My week in pictures

Hey Blogland,

I have been feeling pretty awful this week and I didn't really want to do a totally 'woe is me' post so thought I would show you my week in pictures, although not all that exciting, sometimes its nice to see pictures rather than have someone describe the whole thing too you :-)
Monday;- Trip to Lydiard with Mumma, Candice and beautiful nephew
isn't he the cutest little person in the entire world? I think so :-)

Monday;- Trip to Lydiard with Mumma, Candice and beautiful nephew
This is the Poppy display for the rememberance sunday thing they did
This was taken Monday but this was pretty much my entire weekwhen I wasn't sleeping

Tuesday;- got caught in the rain after my monthly blood test, on the oxygen yet again I kind of took a turn for the worse this day and felt completley awful!
Wednesday;- I was apparently a cat bed for all my cats this day LOL, which I don't really mind because I love my babies
Thursday;- the oxygen man came and Gilmore Girls has been my constant companion this week, it's something I can put on and still fall asleep, then wake up and still know whats going on because I have seen it so many times. When your ill you have to time to watch as much tv as you want. This probably explains why my DVD collection is so large LOL. 
This is Kerry

One of Kerry's beautiful bracelets

On Friday I decided to buy one of Kerry's bracelets which are lovely and look very similar to the pandora ones. Kerry has been having a awful time as of late, with pneummonia, the flu, fractured wrist and cracked rib, she's waiting for a double lung transplant and needs it pretty sharpish, but like me she has a common blood group and is in for a long wait. Here's her blog if you want to check it out and here's her facebook group if you wanna check that out. She is such a lovely girl and really deserves the lungs she needs and thats why I think it is sooooo incredibly important for people to sign up to the donor register, people like Kerry deserve to live longer than 21, so please if you aren't signed up yet please do it only takes a few minutes and its not like you need them if your dead.

Ooooo there was a prograamme on, on Thursday and it was called "waiting for a heart" if your interested go and read my friend Kath's blog post on it, I agree on pretty much everything she says about it. After watching it I felt really downhearted about mine and my friends, who are also waiting for heart and lungs, chances of getting them I think I may have to adjust my perspective, it was always a certianty in my mind that I would get them because having a negative attitude just isn't an option for me but apparently I may have to realise that I may not get them although I will always keep my hopes up that it will happen, because I am  still okay my rate of decline isn't really fast so hopefully I'll last long enough even if it is longer than the 18months they said -_-

See you Sunday Blogland


  1. Stacie, the pictures are lovely, hope you start feeling better soon, its rubbish when you have a week like you have. I hope you haven't got too disheartened about yoyr transplant, we will get them, somehow I just know we will. I wrote some of the things in my blog, just to make people understand how hard it is waiting for heart and lungs, but I will always believe that we will get our transplants whatever. Stacie, they gave me two years to live, so now I'm on my last ten months, but I don't feel any worse I don't think, so I'm convinced I have much longer than that . Like you say not thinking positive is a complete no no in our situation. I'm so glad you have met some younger transplant friends as well as an oldie like me, I too have been following Kerry's story and hope she pulls through. Take care, Kath xxx

    1. Thanks Kath, I'm just feeling really rubbish at the moment, and although I will always hope and believe I will get one in the end, it's just a little hard at the moment because I can feel myself getting worse, and I haven't felt as bad as I do at the moment in my entire life, and I have had so bad moments. I kind of think that maybe if I had been put on the list a year earlier I'd be a bit more positive about it and feel like I have more time to wait. If the Doctors put me on Floland we'll know where I'm at lol it's kind of my measurement of how bad I am, because flolan is a last resort for before transplant because the risk of killing me with it is so high, if it's the only option we will know I'm bad. So hopefully for as long as I can stay away from that then I have time :-).

      Kerry is soooo lovely and I feel for her because she really deserves her lungs too and deserves to get married, it's actually the one nice thing about being on the list you find people who become really good friends :-)

      Thanks Kath definitley trying to keep my positivity up :-)

  2. I am EXACTLY the same with Gilmore Girls, I love Lorelai!!

    1. Me too! Such a good show they should never have stopped it, I would love it if they brought out a movie that would be awesome :-)


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