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29-08-2012:- Well thus far, this week has yet to produce anything of particular interest, unless you count me watching A LOT of Grey’s Anatomy and Ghost Whisperer interesting, so I’m probably just going to ramble on about insignificant things that aren’t that interesting LOL.

So I’m being a very good girl at the moment and have been on my oxygen every night , but I know I’m probably being paranoid but I really do think it’s making my heart lazy. If it can do that? My consultant said it should “give my heart a rest” but maybe it’s not making my heart lazy so much as it’s making me unused to what I’m used to. Does that make sense? It’s hard to put it into words. But now that I’m using my oxygen more it feels like the chest pain that I used to get, that I’m still getting, feels more painful… and I think it’s because I’m getting this chance to relax while I’m on my oxygen so my body isn’t getting what it normal would when I’m on it and therefore my body gets a massive shock when it feels it again. The only thing I can kind of compare it to, that maybe you guys would understand is training or going to the gym. Sooo you go to the gym everyday and do running everyday you know what it feels like and you’ve gotten used to it, then you stop for a while, you start up again and it’s not like it was before its way more painful because you haven’t been doing it for a while. That’s probably a crap analogy but it’s the only way I can explain it. I think I’m going to get used to it. But it had better start to soon because Yesterday I was going to not wear my oxygen and then about 1:30-2am ish I could feel every heartbeat like it was banging against my ribcage, my chest was killing me and my breathing hurt, so I gave in. If it’s going to continue like this I will have to say something to my doctors because my chest hurts all the time at the moment and it’s just starting to get annoying.

I’ve kind of had a break from Weight Watchers for a few weeks. It gets kind of annoying avoiding all the food you like especially when your food is limited because I’m the fussiest eater EVER. Well to start with although there are diets that are like “you can eat everything you are used to” DON’T believe them because essentially most diets require you to eat fruit and vegetables, it doesn’t matter what diet you are doing THEY WILL! So I can’t eat green vegetables because of the vitamin K in them… but I can eat fruit which I do just not as much as I should. I’m pretty much a sugar hog. Seriously there is no end to my stomach when Chocolate and ice-cream are involved! So for a few weeks I have been indulging. I’m now officially back on the diet train again I have 2 months to lose such and such amount weight which I should be able to do if I FOCUS. (I will do a blog post at some point to explain how Weight Watchers works for any of you that may be interested).

The past week or so I’ve been really bored and the problem is when you are bored it gives you time to think, and I’m constantly willing my phone to ring to say it’s time to go, it’s kind of ridiculous because when I’m willing my phone to ring it’s generally midday and I know that if I ever get a call it will be the middle of the night of really early in the morning. Which sucks… but I don’t work that much and I’m waiting for my Open Uni work to come through so at the moment I’m just bored and I feel like I’m constantly waiting for something anything to happen. I’m not going to wish my life away because that is a really bad habit of mine so I’m not saying I wish it was… insert date here… instead I’m saying I wish something was happening right now. I have things to look forward to but that doesn’t stop me being bored right now :-/

01-09-2012:- So tired blogland, you wouldn’t think 3 hours of work would knacker a person out for the entire day but it does *Yawn*. I really enjoy work but unfortunately all my friends at work are leaving again, they are all off to University which means we have a whole new wave of newbies which is nice, you know meeting new people, but I like the friends I have there. Also it reminds me that I’m stuck here until I get my transplant, because short term plans are fine Yes, but long term plans will only ever be dreams unless I get my transplant because I can’t do much in the state I’m in. A proper job is certainly out of the question unless I get my transplant because I can barely do my 3 hours at work as it is. It’s not that I don’t like newbies at work it’s just I get older every year but the newbies are always the same age they’re 16ish and I feel soooo old compared to them now it’s not a big issue just something I think about every year LOL.
All my programmes are officially starting, I’m currently in the process of watching Doctor Who (I know I’m a geek LOL), then we’ve got X Factor, and soon we have the Vampire Diaries starting again, then grey’s anatomy, gossip girl, pretty little liars, The Big Bang Theory and then we’ve got Strictly come Dancing too Oooo and Merlin as well. I don’t know how I’m going to keep up but I WILL!

The Family and I are off to Cribbs Causeway Bristol tomorrow whereby I intend to basically complete Christmas and Birthday shopping, then all I have to do is wait for the shops to bring out their nice wrapping paper. The problem with shops is, kind of October mid November they try and shift the stock they have from last year and then they wait till December to bring out their nice new stuff so I’m going to have to be a really patient girl and wait for the shops to bring them out because I love the glittery stuff because it looks so nice next to the Christmas lights :-D.

02-09-2012:- I’m currently feeling a little crap but that’s just because I got home about an hour ago from shopping at Cribbs Causeway. It’s not even that big and we still managed to stay there for 6 HOURS! I know insanely ridiculous. I brought a few things which I might do another blog post on because I really like the things I brought for myself today. I brought my sister her Christmas present and my friend Rosie her Birthday present which I’m really pleased about. I know people will be saying why are you doing it now? I think it’s sensible, how many people do you know that are skint in December and January? This is because they are trying to get all their Christmas shopping done in that one month I just think it’s sensible. My sister Megan even gave in today she brought my mum’s birthday present which I find hilarious because she was determined she wasn’t going to start until October LOL.

I think I can feel a cold coming on because I’m all stuffed up at the moment which is really bad timing in the grand scheme of things because I’ll be getting my flu jab this month and after my flu jab I always get a cold so this will just add to that inevitability. Hey Ho can’t get everything in life I’m just lucky I get the flu jab for free :-D.

Anyway guys that’s it from me this week, there is likely to be another blog post sooner rather than later probably the things I brought or a weightwatchers one. Let me know if you want to know anything specific.


Stacie xoxo

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