Trials and Tribulations

Heya Blogland, 

Well the reason this Blog is called trials and tribulations will become clear.

If you read my previous post you will know that my Friend and fellow PH sufferer got her call for her heart and lungs. Well it didn’t go exactly to plan.

She had the transplant but they couldn’t get the heart beating they were also battling with a abdominal bleed which they couldn’t get under control because of the warfarin that she was on. The problem with a transplant is there just isn’t enough time to stop taking the warfarin so it’s a risk all us Phers take when we say yes to a transplant knowing we are on the warfarin.

They couldn’t get the bleed under control and had to leave her abdomen open for 12 hours when they had operate suddenly in critical care, but they eventually got the bleed under control but the problem now was trying to get the heart going but it just wasn’t happening. Her sister messaged me and told me that the transplant hadn’t worked and it didn’t look good at all and we all had to hope and pray for a miracle.

Then this morning I got the wonderful news that another match had been found and she was taken to theatre again at 7am. Today was the longest day and most stressful day of my life to date. Normally I’m the one having stuff done to me and I never actually thought what it was like for the people waiting for news and it’s the most awful feeling ever.

I got a phone call from her sister 4:50pm today telling me the most amazing news that she had made it and although she’s having a few kidney problems (apparently normal after major surgery) she is alive and I couldn’t be happier.

She was in my opinion destined to live, too many people need her here and she put up an AMAZING fight. She still has a way to go and everyone will be paying extreme attention in the next week to make sure everything stays on track but I am just so happy that she made it :-)



  1. Hear hear, miracles actually do happen xxx

  2. Such a wonderful thing to hear! x

  3. Amazing :) very happy to hear good news!


  4. So so pleased she got the 2nd chance and hopefully them kids will have mummy home safe well and ph free as soon as possible xx

  5. excellent news stacie, thanks for sharing, so good to read about a miracle!! hopefully it won't be long before we are reading about your own!

  6. This is wonderful news!! I do believe in miracles, that's for sure :)


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