WW3 and brownies

Heya Blogland, 


How are we?

I’m pretty bored at the minute but I think it’s because I have an awesome week next week so this week essentially will be boring. Its the rule! LOL.

Other than the fact that I am bored I have written a new “About me” page you can read it here  if you would like to check it out. The reason I wrote it was because well my first one wasn’t great because I am rubbish at writing things about me, I never know how to begin and what to say but I’m fairly pleased with this new one. It goes into more depth about me and how I came to be on the transplant list because my first post pretty much skimmed over it all but I figured if you guys are reading my blog you’d probably want to know a little more about me and how I came to be in the position I am in.

So I hope you enjoy that and let me know if there is anything else you want to know.

This week is going to pretty much consist of uni work and probably procrastination lol I’ll also likely blog my attempt at some amazing looking brownies :)


So as I predicted my week has consisted of little more than uni work and seeing my nephew who is just the most adorable yet troublesome 2 year old ever. Bless him!

I made my brownies and OMG!! They were AMAZING!!!  I’m surprised they cam out soooo good the last time I made brownies they turned into a cake here’s the link if you wanna try them. And believe me you want to try them! Here’s a picture. 

Oooo and if you don’t believe me they got the seal of approval from every member of my family and that is hard to come by. They are most definitely going to be a regular in my household from now on!

I lost 1.5lbs at weight watchers which I’m really chuffed about because I had eaten the remaining 49 points which I never do so I thought I was going to stay the same or if I was lucky ½ a pound but I got 3 times lucky :-D.

It would seem that world war 3 has broken out on the Pulmonary Hypertension facebook page :-/ and not just the minor arguments which have been occurring lately. I’m staying out of it, I have nothing against anyone so I’ll just leave it to the people involved. Obviously we all come from different walks of life and not everyone can get along so stuff like this is bound to happen and with written stuff you can never know how the person meant for it to be said. I know I read some of the stuff I’ve written and when I re-read it it doesn’t read the way I thought it. Does that make sense?

So we’ll leave that be I think LOL

See you next time Blogland  


  1. Hey Stacie!

    Them Brownies looks so good! I think I may try some!

    And on the writing part, I often re-read over something I've written and find it doesn't come off how I intended it too. However, I think that's important because it shows how you were really feeling at the time and it can help give an insight into yourself, if that makes sense?

    Never be discouraged in your writing, it's there to document your experiences and people can take what they want from it, whether good or bad - it's up to them.

    And you've probably done the wise thing to stay out of the argument!

    Glad all is going well! x

    1. Yes u have to phil they are so easy but AMAZING!

  2. Yummy yummy brownies! :) x

    1. You should definitley try them they were amazing!


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