Things I've brought...

Things I have brought (Haul)

The Hunger Games

Okay so first off we have the “Hunger Games” DVD, now this was released on the today here in the UK but I ordered it through play.com so I was lucky and got it a few days early. I’m not sure why that is but I think it has something to do with them being able to guarantee that you get the DVD by the release date so if the post is quicker that’s not their fault, but whose complaining, NOT ME! Now if you haven’t brought this DVD then why not? It truly is a one of a kind movie. When I went to see it in the cinema I thought oh no it’s going to be another Twilight mania thing. I really do believe that it deserves all of the hype that it has received. I’ve also read the books and believe the movie is as close to the books as they could have realistically got it. It puts a new spin on the whole “Big Brother is watching” concept. I really thing it provides a very real insight into something that could potentially happen one day, it shows where War, Power and corruption can lead. It reaches to everyone, maybe it’s not suitable for the younger ages but 10 and above I think everyone can get something out of watching it. It really is one of my absolute favourite movies of the year.

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Paperchase Folder

Okay so next we have folder which I got from Paperchase, it was really cheap actually I was impressed, only £4. When I go into Paperchase I always expect to spend a little fortune of Stationary. Something I miss about going to school is the exhilaration I got from buying my new pencil case, pens, planner, pencils etc. So if you’ve read previous blog posts you will know that I have my level 3 modules of my degree coming up so I have treated myself to a lovely new folder which I love. I’m really into this whole owl thing that’s going on at the moment. It is probably one of the main reasons for me buying it along with the fact that it is purple. I really love purple at the moment to. The design pretty much combines antiques and nature and I just really love it, it’s a bit different to other folders I’ve brought in the past as well, and I think it demonstrates a bit of my personality in a folder :-).

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Birthday stuff

Right so here we have a few gift things. A Birthday card which the picture doesn’t really demonstrate its best quality which is that it’s very glittery and I just love glitter! It’s for my sisters Boyfriends birthday and he’s not that into cards neither is my sister so I just get to choose cards that I like :-D.  
The wrapping paper and the greeny blue bag are for my mum’s birthday present it’s not very big but big enough that I can get her present in the bag and still close it. It annoys me if I can’t close a gift bag. Once again the picture doesn’t demonstrate very well but it too is really glittery and shines really well in normal bulb lit atmosphere.
The boofle bag is just a little birthday bag  which does exactly what it says on the tin LOL.
All of these are from Clintons by the way, and they all range between £2 and £4 which I don’t think is too bad. 

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 Accessorize Bracelet

Next we have a little bracelet which I picked up at Monsoon Accessorize. This was really just brought on a whim to be honest, it was only £4 so I thought it was a bargain and I really just brought it for one of those days when you don’t feel like wearing extravagant jewellery  but you don’t feel like being totally boring and wearing nothing at all. I really love it just because it’s very simple and very me.

*    *   *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *  

Accessorize necklace and earrings 

Here we have a two rose gold items which also came from Accessorize. On the left we have a rose gold necklace with just a simple heart on the end it’s pretty short chain wise so it lands maybe about inch to an inch and half below the neck. Now it was only £12 which I think is pretty good. I love it just because if you know me and my style I go for a simple chain and a little something on the end most of the time even when I go for long chains, you know the “dress up jewellery”. So it just screams me.
Now the earrings on the right are not something that I would normally pick but they also have rose gold and would go with the necklace if I chose to wear them together. The reason I went for it was that I generally prefer to dress up with earrings rather than with an outlandish and extravagant necklace but not to crazily. These are still simple but they catch the eye. They were £12 also which is a bit more than I like to pay for earrings I would get out of a none specialised jewellery shop but still worth it I think. 

*    *   *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *  

Clinique chubby sticks

Here we have my favourite items of the entire day. These are my Clinique Chubby sticks and I’m actually obsessed at the moment. I love them!  To the left we have “Pudgy Peony” which is a beautiful deep pink colour but doesn’t come out quite so garish on the lips. Then to the right we have “oversized orange” which looks really intimidating when you see like it is in the picture but once on the lips it’s fairly nude you can barely tell it’s orange, which I don’t actually mind. These really are lovely they are like the best lip balm you will ever purchase, they add a really lovely colour to your lips and they feel amazing. Now these are £18 each on Clinique’s website but I got them for £16 each at Superdrug, I know this is pricey especially when really all they are is a lip balm in posh packaging but I’m obsessed and really think that they are worth it.

*    *   *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *  

So there you go guys, there is all the stuff I brought myself when I went to Cribbs causeway. Hope you enjoyed seeing what I like and what I brought.

Stacie xoxo


  1. Just thought I should mention that I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES. I've only read the first book but I'm so excited to see the film and read the other books!!

  2. Yeyy! The Hunger games is my most recent fascination. Yes you have to read the other 2 books. I read all three in 2 days I was that hooked LOL. Oooo I wonder when the 2nd movie is out? Hmmm



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