BIRTHDAY 21+1years of age

Hey Blogland, 

As regular readers will know it was my Birthday yesterday and it was awesome I am now officially 21+1 LOL.

I had such a good day as I told you I didn’t do anything amazingly interesting just hung out with family and some friends. I did however go to see “The Hobbit” and let’s just say its so not my cup of tea. I don’t enjoy Lord of the Rings, and for those of you saying “Well why did you go see it then?” I was outnumbered and I was not going to go watch a film on my lonesome on my birthday LOL. Although I have to say the effects and that new digital thingy that the lads couldn’t stop talking about was actually pretty good but the movie for me just did not do it for me. You would think for my love of supernatural programmes and movies it would be but it just isn’t. We then went Frankie and Bennies and that was really yummy. At the moment here in the UK its pretty cold but OMG it was like a sauna in there! Some places go totally overboard with the heating as soon as it gets a little bit cold they put on the heating full whack which is kind of stupid because once you reached a decent temperature you want to stay there but the heating did not make that possible.  

I got some really lovely gifts for my birthday, The Keith Lemon movie (for not UK people he’s hilarious he does a show called Celebrity Juice over here in the UK I think you can see it on youtube, it’s very British humour but hilarious!), Gossip Girl seasons 1-3 , Stila palette and eyeliners, 2 Onsies, black boots, burgundy corduroys, woolly hoody jumper (sweater), Dress from warehouse, dress from river island, Rock and Roses perfume by Valentino (my absolute Favourite!), River island voucher, earrings, cupcake charm, Toblerone and money. I’m not sure if I missed anything and if I did I’m sorry. I love all my gifts I love gifts that I will use because otherwise it just sits gathering dust and I want to use it and show people how much I love something.

If any of you would like me to do a haul I would be happy do just let me know down in the comments I didn’t take any pictures of it individually so if you do want me to I can do :-D.

Now heres a few pictures of my sisters and my day :-)
My Pile of presents unwrapped :-)

Megans pile presents unwrapped

Me and Megan

Steve and James in Frankie and Bennies

Megan and me in Frankie and Bennies

Me and Kirsty in Frankie and Bennies

Me waiting for megan to arrive so I could open my presents LOL

Our Presents unwrapped :-)


The nephew cam for a birthday cuddle

Me in my Cat onsie from my friend rosie :-)
I know all my Facebook people will have seen these already but for the people who only follow me on here or twitter these are for you :-)
See you Sunday/Monday Blogland


  1. Glad to hear you had a great birthday :) I didn't like Lord Of The Rings either, -high five- x


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