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Well this morning I posted on my Facebook and Twitter that I would be taking a break from all things technology until my 2 essays are complete, which I am, but I figured I may as well try and write a bit every day whilst I’m trying to get them done. Also if I try and do one big post on a specific day I can never remember some of things I was thinking and feeling when I was thinking and feeling them and can never get it across properly.

So today has been dedicated to my Politics essay which has been interesting and boring at the same time. I really enjoy the Cold War stuff but some of the audio clips I have to listen to are so boring. Not the stuff they are talking about so much but the people who are talking. None of them are very interesting to listen to, they drone on. I feel like I learn more when I’m listening to someone who is passionate about what they talk about. These people don’t seem to have any sort of conviction in their voices which ultimately bores me. 

I really need to get this essay done I meant to do some work last week but with how busy I was I just did not have the energy at all. I just have to force myself out of bed in the mornings which is easier said than done at the moment. I feel okay within myself, when I say that what I mean is  I don’t feel worse, I’m not getting more chest pains and I’m not using my oxygen, I just feel very tired most of the time which is probably worse in a way because when I’m tired the only way to fix that is to sleep and I can’t get work done while I’m asleep, but if it were chest pains I could just go on my oxygen and I could get work done whilst trying to feel better. It’s a bit of a Catch 22 because being sleepy is probably the best I could ask for whereas if it were chest pains and feeling worse that would be bad. So I’ll take it :-).

Hopefully I will be back on the net soon enough but I really do need to focus on these essays because I’m determined to get a 2:1 overall.     


OMG I think my brain is going to explode!

I’m taking a break for 15 minutes I’m currently  reading a speech that a guy called Fukuyama made back in 2007 about how the cold war meant the end of political ideas, which is a little far fetched for me but I won’t drag you into my political ramblings LOL.

This week’s official blog is literally going to be my procrastination skills at work. My issue is that I can’t concentrate for too long so whenever I have a break I just write a little something so my brain can have a rest. I find politics very interesting but it’s pretty hard on the brain because you have to form your own opinions on a particular topic and I’m always a on the fence kind of gal but I actually have to come up with something :-/.

I’m at my older sisters tomorrow because my mum and I need to go and supervise her carpets being cleaned because she’s at work. I think she’s ‘nesting’ making sure everything is all good and clean for baby no name. As it’s due in only 66 days.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    * 

I think last week is catching up with me as well, which sucks my chest is starting to hurt and breathing is becoming a tad laboured even when I’m talking which is a sure fire way to tell that I’m knackered a feeling a tad under the weather. Luckily my work only requires my brain but when I’m tired and chest painey (not a word I know lol) all I want to do is tuck myself in bed and sleep or watch TV. 

I got all my work done that I needed to today which is awesome and means I’m dead on track I’ve set tomorrow aside for work but if I’m feeling up to it I may well get the essay under way and then I can have it done earlier than Friday which would be awesome also because then maybe I can get my history essay done earlier too :-].

I’m off to bed for a long day tomorrow :-D


Well I woke up feeling awful this morning :-( woe is me lol. Actually it’s not too bad just massive stabbing pains in my chest. I had to go to my sisters with my mum though to look after my nephew whilst her carpet was being cleaned so I powered through and I am now in my bed on my oxygen which doesn’t seem to be doing anything at the moment but hopefully once I’m on it longer it will take affect.

Maybe it’s my body taking procrastination to another level, that sounds like my body :-P. Hopefully later I’ll be feeling better and can get some more work done. It’s fairly lucky that I set today aside in the whole grand scheme of my workload.

I also woke up this morning to 3 new followers which is really nice so welcome ladies I’m glad to share my journey with you :-). It’s always nice to know people are reading even though It’s mainly for me and self reflection but I like the idea that I could be spreading awareness for PH and organ donation.  


Omg blogland I woke up this morning to find my most recent clinic overview had made it through the post and if you read my clinic time blog post you will have read that I thought I had walked 120 metres when I actually only walked 96 metres. How beyond rubbish is that?! :-( I really thought I had done better than that. I suppose in January we’ll see if I’ve actually got worse when I do my bike test.
I’ve managed to get 1300 words of my essay done and it will be complete by tomorrow well it kind of has to be otherwise I’m screwed with regards to my history essay :-/ LOL. Tomorrow though I have to make a tonne of cupcakes for my sisters Halloween party on Saturday. I’ve decided to go as Little Red Riding Hood, yes I know not very Halloweeny but I don’t like to dress up and feel uncomfortable so I don’t care that it’s not a Halloween costume because I will feel comfortable :-). I’ll make sure to take photos for you.


Well my essay is finished and sent off, WHOOP! This pleases me immensely because it was a killer essay, but that also means I now have to do my history essay Booo!

I woke up again with horrific chest pains again I wish they would just go away, the oxygen doesn’t seem to be helping  much but hopefully it’ll go away soon :-)
Me and my mother both made Halloween cupcakes today for my sisters Halloween party and they actually turned out really awesome I’ll be sure to put up pictures on Sunday with my Halloween party pictures  :-) I am off to bed
See you Sunday Blogland

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