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Central House Hotel
Well I got back from my London trip a few hours ago and I had an amazing time!
Me and my friend Gina both went to London because I brought Gina “Wicked” tickets for her Birthday back in July, Gina had never seen it and it was something she really wanted to see so we both headed off to London yesterday morning planning on going to Harrods whilst we were there. 

Sort of what our bedroom looked like LOL 

We booked a hotel it was the cheapest we could find without it being a hostel £50.00 each. Although it was a 3 star hotel I have a feeling I have been spoiled in regards to hotels in the past because previously I never stayed in a hotel less than 4 stars but we didn’t need anything extravagant because we were only there for a night. I was however a little bemused by how small the bedroom was, I don’t have a large bedroom myself and this was smaller than my room :-S and it had TWO beds in. I wasn’t impressed by the bathroom in either if I stretched my arms out it was smaller than that. But it was cheap so I couldn’t expect anything wonderful LOL.  But if you need something for one night I would recommend it especially if you just need something cheap :-). 

Our ice-cream splurge

So once we had checked in we headed off to Harrods and I love it just as much as I ever have at Harrods. I always feel like I’m rich when I’m there even though it reminds me that I really am not LOL. Everything was so pretty I did buy a few things and I will show you them in a minute. We indulged in some ice-cream we both had a Hot Fudge Sundae and they really were amazingly yummy. One thing I was not chuffed about was the fact that a small coke was £4.25 and then there was a 10% service charge on top. That is ridiculous that’s FORCING you to give a tip Grrrrr! I give tips regularly but it makes me not want to do it especially with a service charge. 

Harrods at night
I was actually really sensible when I was going round because I did actually see the scarf I brought right at the beginning when we initially started looking around, but I said to Gina if I found nothing else I wanted I would buy it. So I waited until we had finished and I had only brought a few things to buy it, which was uber sensible. There was amazing dresses which I really wanted but very few had prices on them and if something doesn’t have the price on it, probably meant we couldn’t afford it LOL. We were in our element in the jewellery department. Some absolutely amazing jewellery and currently my aim in life is to get a Cartier watch or ring they were BEAUTIFUL! Gina absolutely fell in love with a Dior flower ring and the lad who was the sales guy in the Dior bit was lovely because me and Gina were just looking and then he was like “Do you want to try them on” and we were like “are you allowed to try them on if you can’t afford them?” and he was like “Sure it doesn’t cost anything to try them on” we were like OMG yes! Gina tried on a £8,000 ring that she adored and I tried on a larger one but it wasn’t as nice. So here’s a some of the stuff I brought I only brought 2 more things which was Part of gina’s Christmas present and the other was just a chocolate bar for my dad because he loves dark chocolate he kind of ate it before I could take a picture LOL. 

So firstly we have a simply Harrods shopping bag it was £20.00 which I know is a tad expensive but it’s not something that is going to wear and it should last a while. I could have got a more patterned one but they were like £40.00 and I can buy a bag that I would use everyday for that kind of money. But I really love it and I will probably be using it again when I go shopping. 
Next we have a Harrods key ring which if you read and saw my LEGOLAND post you will know I love a good key ring and if you have seen my keys you will also know this. I like to collect something little to remember the things I have done it was little expensive at £7.25 but I really like it.

Now we have two Christmas decorations. In my house we don’t have a particular theme to our tree and we just like to have a ‘bit and bob’ tree, it represents our family and it always looks lovely as it’s covered in stuff we have collected over the years, so this is my addition this year. They were around £4.00 each which I think is pretty good.

Toy Story Back pack

Here we have a Toy Story backpack which is actually for my little nephew, who is beyond obsessed with Toy Story, he does have a space man back pack but it’s a little large for him and thought this was little enough that he would be able to carry it and would want to because it had his Buzz and woody on it. This was £8.75 which I think was a bargain!  

Alexander McQueen scarf

 Right now this next item is the thing that is my favourite thing of the entire trip and a lot of people will think I’m mental for buying it but I have wanted an Alexander McQueen scarf for a while only I haven’t been able to afford one because I had saved some money to go to Harrods. Little did I know that they sold them there. Its the ‘aubergine and ruby silk skull scarf’ which means it is the cheaper one but I thought it felt better than the pashmina ones which is probably not what they want you feel LOL. I’m undecided on whether to tell you how much it cost because I know there will be some of you who will be like OMG your crazy so if you really want know you can check it out here. But please keep in mind that I have wanted this scarf for ages and it was not a spur of the moment purchase a lot of thought went into it and it is the loveliest scarf.
 After 5 hours in Harrods Gina and I made our way back to hotel and got ready to go to dinner and Wicked. We found the cutest ‘hole in the wall’ Italian which was authentic Italian food and so delicious. All the waiters were Italian and seemed to be genuinely happy to see you and serve you which I like. Gina ordered Calamari for a starter and I’m trying to eat different foods, and I have actually tried Calamari before but every time me and Gina have Dinner and she orders Calamari I will ask if I can try some. Now the past few times it’s been pretty chewy and I just haven’t enjoyed it very much but yesterdays was delicious! It was grilled, had the consistency of pasta and didn’t taste fishy or anything I really enjoyed it :-).

After dinner we made our way over the road to the show and it was just as good as It was the first time although I did keep getting distracted by the fact that the woman who plays Elphaba is obviously pregnant but it didn’t detract from the show which is the sign of a good actor.

If you have never seen it you really should it is amazing! I wouldn’t actually mind seeing it in movie form LOL .

Hope you enjoyed this guys and my next blog probably won’t be until after I have finished my 2 essays, which are due in next week, are done. So I hope you are all well and are having fun in your lives. Laters.


  1. Sounds like such an amazing weekend!

  2. amazing pictures! I love London, went to see Wicked last Christmas! It's amazing isn't it?! xxx

    1. Thank you. It really is amazing I would see it all of the time if I could afford to lol

  3. Hello Stacie,
    really love the pics on this post! I just wanted to let you know that I pass the Liebster Blog Award on to you. Here is the link to the post http://napoleana.blogspot.de/2012/10/liebster-blog-award.html

    Congratulations and have a very wonderful day :)


  4. London must be beautiful , i really would love to visit London ..



  5. If u ever get the chance u really should go :-D xoxo


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