New Years Resolutions... Hello 2013!

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Well I thought seeing how we are entering 2013 imminently I would share with you the New Years resolutions I have decided upon this year. But this year I have decided to go with achievable goals unlike the “I will never eat chocolate again” resolution which only ever lasts a maximum time of a week lol. I will also share with you the reasons for the decision to have a particular resolution.

-        Better money management… It’s not that I’m bad with my money it’s just that I tend to buy stuff pretty frivolously. I buy what I want when I want generally. I also got a credit card last year which I started to use this year and has made my money management a lot worse than it used to be. It’s actually very good for my credit rating because I pay it off as soon as I’ve used it but I just think it’s an awful habit to have gotten into. So this year I will try to put a certain amount of money away a month and give myself a limited amount of money to spend after any bills I have and really try to stick to it because I do tend to buy stuff I really don’t need.

-        Get to my goal weight… Last year I managed to lose a stone but have sort of come to a halt in my weight loss so this year I will try and get to my ultimate weight goal, which I won’t share with you as a lady never reveals such things ;), but I would like to lose perhaps between another stone to stone and half which I think is achievable if I stick to a plan, its also a new years resolution that my doctors will likely approve of.

-        Apply myself more… Now this is a broad one. Its meant mainly for my uni work as I have kind of come to a block with it, it’s boring me and in my mind I can’t help thinking its me working for something that may never happen and therefore what is the point? But I’ve decided this is a negative way to look at it and I need to shake it off and apply myself more. This also works for other things in my life when I decide to do things I really need to stick with it and not start and stop like my diet :).

-        GET MY TRANSPLANT… Now this isn’t so much a resolution as much as it is an ultimate life goal. I have a great feeling it will be this year, a year is a long time and don’t see why it can’t be this year, it’s more hope than anything, but if I think good thoughts hopefully it will be this year. If I have a belief in anything it is the power of positive thinking, I believe if you think negatively then negative things will happen or you only see the negative in something. Whereas if you think positively, positive things will happen or you will be able to see the positive side of something. So think positive transplant thoughts for me, Deal?
So what do you think, achievable? I wonder what others New Years resolutions are? I’m always the nosey parker who asks what people have decided to do as a New Years resolution. I hope you are all having a wonderful New Year either drunk, partying etc. I however will be spending it quietly and New Years day will be spent at work which is less than ideal but someone has to do it and its probably better that its me as I won’t be hung over and I’m unlikely to snap at the costumers, unless they are knobs that is lol.

I've got a good feeling about 2013 it's going to be good one I think, anyone else?



  1. I hope 2013 gives you the gift of life hun xx

  2. Hope the New Year brings everything you wish for Stacie. Stick with your degree, obtaining that will be such an achievement in itself for you and stand you in good stead for after your Transplant. Let's hope for a good New Year xxx

  3. Good luck with your transplant! Have an awesome new year :) x



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