Pain, Hospital and Halloween part 2

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Well this week has been pretty awful in regards to being well. Well it’s not that I’ve been ill per se it just I have been experiencing some of the worst chest pains I’ve ever experienced. Now to put this in perspective for you I have a chest pain in some form EVERY day for as long as I can remember and I just get on with it. But these chest pains that I’ve been experiencing for the past week have been Horrific, they actually make me wince in pain and stop me in my tracks. It’s really hard to describe what they feel like but it’s kind of what I would imagine someone stabbing you in the chest to feel like. And they don’t just come for a second they linger, it really has been awful.

The only thing that has sort off been keeping them at bay is my oxygen so I’ve kind of been housebound well not literally because I did go to Papworth on Friday and my sisters Halloween party on Friday night and then work  today. But every other minute I’ve been on my oxygen because I just DO NOT want to feel those chest pains they really do hurt so much.

Papworth on Friday was a flying visit. Had a bit of a palaver with the ECG because I didn’t realise I was having one so I wore tights. Now if you’ve never had a ECG two of the sticky thingy’s go on you ankles and if I had been wearing normal nude tights it would have been fine but noooo the ninny I am I was wearing black woollen ones so I had to get completely unchanged to have it done which was slightly hilarious. They don’t know why I’m having these chest pains and the only advice they could give me was to go on my oxygen more, right now I couldn’t be on my oxygen anymore than I am. I’m having a chest CT on the 15th though so hopefully they can maybe get something from that.

When I got home I had a power nap and a quick oxygen session, and went to my sisters Halloween party I’ll post some photos at the bottom. But work is getting harder and harder, I love going to work because I have some amazing friends there who I’ve been working with for years and even the newbies are lovely but this morning, I just could not put on my normal smile, I got there eventually, but I literally wanted to bury myself in a hole my chest was hurting so much. I’m definitely going to try and keep working until my transplant because even though I’m only a sales assistant I do enjoy it I just hope these chest pains disappear because if they continue to be permanent fixture in my life I don’t know how I will be able to continue even if I do  want to.

Lets hope they manage to find something when I go for my CT or they just disappear of their own accord :-D.  

James, Warren, Dean and Jaydon
Me, Candy, Meggy and Jaydon
Little Famalam
Group photo please excuse my large thighs Lol
another group one
The lovely Kay, Candy and Bee

Kay and little Ruby :-)

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  1. I really hope that the chest pain goes away soon! I've just discovered your blog and I love it, you come across as such a genuine, nice person.
    Very glad I found you here on Blogspot!



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