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Well Christmas day came and went. Mine was pretty uneventful as they go. Megan and I were hoping our older sister would maybe have her baby but that didn’t happen. In the whole grand scheme of things it was probably a good thing otherwise it would have ruined baby no names birthday for the rest of its life because everyone else would have been more focused on Christmas rather than its birthday my Mum, Dad and I all think it will arrive on the 28th now which is a bit better we think.

Christmas day was actually pretty quiet to begin with it’s the first Christmas where my two sisters haven’t been there when I wake up. Which was sad but quite good because it meant we weren’t all crammed in the living room. That however is also what I missed because normally we are all there opening our presents and its all hustle and bustle and just generally that feeling of Christmas that I have always known. But it was still lovely my Mum, Dad and I actually had room to sit down rather than get numb legs from kneeling on the floor which was surprisingly refreshing. I got amazing presents which I love, a particular favourite being my Kindle fire. It’s a great gift for me because I love to read and when I go into hospital it will be great gift because I won’t need to haul several books with me as I will have as many as I desire on my kindle :-). I got the usual suspects as well a mountain of socks, a variety of cream, perfume, jewellery, scarves, gloves etc. I also got this amazing jewellery box that I have actually wanted for a few years but everytime we meant to get it, it was out of stock or they just didn’t have it, and I finally got it this year, I’m sooo pleased it’s beautiful and reminds me of another age which is probably why I love it so much :D. I got a tonne of clothes mainly stuff that I can layer up which is great for me because I can go from hot to cold in a split second so easily layerable clothing is exactly what I need. I also got a lot of DVDs which if you know me is the perfect gift I love my DVDs and TV and I have a feeling I will be in hibernation for the next week watching them all which I’m more than happy to do.

Its actually my first Christmas where I’ve had to wear my oxygen on the day which is a tad annoying but this cold is still getting the better of me its seems to be a lingering one, its more annoying than anything, my nose is constantly bunged up and a irritating cough that once you start you just can’t stop lol. My sister and her Boyfriend came around at about midday when we had lunch which was uber yummy!!! I love Christmas dinner because it’s more than just a roast, you have all imaginable vegetables, roast potatoes that are my favourite things in the entire world and several yummy meats :D. As a tradition we generally try and buy Christmas crackers with racing something’s in and this year they were racing sprouts and after lunch we clear the table and race. I never win mine is always the one that decides going straight isn’t the right way to go and always ends up going the wrong way lol. Then after racing sprouts another tradition happens which is our table presents. I got two sets of lovely earrings, a kinder egg and a Euro millions lottery ticket. I love the table present portion of the day because you are almost guaranteed to get jewellery and who doesn’t love jewellery?

After lunch all I wanted to do was vegetate but we had to go visit my older sister and my nephew where we got to see him open his presents from us which he seemed to enjoy, bless him. The good thing about this year was that he knew he had to open his presents whereas last year you basically had to do it for him, I think next year it will be even better for him.

We spent a few hours there and then cam home where I managed to get in a well needed nap and the evening was pent with various soaps, doctor who and Downton Abbey. Overall a very good and pretty relaxing Christmas.

Here’s some pictures of the 23rd/24th/25th enjoy: 

23-12-2012 Dinner with the besties :-D
24-12-2012 xmas eve with the family

24-12-2012 xmas eve with the family. The big sis and the BUMP!

25-12-2012 me and my lod of DVDs

25-12-2012 christmas day. James and Megan
25-12-2012 Christmas day, Megan and Me at lunch
25-12-2012 Christmas Day, Racing sprouts!!!
25-12-2012 Christmas Day, Table presents, the kinder egg didn't make it long enough for the photo lol.
25-12-2012 Christmas Day, The nephew with his grand-dude
25-12-2012 Christmas Day, The nephew and his presents.
25-12-2012 Christmas Day, The nephew and his presents
I hope each and everyone of you had a great day and a great Christmas
Much Love

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