I bet there isn't one. Hope you get it all sorted soon!

  2. Thats what I thought too! My PH doctors are on it now and I may write a letter of complaint as well because it's really got on my nerves xoxo

  3. Its nice to see people standing up with a bit of fight. I have been known to put my size 12 steel toe boots on occasionally :) . To be fair I try to strp back and see if the fight is wort the potential fallout. usually it is.


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