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Today I managed to walk to the bus-stop without stopping!!!

I know their will be people who come across my blog, and who will read this and be like why is this such great news? Well this really is great news for me. I haven’t walked to the bus-stop without stopping in… I don’t know how long. I have the walk down to a science I have 3-5 stopping points on my way to the bus stop, depending on how bad I am on the day, that I will stop at because they are inconspicuous and I can easily get away with looking like I’m waiting for a car to move or they kind of conceal me so I don’t look like a total loser wheezing and dying on the side of the road. Today though, me and my mum were walking at a pace that normal people would consider snails pace, (but that’s my speed LOL), and I just didn't stop. It didn’t last all day but it was really great to be able to walk to the bus-stop without holding anyone up because I’ve had to stop or feel like I’m getting in the way of people.

So that’s my awesome news of the day.

Tomorrow I plan on going back to Weight Watchers. I haven’t been in about 4-6weeks which I know is really bad of me, but I’m going to ask my team leader to start me from the beginning. I really just have not had the motivation but I only have 6 weeks to get back to weight I was when I last went to Papworth so I really need to get my arse in gear.

I find it so difficult losing weight. I will do it this time though. It kind of annoys me though because when I first went to Papworth for my initial consultation with them, I saw people who were FAR FAR more overweight than me I’m only overweight by a few pounds what kind of difference does a few pounds make? Grrrr.

I know, I know it’s part of the conditions so I really have to make the effort but it’s still annoying so ignore my rambling. I really look forward to the day when I can exercise my weight away :-]

I’ll let you know how I get on. 


So guys I went to Weight Watchers yesterday and I actually debated whether to tell you how much weight I put on but I figured my blog is place where I should tell the truth so I put on 6 pounds. Which actually isn’t that bad especially considering I purposely wore heavy clothing so that next week there will be an extra pound lost.

So I should be able to lose about 5lbs I reckon so long as I really, really stick to it and then I will just aim for 1-2 pounds a week thereafter.

Sooo I have decided that although yes I do have my uni work to do, which yes does take up a fair bit of time, but I have like no real hobbies. Unless you count my obsession with DVD’s a hobby which I do not. I feel like I need to be spending less time on the computer. I spend probably a lot of time on the computer either checking Facebook, Twitter, surfing YouTube or just surfing the net for anything to keep me occupied.

I have decided that this needs to stop, not completely but enough that I’m not on the computer all of the time or checking my phone every two minutes. Frankly I’m starting to feel slightly lame.
I have avenues open to me, I used to be good at textiles and actually enjoyed making clothes when I was younger and I even own a sewing machine so I could potentially start sewing again. I have however decided to start up baking again. When I was in school I loved it and I was pretty good at it. The only problem was that the school had, had really rubbish oven mitts which meant I actually suffered some horrible burns all over my hands and arms. I still have the scars to prove it. This put me off cooking for years and this is also why I decided to do textiles which as a rule is far less painful LOL.

So as I have decided to gain a hobby I have just brought a few things off of the inter-web to aid me in my new venture precisely cookie cutters, baking trays (because ours are fairly old), a 3 tier cooling rack and a piping bag. You would have thought that all the cooking that has gone on in my house over the years we would have a cooling rack but we do not, but seeing as my first venture into baking is cookies I see it as an essential. I only needed a few things because we basically have everything else so I think it’s going to be good and cookies seem like a good place to start especially seeing how I have a cookie cook book which cost a fortune and I haven't ever used it LOL.

I would have started at bread but in all honesty I HATE the smell of baking bread. You are probably thinking I’m overreacting but I remember the first week of school every year the year 7’s would bake bread and stink out the whole school with the smell and my tutor room was down the DT corridor so I could not escape the smell. It is just repulsive to me.  Urghhh. My sister would probably appreciate me baking bread but I just cannot force myself to do it.

So once my utensils arrive I will attempt to bake some cookies. I may even vlog so you guys can see.
That’s it for now guys but see you next time

Stacie xoxo

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  1. Good Luck with the weight loss and cooking cookies hahaxxx Rita x


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