October already?!

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Can you believe it’s October already?! I can’t. I’ve got my Flu jab tomorrow can’t believe it’s been a year already since I last had one, it feels like no time at all that I had it. Hey ho at least I’m getting it which is great. 

I’ve got a new design which I’m in love with! What do you guys think?

My week has been pretty boring really I’ve been doing some of my uni work which has been hard getting back into it, but I’m trying to get myself into a routine where I do my work during the week and then give myself the weekends off. I’ve been far to lazy in regards to my work during the past.S I’m trying to get myself into kind of a schooly routine like the good old days I suppose. At least this way I’ll know where I am with it all. I’m going to make a timetable for me to follow. It’s obviously got to be a bit lenient due to all the hospital appointments I have but I think so long as I have a bit of structure then I’ll be fine.

Me and Candice have been on a cupcake making mission this week. Candice fell in love with the fairy cakes I made the other day and so yesterday she came round and was on a mission to make a load. We also made some rice crispy cakes. But I have officially designated Sunday as my baking day so it doesn’t interfere with my uni work and it’ll be kind of a treat. This week I am going to attempt Tartlet Sweets funfetti twinkies but in cupcake form because I don’t own a canoe baking tray but I think they’ll be just as good.

I’ve got Weight Watchers tomorrow I have a feeling I will have only lost about a pound, which is better than nothing I suppose. It’s all Candice’s fault though she’s the one who made me eat several cupcakes but I’ll carry on being good just need to stop eating all the things I make lol.  
Fairy Cakes
Star Cakes

Rice Crispy cakes


So today was flu jab day, and the only way to describe it was a cattle market. Seriously it was every 1min MR… MR… MRS… MISS… etc. I couldn’t actually believe what I was seeing every time I’ve had a flu jab they like you to sit there for a few minutes just to you know make sure you’re alright, but they literally stuck it in my arm and sent me on my way. Which I found odd because I always feel a bit woozy after a flu jab. Hey Ho it’s done now and the only thing I’m feeling is the typical after burn of the flu jab which will probably be sore in the morning. 

The receptionist who checked me in totally recognised my name because I could see it on her face, but she didn't say anything which is good because although I will always stand up for myself I don't really like conflict, especially when I get mad. Now don't ask me why but when I get mad for some unknown reason my tear ducks seem to be hardwired to start crying when I get mad. This is why I could never win an argument with Candice when we were younger LOL. 

Had a fairly good day overall I went to weight watchers and lost ½ a pound which although not great is better than nothing. I’ve just got to make sure I don’t go picking at cakes this week lol. I’m going to try and make a weight watcher almond apple cake, which looks uber yummy, next week so look out for that.

Then I went to the twinny’s flat and Megan, James and I all watched “The Avengers” which I loved. It was the first time I had seen it and I really enjoyed it. I’m not surprised I enjoyed it though as I enjoyed each of the respective characters individual movies so it got a A+ in my book :o). 


 Well today and yesterday have been pretty boring I’m really trying to get on top of my work so I’m not left treading water like I was on my last 2 modules. I feel like I’m on top of everything, which is great because I like to feel like I’m learning and it’s all soaking in.

In my few breaks today I’ve actually been blog hopping, because I love reading other transplant patients experiences because I don’t want to be caught totally unaware when/if the time comes. I actually came across a blog which I feel is pretty refreshing in the whole grand scheme of transplant blogs that I have come across. A lot of them talk about how wonderful their lives are and how different and fantastic it is to have this new lease on life. I however was starting to get worried, because I was reading all this wonderful stuff but no negative stuff.

Now I’m not saying having a transplant is going to be negative, it should be completely the opposite but it can’t all be roses and butterflies. And I was starting to get worried because I was reading all this wonderful stuff but what happens if I’m having a down day after my transplant, would it not be okay to say so? It was beginning to seem like by saying your not okay that would somehow diminish the gift that you had been given by your donor. But I came across a blog here that actually gave me a little hope in this area. Because a transplant is such a life changing thing it’s not going to be all hunky dory straight away and I feel like this post actually says, it’s okay to not be okay.

Some people that I talk to seem to tell me how wonderful my life will be after my transplant, but they forget I have been ill my entire life! I really hope that my life is going to be great after my transplant and I’m sure it will because I’ll make sure it will be, but when I have my transplant the identity that I have had for the past 21 nearly 22 years will be gone. I won’t be the dying ill girl anymore. It will be a HUGE adjustment and one I expect will take a very long to time to adjust to. It wouldn’t surprise me if therapy will be involved because to go from ME to a completely new me will be hard. I will have to figure out if the life I have planned fits in with the new life that I could have. For all I know everything I want to do now, I won’t want to do anymore. I cannot tell you how I will feel afterwards but I’ll definitely try and tell the truth about how I’m feeling and hope that it’s okay to do that without feeling like I’m letting people down.


Today was my first day where I gave myself a break especially since I had to go to work this morning. Meggy, Mum and I went to “The Range” where we brought a new Christmas tree for the house. Our current one is about as old as I am so we thought a new one was needed. We got a slightly slimmer one because our living room is smaller than it once was and also we have to fit more people in the house over Christmas than we’ve ever had to what with the addition of James, Warren, Jaydon and New baby no name. I think it will be good. It will have the same affect just take up less room.

I brought Halloween outfit number 2 today, so I have to decide whether I want to be a pumpkin of Little Red Riding hood. I’m really not sure as of yet.

We then went onto Asda, and I cannot express how much I hate Asda, it a shop that sucks the life out of you and by the end of it you just want to die. Seriously NEVER go to Asda on a Saturday that is just asking to be barged by rude people who are just plan horrible. As we were there I brought a bunch of Halloween stuff for the Halloween cupcakes I’m going to make for Candice and Megan’s Halloween parties and I’m super chuffed with everything I brought :-D.

Right I know the blog is a day early but tomorrow is going to be dedicated to my Politics work and you really don’t want to listen me rant about my political hatreds lol.
See you next time 


  1. don t you worry stacie part of the new you will be making your own bed without grtting out of breadth and doing some chores yahooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

    love your mum xxxxxxxxx

  2. Mum I love that comment! u will be able to walk to my house and come on full on all day shopping spreeeees! yay! and I better be gettin some of the ww cakeand them cupcakes! ps u have 2 parties to go to so just where one to.meg and one to mine! or let me have one as i currently have none! X from Candice as don't no how to do this wudhiut being anonymous

  3. These look so yummy :)


  4. omg I'm so wanting to taste the fairy cakes and star cakes. the cream and icing sugar really gets me xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. Your blog is so cool!:)

    Foundation - Thrifty or high end whats your favourite?

  6. Aww thank you Christie I will be sure to check out your blog too :-)

  7. I know this post was a while ago but I've been meaning to comment on it for quite some time. I just wanted to say that it's totally ok to not be ok after transplant. That said I hope your transplant experience is smooth sailing. I think there is a lot of pressure to feel "good" after transplant. People are always asking "How are you?" and it feels wrong to say "pretty bad actually". But really it's ok to not feel good sometimes, it's even expected and common.

    I also think it can be a bit tougher on young people. When you are older and get a transplant you can kind of slide back into your old life. Younger people have to figure out what to do next, which is hard enough without a transplant!

    I also totally agree with what you are saying about being ill for so long and then getting a transplant. You can feel "different" after transplant which is fine because things are different but you have to figure out what to do with that different. I know I'm still trying to figure a lot of things out.

    Sorry if I've been rambling. I hope this has been helpful and not made you feel worse. The good news is it's a step in the right direction, I keep imaagining how I'll be in a year! I am looking forward to everything I'll be able to do. Sounds like you are too!

    I hope you get your transplant so soon!

    1. Awww thank you, it's actually great to get advice off of some-one who has been through the experience, as much as people try to understand they can never really get it unless you've been through or are going through something similar :-)


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