ill but 5 sleeps till santa!!!

Hey Blogland, 

Well not just me but the whole Pridden clan has come down with the lurgy. We are all ill it sucks!
I feel like I’m getting a little better I was horrid on Monday and Tuesday and basically spent those days asleep in between coughing fits. It feels like I’m coughing up a lung every time I cough. Generally I don’t have too many problems with phlegm usually just a minor amount that I can deal with but as soon as I get any type of illness it’s like my whatever produces phlegm goes into overdrive it’s quite gross.

My mother seems to be the only one who has come out of this bout of illness unscathed hopefully it will stay that way as it is her Birthday tomorrow and its awful feeling like crap on you birthday.

I’m having a Gossip Girl marathon all this week which I love. I don’t know if any of the people reading this will have seen the Gossip Girl finale that happened this week. If you have can you believe who Gossip Girl was? I kind of had a feeling especially within this last series but still :-O OMG!

Oooo update on my friend who had her heart and lung transplant she has been taken off of sedation which means she should hopefully be waking up soon which is awesome news and hopefully in time for Christmas to see her little girl. And a fellow PHer Hazel (here’s her blog) is getting listed today which is awesome news, she’s had tough old slog and I’m sooo chuffed she finally made it on the list :-D.
Right my next blog will after Christmas telling you about my Christmas, that is so long as the world doesn’t end and all that lol. So I will bid you adieu and wish you all a very Merry Christmas.


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