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Here's the video I did while we were at Legoland yesterday in celebration of my nephews 2nd birthday, I apologise that it's not that great but I'll be putting pictures up too so don't worry :-) and if I have you on Facebook you'll get to see the whole album too :-). 


Me, Candice and Jaydon on his Birthday 14-09-2012
Waiting for Legoland to open
Candy and Jaydon smiling
James, Warren and Dean
Megan, Me and James under Mount Rushmore
London eye in Legoland
Me next to Picadily
Me in the Hot air Balloon
Me, Megan and James in the hot air balloon
Dean, Candy, Warren, Jaydon, Megan and James waiting to go in the submarine
Megan and Me avoiding getting squirted LOL
Jaydon, Warren and Dean in the spider teacups
Kenzie, Nathan and Honey in the spider teacups
Me and Mum chilling out :-)
James, Megan, Me and Honey just got totally drenched on the Log Flume

Aftermath of the Log Flume
Warren, Megan, Dean, Nathan, Kenzie, Kay and Honey on the swinging boat and Megan realising she was actually scared LOL
Jaydon being obsessed with planes the whole day!
Nathan, Kenzie, Honey and Megan waiting to go on the kids ride
 So there you go guys there's only a few of the photos taken but it was a great day and will probably end up going back to see it all again coz one day probably wasn't enough LOL.

See you next week Blogland

Stacie xoxo

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