Great News and my Haul :o)

Heya Blogland,  

Well firstl before I start my haul blog I thought I would share with you some really amazing news that I found out this morning. A friend, fellow Pher and transplant awaitee got her call this morning at 4:00am. I cannot describe how pleased I am for her, also it has given me a little more hope because other than her transplant there has only be one other heart and lung transplant this year that I know of. I was starting to lose a little faith that I would get my transplant at all and was trying to bring my head around to idea that it probably won't happen, but this amazing news has lifted my spirits. I have faith that there is a reason why I haven't had mine yet and it will happen when its supposed to. But all the positive thoughts possible are going out to her and her family and friends :-)
Right so after that amazing news I will get on with my haul :-D
So in this picture we have a variety of things and I will list them for you:
* Barry M nail varnish, 355 Gold Mine Glitter, 339 Gold Glitter, 312 Indigo, 298 Green Glitter,     301 Block Orange & 353 Ruby Glitter.
* Urban Decay Vice Palette
* Benefits Hoola
* Benefits Watt's Up!
* Benefits the PORE fessional
*Benefits sugarbomb
* MAC's Impassioned (just their standard lipstick)
* MAC's Morange (just their standard lipstick)
* MAC's sheen supreme lipstick in New Temptation
* MAC's pro longwear lipcreme in Perpetual Flame

Out of all this my absolute favourite has to be the Urban Decay palettes it has some really lovely colours in it somes nudes but then some lovely bright ones as well which I will definitly be wearing over the festive season. Also the brush in it isn't too shabby at all, usually they are those horrid paddy things that are just a bit useless in my opinion but this one is actually a proper brush so impressed with that :-). 

My next has to be MAC's sheen supreme lipstick in New temptation, it's really pretty and not to in your face and feels amazing and moustourises whilst also doing its job so I was very impressed with that one. The pro longwear lipcreme in Perpetual Flame is really similar but far more matte than the sheen supreme and would probably be best if you need something that stays on for the majority of the evening. 

Benefits Hoola and Sugarbom are really nice and I'm not normally a brozer of blush type person but the sugarbomb has overall peachy corally tones to it which I like alot and then the Hoola isn;t to dark which I love because I'm always afraid of looking like oompa loompa but it dark enough that it contours the face but not so dark that I look like the guy from Dickensons Real Deal (for people outside the UK that is a very over tanned man LOL). 

I actually really like the PORE fessional balm I noticed a difference immediatly and felt soo lovely on the skin I don't normally use primers because my ski isn't very oily but this really does seem to help with the Pores issue so definitely recommend.
Then we have Clinques pore refining solution which I'm a little disappointed with I thin it's definitley a summer makeup and it hasn't replaced my Clinques superbalanced makeup foundation which I really love because the coverage is amazzing but this will do if I run out of my other stuff. 

The Barry M nail varnishes are really lovely and I love them especially the amount of colours they do so I will always recommend them :-).

10 days till Birthday
21 days till Christmas
So thats everything guys and I will blog again soon


  1. Hi Stacie,
    Congratulations to your friend, for the gift of life! I'm happy to hear that it lifted your spirits and restored your hope as well.....soon you will be getting that call!

    I LOVE your haul....great stuff!!
    you didn't list your birthday countdown!!! Mine is in 20 days :)))

    xoxo from California,


    1. I didn't did I? I will have to add it now :-)

  2. Stacie it is such fabulous news about Sita, there is hope now for us I'm sure. Love all the treats you've got, enjoy them, love Kath xxx

  3. So glad to hear about your friend :) This is like my dream haul :') x

    1. Awww thanks I went a bit mental recently I brought literally everything I wanted LOL pleased you like it :-)

  4. Just been catching up on your blog! Glad to hear you are feeling better and that's great news about your friends transplant! Do you get some time off studying now that you're done your essay? Hope so. Happy December!

  5. you're so brave & sweet! i hope your friend is well and feeling much better and happy. but head up, you will get the call soon!

    have a good day!
    love lucy

  6. Wow what a great haul ! I've been wanting to try MAC impassioned for a while now and seeing it makes me wanna go and get it NOW haha ! i just was reading your blog description , and i just wanted to wish you all the best , you are such a strong person .. i admire people like you , i truly do !

    Liyana ♥


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