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For those that don't know what a CT scanner looks like :-)
Well today was CT scan day and to be honest it was a bit of a waste of time, probably not for the Doctors but for me it kind of was lol. My Dad and I left the house for 11:00 after I watched the Breaking Dawn part 2 interview on “this morning” :-D. We got to Papworth about 2:00pm and that gave us a tonne of time to get our fuel money back and make our way up to the diagnostic centre. When we got there we had to wait till 3:20pm for the appointment which was boring but a part of hospital life lol.

I was literally in the CT room for 5 minutes maybe 10 which although good in the sense I didn’t have the horrid dye in me but annoying in the sense I had to spend 6 hours in a car for a 5-10minute appointment. I really wish they had booked it for when I was next there it would have been easier to fit in. Hey Ho at least it’s done and I have no far away trips to hospital to either Papworth or Hammersmith till after Christmas, unless I happen to get my transplant before then ;)

On the weight front I’m definitely back on the wagon and really am trying to keep on top of it I managed to lose 4lbs this week and am nearly back to weight I was when I was at my lowest so that’s good. I’m going to be really good up until Christmas take Christmas eve, Christmas day and boxing day off and then get firmly back on it because there is no way I’m not going to eat chocolate at Christmas lol.

There will probably be another blog tomorrow as me and my sister are going to see Breaking Dawn part 2 and omg I can’t even describe how excited I am, Squeeeeeee!

Ooooo and don’t be surprised if I start blogging about having a cold soon, I got a lovely visit from a very snotty, stuffed up nephew this evening which can only mean one thing LOL .

See you later blogland   

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