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Well I have just made it home from work and I thought I was better because I hadn’t had any chest pains since Tuesday but the 3 hour stint in Smiths seems to have reversed any good I did being on the oxygen all week. So I’m back on the O2 as of right now.

My week has consisted of writing essays and being on my oxygen which has been pretty boring on all accounts but if needs must.

Today though at work I was rather annoyed, a girl that has only been working there a month seems to think she’s superior to the rest of us who have been working there for years. It really annoyed me, I’m fine taking orders and doing what I’m told but someone who has only been working there a month and is the same age as me, I’m finding that a bit hard to swallow. It would be fine if she was in fact my manager or in fact knew more than me about the job, but just because she’s a full time worker does not make her superior to me. It’s not just that though it was the fact that I needed to leave to do my nebuliser and she wouldn’t let me go, I was like but my medicine is time constrained. I already take my nebuliser 15 minutes later than I should to fit in with my work pattern but if I take it any later I would have to miss it and at the moment that kind of isn’t an option with the Chest pains I’ve been having. I think I’m going to have to have a word with her or my actual managers next week because I can’t risk that happening. It might not be her fault she just might not know about me and my situation but seriously if someone said to me I have to take some medicine and it HAS to be done at a certain time I wouldn’t stop them from going. Would you? IRRITATING!

I’ve finally made some headway in my Christmas wrapping, I wanted to get the rest of it done today but I’m stuck in bed again but hopefully I’ll get a bit done tonight if I’m feeling a bit better.

I’m a celebrity is back tomorrow I’m soooo excited this officially means Christmas is on the way because that’s a sure indicator :-).

See you later Blogland  

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  1. Yes.. anyone would be offended if such an act is displayed by that person. I believe that you should forgive her and perhaps try explaining your condition or situation to her so that she knows you. Once she knows your state, she will be kind to you. About superiority that you discussed here, I feel that it was unfair bossing someone or some group of people even though you are not a boss and I am with you in this matter. :) . I am liking this beautiful space Stacie.Its strange how a random Google search can lead you to beautiful blogs. I am glad and feel happy to have found this wonderful blog called 'Life is worth the fight' :) Thank you so much


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