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Heya Blogland,

I’m sorry to have neglected you this week but my life has been nothing but study, study, study this week. I should technically be doing it right now but Sssshhh I won’t tell if you don’t ;)
Totally what I feel like at the moment LOL
I have just finished my Politics essay, the question was “Who speaks for whom?” what kind of question is that I mean elaborate a little LOL. It wasn’t so bad but it was just a little confusing at times because there was like a billion theorists, politicians and philosophers that I had to sift through and I literally just wanted to tear my eyeballs out.  But I have a little time so thought I would do a quick blog and then I have to get back to doing my next essay which is a history one :-/ I may have to ask for a extension though, that 2 weeks where I just felt awful has meant they have just crept up on me Oh Dear…

But I will definitely be doing a haul blog when my history essay is done because I haven’t had a chance to take any photos of the stuff yet but I promise that will be very soon.

How excited are we that it’s December :-O I know I am. December is my month!!! I just love it I’ve decorated my window in my bedroom with lights and these weird sticky things, they are kind off like jelly and they just stick to the window I love them because they make my room festive without me sticking a tone of dust collectors in my bedroom lol. I cannot wait until next week where I will be the big 22 but I think I may have to just stay 21 for the rest of my life 22 sounds super old LOL. I’m also getting my haircut on Thursday this week in preparation for the festive season, so my hair doesn’t look like a mop with the amount of pictures that will be taken this month. I have to have it done about a week before my Birthday because if I really don’t like it I have to have a week to figure out what the hell to do with it. Also my mum is buying it as a present for my birthday and kind of didn’t book it with my hairdresser which is perfectly understandable because she has no idea what my hairdressers name is but it means I have no idea how this hairdresser is going to do. I’m sure it will be fine though you can’t really go wrong with my hair unless you cut it all off LOL.

OOoo recommendation for you guys is “Once upon a time”, seriously I’m in love with this programme it’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It’s coming close to being my favourite. It’s on the second season over in the US and I’m watching it on the net so I’m with them but hopefully the second season will start up here again and I’ll be re-watching it :-), so if you get a chance I totally recommend it.

Also I thought as a reminder for anyone reading this I know this time of year can be blurred by presents and the decorations and all that superficial stuff and I love all of that just as much as the next girrl but I just wanted to remind you that there are people who are trying to make it to christmas and some that won't. So if you aren't on the list It is a gift that can be given without spending a penny. I'm not saying your going to die and I'm not wishing for anyone to die. I just want the people who are going to die anyway regardless of anything to know that if they do die they can do something SO amazing when they are gone they can give life when they are gone when there's nothing anybody can do they can still help somebody. So please, please sign up and I know of people who are desperate for organs and there are perfectly good ones going to waste everyday. 

Right so this blog was just sort of a catch up and what’s to come so see you in a few days guys  


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