New Years Resolutions... Hello 2013!

Hey Blogland

Well I thought seeing how we are entering 2013 imminently I would share with you the New Years resolutions I have decided upon this year. But this year I have decided to go with achievable goals unlike the “I will never eat chocolate again” resolution which only ever lasts a maximum time of a week lol. I will also share with you the reasons for the decision to have a particular resolution.

-        Better money management… It’s not that I’m bad with my money it’s just that I tend to buy stuff pretty frivolously. I buy what I want when I want generally. I also got a credit card last year which I started to use this year and has made my money management a lot worse than it used to be. It’s actually very good for my credit rating because I pay it off as soon as I’ve used it but I just think it’s an awful habit to have gotten into. So this year I will try to put a certain amount of money away a month and give myself a limited amount of money to spend after any bills I have and really try to stick to it because I do tend to buy stuff I really don’t need.

-        Get to my goal weight… Last year I managed to lose a stone but have sort of come to a halt in my weight loss so this year I will try and get to my ultimate weight goal, which I won’t share with you as a lady never reveals such things ;), but I would like to lose perhaps between another stone to stone and half which I think is achievable if I stick to a plan, its also a new years resolution that my doctors will likely approve of.

-        Apply myself more… Now this is a broad one. Its meant mainly for my uni work as I have kind of come to a block with it, it’s boring me and in my mind I can’t help thinking its me working for something that may never happen and therefore what is the point? But I’ve decided this is a negative way to look at it and I need to shake it off and apply myself more. This also works for other things in my life when I decide to do things I really need to stick with it and not start and stop like my diet :).

-        GET MY TRANSPLANT… Now this isn’t so much a resolution as much as it is an ultimate life goal. I have a great feeling it will be this year, a year is a long time and don’t see why it can’t be this year, it’s more hope than anything, but if I think good thoughts hopefully it will be this year. If I have a belief in anything it is the power of positive thinking, I believe if you think negatively then negative things will happen or you only see the negative in something. Whereas if you think positively, positive things will happen or you will be able to see the positive side of something. So think positive transplant thoughts for me, Deal?
So what do you think, achievable? I wonder what others New Years resolutions are? I’m always the nosey parker who asks what people have decided to do as a New Years resolution. I hope you are all having a wonderful New Year either drunk, partying etc. I however will be spending it quietly and New Years day will be spent at work which is less than ideal but someone has to do it and its probably better that its me as I won’t be hung over and I’m unlikely to snap at the costumers, unless they are knobs that is lol.

I've got a good feeling about 2013 it's going to be good one I think, anyone else?



Christmas with the Pridden's

Hey Blogland

Well Christmas day came and went. Mine was pretty uneventful as they go. Megan and I were hoping our older sister would maybe have her baby but that didn’t happen. In the whole grand scheme of things it was probably a good thing otherwise it would have ruined baby no names birthday for the rest of its life because everyone else would have been more focused on Christmas rather than its birthday my Mum, Dad and I all think it will arrive on the 28th now which is a bit better we think.

Christmas day was actually pretty quiet to begin with it’s the first Christmas where my two sisters haven’t been there when I wake up. Which was sad but quite good because it meant we weren’t all crammed in the living room. That however is also what I missed because normally we are all there opening our presents and its all hustle and bustle and just generally that feeling of Christmas that I have always known. But it was still lovely my Mum, Dad and I actually had room to sit down rather than get numb legs from kneeling on the floor which was surprisingly refreshing. I got amazing presents which I love, a particular favourite being my Kindle fire. It’s a great gift for me because I love to read and when I go into hospital it will be great gift because I won’t need to haul several books with me as I will have as many as I desire on my kindle :-). I got the usual suspects as well a mountain of socks, a variety of cream, perfume, jewellery, scarves, gloves etc. I also got this amazing jewellery box that I have actually wanted for a few years but everytime we meant to get it, it was out of stock or they just didn’t have it, and I finally got it this year, I’m sooo pleased it’s beautiful and reminds me of another age which is probably why I love it so much :D. I got a tonne of clothes mainly stuff that I can layer up which is great for me because I can go from hot to cold in a split second so easily layerable clothing is exactly what I need. I also got a lot of DVDs which if you know me is the perfect gift I love my DVDs and TV and I have a feeling I will be in hibernation for the next week watching them all which I’m more than happy to do.

Its actually my first Christmas where I’ve had to wear my oxygen on the day which is a tad annoying but this cold is still getting the better of me its seems to be a lingering one, its more annoying than anything, my nose is constantly bunged up and a irritating cough that once you start you just can’t stop lol. My sister and her Boyfriend came around at about midday when we had lunch which was uber yummy!!! I love Christmas dinner because it’s more than just a roast, you have all imaginable vegetables, roast potatoes that are my favourite things in the entire world and several yummy meats :D. As a tradition we generally try and buy Christmas crackers with racing something’s in and this year they were racing sprouts and after lunch we clear the table and race. I never win mine is always the one that decides going straight isn’t the right way to go and always ends up going the wrong way lol. Then after racing sprouts another tradition happens which is our table presents. I got two sets of lovely earrings, a kinder egg and a Euro millions lottery ticket. I love the table present portion of the day because you are almost guaranteed to get jewellery and who doesn’t love jewellery?

After lunch all I wanted to do was vegetate but we had to go visit my older sister and my nephew where we got to see him open his presents from us which he seemed to enjoy, bless him. The good thing about this year was that he knew he had to open his presents whereas last year you basically had to do it for him, I think next year it will be even better for him.

We spent a few hours there and then cam home where I managed to get in a well needed nap and the evening was pent with various soaps, doctor who and Downton Abbey. Overall a very good and pretty relaxing Christmas.

Here’s some pictures of the 23rd/24th/25th enjoy: 

23-12-2012 Dinner with the besties :-D
24-12-2012 xmas eve with the family

24-12-2012 xmas eve with the family. The big sis and the BUMP!

25-12-2012 me and my lod of DVDs

25-12-2012 christmas day. James and Megan
25-12-2012 Christmas day, Megan and Me at lunch
25-12-2012 Christmas Day, Racing sprouts!!!
25-12-2012 Christmas Day, Table presents, the kinder egg didn't make it long enough for the photo lol.
25-12-2012 Christmas Day, The nephew with his grand-dude
25-12-2012 Christmas Day, The nephew and his presents.
25-12-2012 Christmas Day, The nephew and his presents
I hope each and everyone of you had a great day and a great Christmas
Much Love


ill but 5 sleeps till santa!!!

Hey Blogland, 

Well not just me but the whole Pridden clan has come down with the lurgy. We are all ill it sucks!
I feel like I’m getting a little better I was horrid on Monday and Tuesday and basically spent those days asleep in between coughing fits. It feels like I’m coughing up a lung every time I cough. Generally I don’t have too many problems with phlegm usually just a minor amount that I can deal with but as soon as I get any type of illness it’s like my whatever produces phlegm goes into overdrive it’s quite gross.

My mother seems to be the only one who has come out of this bout of illness unscathed hopefully it will stay that way as it is her Birthday tomorrow and its awful feeling like crap on you birthday.

I’m having a Gossip Girl marathon all this week which I love. I don’t know if any of the people reading this will have seen the Gossip Girl finale that happened this week. If you have can you believe who Gossip Girl was? I kind of had a feeling especially within this last series but still :-O OMG!

Oooo update on my friend who had her heart and lung transplant she has been taken off of sedation which means she should hopefully be waking up soon which is awesome news and hopefully in time for Christmas to see her little girl. And a fellow PHer Hazel (here’s her blog) is getting listed today which is awesome news, she’s had tough old slog and I’m sooo chuffed she finally made it on the list :-D.
Right my next blog will after Christmas telling you about my Christmas, that is so long as the world doesn’t end and all that lol. So I will bid you adieu and wish you all a very Merry Christmas.



WHSmith Let Loose

Heya Blogland, 

Well I just came home from my Christmas work meal with my fellow WHSmithers and I was seriously thinking about not going before hand because my cold is making me feel like crap but I was like 'No! I've never missed one so far, I'm not going to miss one this year either'. So I made myself look as presentable as possible. My hair was unoriginal but I was in no mood to think up anything and figured I couldn't look any worse, so straight it stayed lol. 

I had a awesome time it was held at the Menzies hotel in Swindon and I think the whole of Swindon highstreet was there because there was alot of other shops having their christmas work meals as well lol.

I got through the meal fine but as soon as people started to dance the room seemed to getter a million times hotter and I was prepared I did take a hand fan but completley forgot about it until about 5 mins before I left, sooo typical LOL. I did my usual bob along at the table type dance because I do not have the energy to do much dancing, but I was happy enough to be taking photos :-).
At only ONE point in the whole evening did I feel like I was going to collapse and that was when I was leaving but Katie and Donna was so lovely and walked with me on the way out and stopped with me when I needed to stop which I appreciated because I always feel like a lemon when I stop by myself, I always have to make it look like I'm doing something but with people no preoccupation needed :-).

I always love seeing people from work outside of work because in work theres always a sense of I'm your boss or I'm superior to you but at the christmas meal that totally goes away and everyone lets loose which I love because although I'm always myself even in work I don't feel like everyone else is and it's so nice to see everyone act themselves :-D

I think I may pay for my little outing though. I'm already feeling absolutley rubbish and expect to feel worse tomorrow/today so a week of gossip girl and bed for me I think this week. 

Here are a few pictures from the party so enjoy :-)

See you soon Blogland


BIRTHDAY 21+1years of age

Hey Blogland, 

As regular readers will know it was my Birthday yesterday and it was awesome I am now officially 21+1 LOL.

I had such a good day as I told you I didn’t do anything amazingly interesting just hung out with family and some friends. I did however go to see “The Hobbit” and let’s just say its so not my cup of tea. I don’t enjoy Lord of the Rings, and for those of you saying “Well why did you go see it then?” I was outnumbered and I was not going to go watch a film on my lonesome on my birthday LOL. Although I have to say the effects and that new digital thingy that the lads couldn’t stop talking about was actually pretty good but the movie for me just did not do it for me. You would think for my love of supernatural programmes and movies it would be but it just isn’t. We then went Frankie and Bennies and that was really yummy. At the moment here in the UK its pretty cold but OMG it was like a sauna in there! Some places go totally overboard with the heating as soon as it gets a little bit cold they put on the heating full whack which is kind of stupid because once you reached a decent temperature you want to stay there but the heating did not make that possible.  

I got some really lovely gifts for my birthday, The Keith Lemon movie (for not UK people he’s hilarious he does a show called Celebrity Juice over here in the UK I think you can see it on youtube, it’s very British humour but hilarious!), Gossip Girl seasons 1-3 , Stila palette and eyeliners, 2 Onsies, black boots, burgundy corduroys, woolly hoody jumper (sweater), Dress from warehouse, dress from river island, Rock and Roses perfume by Valentino (my absolute Favourite!), River island voucher, earrings, cupcake charm, Toblerone and money. I’m not sure if I missed anything and if I did I’m sorry. I love all my gifts I love gifts that I will use because otherwise it just sits gathering dust and I want to use it and show people how much I love something.

If any of you would like me to do a haul I would be happy do just let me know down in the comments I didn’t take any pictures of it individually so if you do want me to I can do :-D.

Now heres a few pictures of my sisters and my day :-)
My Pile of presents unwrapped :-)

Megans pile presents unwrapped

Me and Megan

Steve and James in Frankie and Bennies

Megan and me in Frankie and Bennies

Me and Kirsty in Frankie and Bennies

Me waiting for megan to arrive so I could open my presents LOL

Our Presents unwrapped :-)


The nephew cam for a birthday cuddle

Me in my Cat onsie from my friend rosie :-)
I know all my Facebook people will have seen these already but for the people who only follow me on here or twitter these are for you :-)
See you Sunday/Monday Blogland


Update and bracelets

Heya Blogland, 

Well it’s been a relatively boring week as usual lol, I’m still essay writing trying to get my history essay done it’s taking forever, I just have no motivation to do it at all. I keep looking at the question and it just keeps meaning something else every time I look at it. I’ve got till Monday though so I should be able to get it done.

Ummm other than the lack of work I’ve been doing I’ve also been demotivated by the oncoming cold I have coming on. It’s nothing major its just making me sluggish and not want to do anything which isn’t a bad thing I suppose because I will be having a fun filled weekend what with the upcoming Birthday on Friday with my work Christmas do.

Mine and my sisters Birthday shall be a relaxed affair, we are going to watch the Hobbit with a few friends at 4pm and then having a meal out so nothing very outlandish but I don’t think my cold would let me do anything outlandish even if I wanted to anyway lol.

Oooo update on on my friend who had her heart and lung transplant, they managed to close her abdomen but at the moment they are just having some trouble getting her off of sedation. Apparently whenever they try her heart rate sky rockets and they have to shock her to get it back to normal so they are going to be trying a few meds to calm down her heart and then hopefully that will get her off of the sedation :-).

Also I thought I would show you the bracelets I got from my friend Kerry, who started up a little business with her FiancĂ©e Josh. They really are the prettiest bracelets and I totally recommend everyone get one they do loads of different colours and styles so anything of anyone.  

If you want to check out anymore of Kerry's bracelets here's the link to her page FXY Linx :-)

Birthday 1 (and a bit) days
Christmas 12 days 

See you soon Blogland


Trials and Tribulations

Heya Blogland, 

Well the reason this Blog is called trials and tribulations will become clear.

If you read my previous post you will know that my Friend and fellow PH sufferer got her call for her heart and lungs. Well it didn’t go exactly to plan.

She had the transplant but they couldn’t get the heart beating they were also battling with a abdominal bleed which they couldn’t get under control because of the warfarin that she was on. The problem with a transplant is there just isn’t enough time to stop taking the warfarin so it’s a risk all us Phers take when we say yes to a transplant knowing we are on the warfarin.

They couldn’t get the bleed under control and had to leave her abdomen open for 12 hours when they had operate suddenly in critical care, but they eventually got the bleed under control but the problem now was trying to get the heart going but it just wasn’t happening. Her sister messaged me and told me that the transplant hadn’t worked and it didn’t look good at all and we all had to hope and pray for a miracle.

Then this morning I got the wonderful news that another match had been found and she was taken to theatre again at 7am. Today was the longest day and most stressful day of my life to date. Normally I’m the one having stuff done to me and I never actually thought what it was like for the people waiting for news and it’s the most awful feeling ever.

I got a phone call from her sister 4:50pm today telling me the most amazing news that she had made it and although she’s having a few kidney problems (apparently normal after major surgery) she is alive and I couldn’t be happier.

She was in my opinion destined to live, too many people need her here and she put up an AMAZING fight. She still has a way to go and everyone will be paying extreme attention in the next week to make sure everything stays on track but I am just so happy that she made it :-)