WHSmith Let Loose

Heya Blogland, 

Well I just came home from my Christmas work meal with my fellow WHSmithers and I was seriously thinking about not going before hand because my cold is making me feel like crap but I was like 'No! I've never missed one so far, I'm not going to miss one this year either'. So I made myself look as presentable as possible. My hair was unoriginal but I was in no mood to think up anything and figured I couldn't look any worse, so straight it stayed lol. 

I had a awesome time it was held at the Menzies hotel in Swindon and I think the whole of Swindon highstreet was there because there was alot of other shops having their christmas work meals as well lol.

I got through the meal fine but as soon as people started to dance the room seemed to getter a million times hotter and I was prepared I did take a hand fan but completley forgot about it until about 5 mins before I left, sooo typical LOL. I did my usual bob along at the table type dance because I do not have the energy to do much dancing, but I was happy enough to be taking photos :-).
At only ONE point in the whole evening did I feel like I was going to collapse and that was when I was leaving but Katie and Donna was so lovely and walked with me on the way out and stopped with me when I needed to stop which I appreciated because I always feel like a lemon when I stop by myself, I always have to make it look like I'm doing something but with people no preoccupation needed :-).

I always love seeing people from work outside of work because in work theres always a sense of I'm your boss or I'm superior to you but at the christmas meal that totally goes away and everyone lets loose which I love because although I'm always myself even in work I don't feel like everyone else is and it's so nice to see everyone act themselves :-D

I think I may pay for my little outing though. I'm already feeling absolutley rubbish and expect to feel worse tomorrow/today so a week of gossip girl and bed for me I think this week. 

Here are a few pictures from the party so enjoy :-)

See you soon Blogland


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