Lights, Camera, Action!

Heya Blogland,

Well Today was exciting. My two sisters, my dad and I all did an interview for Daybreak today which was so exciting. We had a camera guy and a really lovely lady from daybreak come down and ask us questions about my life what I’ve been through and life on the list. I was a bit nervous before they arrived but once I got into it I was all good. I’m not entirely sure I chose the right clothes to wear though I’m wearing a jumper in it coz I’m really cold today with or without the heating on and I needed something not to constricting as well because my chest has been feeling really tight for the past few days.

My nephew wasn’t really co-operating with it all bless him. Normally he’s really chatty and happy and the second he saw the camera Mr Moody face appeared lol. But anyway I’ll be heading down to London with Megan and maybe Candy on either the 11th, 12th or 13th to sit on the Daybreak sofa and I’ll see if I’m able to get a link for it off of the people so I can show you guys but for anyone in the UK it should be the 13th but if it changes I'll let you know, and for anyone in the West it's also being used for ITV West News :D A few of my cats may also be making their television debuts :D

Here are some photos to show you guys they aren’t the best quality because they are on my iPhone but they’re still good :)

Lights, Camera, Action
Candy getting interviewed in the garden :-)
Me pretending to be interviewed coz I wanted a photo lol my interview took place on the sofa actually lol :D

See you soon guys


Question time #2

Heya Blogland,

Well again I have been nominated for another Liebster blog award and I’m going to do the same thing I did with Natascha and just answer the questions set for me.  It was Mattie from T I L D A – B E A N who nominated me and thank you very much Mattie and seeing as she took the time to think of the questions I will take the time to answer them.

1. What is the one beauty product and item of clothing you couldn't live without?

My one beauty product I couldn’t live without would be my small tub of Vaseline. My lips are so sensitive to weather change and become very chapped and it can happen in hot weather and cold weather so definitely a must have for me. And my one item of clothing would be my George leggings they are really thick and non see through (a particular pet peeve of mine) and I just love my leggings as they go with anything really :).

2. Are you a cat or dog person?;)

Definitely a cat person what with us having 4 cats :D

3. What are your goals for 2013?

These are my goals for 2013 :):-  New years resolutions Hello 2013

4. What do you do to relax?

To relax I run a very deep bubble bath and although I probably don’t recommend it I read either my kindle :-/or a book and that just chills me right out.

5. What is your favourite feature (of your body)?

I actually have 2 one being my eyes or more specifically my eye colour it’s a very rich deep brown that I love and brown is one of my favourite colours and then there is my hair. Now my hair I have a love hate relationship with I love it in the winter because its so thick and long and feels lovely but in the summer I would gladly take some sheers to it if I wasn’t afraid of looking like a plonker, because when it’s hot my hair just seems to absorb the heat in copious amounts and I feel like I’m going to die from over heating lol.

6. Are you a spender or a saver?

I am a bit of both I have a decent amount of savings but I don’t save so much that I have no money to spend. 

7.  If you could invite any 6 people to a dinner party, who would you choose?

I don’t know whether these can be dead or alive but I’m going to assume they can be either :)
-        John F Kennedy
-        Hitler (to find out why he was insane)
-        Taylor swift (coz I love her)
-        Joseph Morgan (someone from Vampire diaries who I haven’t met yet Grrr)
-        My sister Megan because she would want to meet JoMo too
-        Ummmm and maybe someone like Stephen Fry or Robert Downey JR just coz they seem like they would be interesting.

8. If you had to choose one food and one drink to live on for the rest of your life what would it be? (forget nutrition!)

ICE-CREAMMMMM!!!! And I’m going to be really boring and go with Water just because I don’t find fizzy drinks refreshing a lot of the time and water just makes me feel like I’m hydrating whereas fizzy drinks are more of a sweet fix for me.

9. Something (a personality trait ) that you love in a person and something that drives you mad in a person?

LOVE:- some-one who can laugh at themselves doesn’t take things too seriously.
HATE:- Some-one who has done things better, or for example you have a cold they have the flu. You’ve had a baby oh no they’ve had 3 those type of people do you know what I mean?

10. If you could go on holiday anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

I’ve already answered this question before but I’m going to pick one of the places I want to go and explain why. The place is St Petersburg and I would go with my sister Megan. This is because me and Megan want to go and check out the Palace and we are super intrigued about the revolution and the fall of the Tsars. Also we would love to check out Faberge eggs a life ambition is to own one but that would only happen if I became rich lol.

11. What's you favourite thing about blogging?

Well I’ve only been doing it for about 6 months but what I love is that I feel like if you are writing about something you really feel about you can spread the word. For example I feel like I have managed to reach out to people who may not necessarily have come across PH in their lives or had to encounter or experience someone having to have a transplant in their lives but with my blog I can reach people who may give it a second thought to donate their organs and speak with their relatives about their wishes knowing that it could save up to 9 lives.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

I hope you enjoyed that and I’m sorry I don’t have anything else to write about today but I’m cutting it very fine to a essay deadline and will be pulling an all-nighter for it but thought this was a good idea especially seeing as Mattie took the time to ask me the questions :).

I will definitely be blogging at the end of the week and I have figured out what I’m doing to celebrate my 100 followers (now 104 lol) I will be doing a giveaway I have ordered what I’m going to give away so please look out for that in the next few weeks :-D

Much Love  


Pedal Stacie Pedal...

Hey Blogland,

Well it was Hammersmith day today, and for those not in the know, Hammersmith is the hospital where they deal with my Pulmonary Hypertension. It had to be rebooked for today because of my chest infection a few weeks ago.
So today I had to go by myself and although you may not believe it what with me being 22 but I have never been to one of my Hammersmith appointments alone but today I went solo. All my  family members were working and my dad had just come off of nights so he was really tired so really couldn't come with me so I decided to go by myself be a bit independent. Now this is quite a big thing for me because I suffer a little from anxiety. Not a lot because my routine never differs that much so there’s really no need for it to. But today I was like NO! I’m not going to rebook an appointment just because someone can’t come with me. This wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t have been getting the hospital transport but still a big step I think. It’s all about predictability for me, I need to know that I can get to and from somewhere with no problems, and know that I’m not going to be late. If I’m going to be late for something I would rather just not go at all because I start to panic.

Anyway moving on from that little tangent today was my exercise test (on a bike), Echocardiogram scan, ECG and all the regulars. They did the ECG, bloods, height, weight and BP all fine although my BP was a little low but I put that down to the fact that I was starving lol.

Before I went for my exercise test I had a discussion with Mike, Chantelle and Rachel (my doctors) because I had to tell them that I thought the Iloprost isn’t working, or at least I cant feel it working and if it’s not I don’t want to do it anymore. Because it really is a hassle that invades your life and when I first started it I would do it 7 times a day and was really good with it even though it gave me migraines and really hurt my chest I would do it. Now I have become fed up with it they are lucky if I do it 5 times a day. So we decided that I would do the exercise test today and see whether the Iloprost is actually doing anything because for all we know my heart might be responding to it but I’m just not feeling the effects of it. In which case they would prefer I stay on the Iloprost. Now the next position is the one we generally all think it will be is that it isn’t actually doing anything, in which case I’m causing myself unnecessary pain. If this is the case we have two options available No.1 stop the Iloprost and put me on Flolan which would be put through a direct line into my heart or No.2 take me off of Iloprost and then do nothing. Neither option is very appealing to either me or the doctors. Option 1 is a 50/50 toss up in all our opinions, it could go either way it could work and I could feel so much better but I would have to sacrifice a few things which I love, a lovely bath being no.1 on my list of priorities lol. Or it could go the other way and I could have a stroke, that could result in death, paralysation, or I could be fine we just don’t know which is why that decision is a very hard one for me to make. Then there’s option 2 which is just as unappealing, it would mean we would be actively not treating me, this would mean that they would know that my condition would get worse because we can’t up the dose of my other meds to try and stop its progression but we wouldn’t be adding anything either so it would continue to get worse whether we liked it or not.

So that decision will be very hard for me because I actually have no idea what I would do. Do I decide to take a drug that could help but has a very high risk attached? Or do I actively not do anything and just hope that my call comes in time? It’s 6 of one half a dozen of the other. What to do Hmmmm….

The exercise test went well though, or when I say well I did worse than last time but you know I didn’t die or anything lol. For those that don’t know what happens in a exercise test they basically attach probes to you to monitor heart beat etc. you have a BP cuff on and O2 saturation thing on. They then attached a face mask on making sure it was air tight so that no air was escaping or getting in so they can feed you on oxygen. You ride for as long as you can and then when you’ve reached your limit you get to stop and then they take arterial bloods from your wrist. Arterial provide A LOT more information than a regular blood test would because it’s coming direct from the heart and literally seconds after massive exertion on my body so  there’s a lot of information to get from that type of blood.

After that I went and had my echo which in layman’s terms is a scan of my heart it’s a very detailed one that takes about an hour and half on me because of all the things within my heart but I basically get to dose on a bed for ages lol.

I’ll get the results and stuff for that soon and as soon as I know I’m sure I’ll post about it :P

I had quite and exciting phone call today (not my transplant call lol) which I can’t fully explain just yet but its exciting :D

OOOOOoooooOOOoooo and guys I reached 100 followers!!!!!! How amazing is that?! I may have to do something to celebrate it, I will give it a think.

I am shattered though and I will blog again soon blogland :)


Question time...

Hey Blogland, 

Well I know it has been only a few days since last we met but I have been nominated again for another Liebster blog award. Now I know I have already  done one of these here but I’m going to answer the questions that the lovely Natascha from Letters on a Postcard has set me because they are interesting questions I love to answer questions set me because it allows all of you to get to know me better :). 

So here we go:
  1.  What inspires you to start following a blog?
Well for me to follow a blog I have to be really interested in what the person is blogging about, for me it’s nothing specific that draws me in. I’m not the type of person who will search for a particular blog and I won’t follow a person just because they are blogging and about something particular. I love lots of things from travel, make-up, food, fashion, lifestyle everything. I just like to see people make an effort with their blogs and I like to feel that they are passionate about what they are writing about and not writing about it just because they feel like they have to produce a blog post for the sake of it. I also like for example to see if you’re a beauty blogger I like to see that you’ve taken your own photos about whatever your writing about and gone to that effort rather than going on Google images.
  1. Who is the one person in the world you could not live without?
This a very hard question because there are far to many people I couldn’t live without and I may have to take the fence on it because in my life I have to rely on so many people be it doctors, my parents, my sisters so there are at least 10-15 people in my life I couldn’t live without and even more I wouldn’t want to live without.
  1. What is your go to comfort food?
Go to comfort food has got to be ice-cream preferably one of my own little creations whereby I have Walls vanilla then I add at least 6 crushed up wafer tubes (so not the right name) and 2 flakes (the chocolate things in a 99) and then a tonne of chocolate sauce. I then mix it all up till it looks like a gooey mess and it is the yummiest thing in the entire world!
  1. Are you living the life you want, are you content?
No. I’m in no-way content with my life the way it is. I feel like I have yet to even live my life. I can’t get a job I want because I can’t work long hours, I can’t just decide to take a 4 day vacation if I wanted. My life is not mine yet, it is always on hold and as much as I try to make it as normal as possible it isn’t. My life is in someone else hands at the moment which I’m fine with and I’m content with that but I’m just not content with my life as a whole (hope that makes sense?).
  1. Who is the most inspirational person in your life?
I’m going to say my sisters and it’s not because they’ve done anything particularly inspirational but I aspire for a life like theirs where if I want to move somewhere new I could. If I wasn’t content with my job I could just quit and try and do something better. My eldest sister is the most wonderful mum to my two nephews and I find that inspiring because she’s only 23 but she has the years of someone in her 30’s and she just looks after them so well. Then Megan is particularly inspiring because she had to put up with me in school being a twin we were in the same year and it must have been hard because at times Megan wasn’t Megan she was ‘that ill girls sister’ and to be attached to someone in that way to not be your own person must have been slightly frustrating but she stuck with me bless her.    
  1. Where is your dream vacation?
OH GOD!!! So many places!!! I really can’t choose but as soon as I have my transplant and am allowed abroad I’m going to Auschwitz, please don’t judge me I have such a fascination with World War 2.
  1. What was the highlight of 2012 for you?
This is going to be an obvious one, but being put on the transplant list. It meant the potential for a better life a hard road to choose but one I’m willing to go down rather than live a half life.
  1. Is there a single moment when you have been really proud of yourself, such as a graduation, having a baby, passing your driving test etc.
When I got asked what I wanted to do in regards to my health did I want to try the transplant route or did I want to leave it. I’m proud that I chose the route I did it’s the first moment in my life where I can truly say I decided what was happening in my life and I decided that I would go down fighting if necessary!  
  1. If you could re-live your teenage years, knowing what you know now, would you?
OMG YES! I was literally afraid to do much in my teenage years but I would go back and do so many things I didn’t and tell myself to get a grip! Also I would have gone to 6th form rather than college one of the worst decisions in my life to date :-/
  1. Name one interesting fact about your personality.
I’m a extremely chipper morning person (ask the people I work with it annoys them intensely lol) but I’m also a night owl I stay up till 3-4am most nights and can still be chipper waking up at 6am. Its probably the lack of sleep :P.
  1. If you could do anything in the world right now, no expense spared what would you do?
Buy my sisters and parents and myself a house and make sure we had enough money to keep them running until we died. If you have a nice cosy home and family to go to that’s all I think you need in life :). 

Right there are all the questions and thank you sooo much Natascha for asking them. I really liked those questions because some of them were a bit deep and I feel like with those types of questions your get to know me better.
Hope you enjoyed


NY, movies and snow

Heya Blogland, 

Well I am much better, whoop whoop. My week has been spent recuperating and basically sleeping and watching DVDs. You know me, I won’t let a bout of illness stop me from watching a DVD or 10 lol.

Amazing news my sister came back this week after a short getaway to New York. She is now engaged!!! Soooo chuffed for her it’s been what feels like forever. Her and her Boyfriend/FiancĂ©e have been together for 5 years yes that’s right 5 years. But what I think is great is that they have taken their time and not rushed into it. Can you imagine getting married really quickly and then discovering that, that person irritates you intensely? So yeah it may have taken them 5 years to get engaged but they know they actually like each other and can live with each other and any annoying little habits they have. I cannot wait! I’m the Maid of Honour which I’m really looking forward to, Candice will obviously have to help me because if I’m honest I don’t really have a clue what I have to do lol besides the excitement of getting to choose dresses :). 

Megan and James brought me back, Minnie mouse dressed as the Statue of Liberty how cute! They also brought me back a empire state building as well which I love because I have a few monument ornaments from places family and friends have  been because they know I can't go abroad so they bring me back so it's like I've been there :)
Me and my sister went and saw ‘Les Miserables’ this week and it feels like I’m the only person to be disappointed with it. Everyone everywhere is raving about how amazing it is and Megan and I were pretty bored for at least the first hour of the movie. I think the things that contributed had to be that firstly I do not like a movie where it’s solely singing, I think I was a little naive going in thinking there was going to be at least 5-15mins in-between songs where people wouldn’t be singing but boy was I wrong! Then there’s the fact that Anne Hathaway isn’t my favourite actress and to be honest whenever I watch a movie with her in I feel uncomfortable, it’s just something about her acting I don’t know why. But if you like a movie with solely singing then it’s probably something you’ll enjoy.

Then yesterday happened. The UK has been hit with some snow, I really hate snow! Snow is not something I have ever particularly enjoyed. Every time I go out in it I always end up on my arse. Luckily I haven’t had to step one toe outside since it settled and for that I am thankful. Don’t get me wrong it looks very pretty (when no-one has played/walked/mushed it up) but it’s dangerous and it’s starts to melt then it refreezes and turns into a death trap on the roads. The UK just can’t deal with snow, every year they tell us they are prepared for any and all eventualities but then it comes and the planes stop, the trains stop, cars have no clue how to navigate it and the entire country seems to come to an utter standstill. I couldn’t even get to work today because my sister couldn’t get the car out of where she is, her street is snowed in and I can’t walk in the snow to get to the bus stop. Snow also poses a problem for me in the sense that walking is hard for me anyway but add snow on top and you may as well have an ambulance following me. It makes it ten times harder to walk for me which is less than ideal.   
Apparently it was lol
Figuring out whether it's worth it

My next blog will likely be Thursday/Friday as my exercise test has been rebooked for Thursday that is so long as the snow doesn’t pose any travel issues. 

I would just like to say a big massive hello to all my new followers *waves* I hope you enjoy my blog.

I hope you’ve all had a fab week wherever you are and I will see you next time.


Keep Going

Hey Blogland,

Well it looks like me and my family have come down with that norovirus that is going round, it's not very fun and I can't keep any food down but hopefully it'll be gone soon but just thought I would do a blog post because I don't think I'll be doing one for a little while just until I fully recover. It's just a bit too close to me getting rid of my chest infection but hopefully bed rest and water will sort it all out. My sister is back from New York tomorrow so when I can I'll try and do a blog post on anything she brings back for me :-). 

http://pinterest.com/pin/563161128373704819/ :- A great moto to live by I think even when you feel awful just keep going and you'll see the light eventually :-)

See you soon Blogland


Waiting and Memories

Heya Blogland,

Well this week has been fairly boring, my chest infection is officially gone whoop whoop! This makes me extremely happy and I’m feeling the best that I’ve felt for it has to be at least 2 months. That being said there is a lot to be said for being ill, when I’m ill I’m preoccupied with making myself feel better, I sleep a lot and just generally it can make more of my day go by because I’m generally not awake for a lot of it LOL. This week however has felt like a ‘waiting’ week. 

When I say ‘waiting week’ it’s hard to describe really but when you’re on the list, and I don’t speak for everyone this is just how I feel, there are days/weeks that fly by that you have something to occupy yourself with and you actually can forget for a few moments that you are waiting for a very important phone call. This week however has been what I class as a ‘waiting week’ whereby I haven’t had that much to occupy myself with and I actually am just wishing for that phone call just to give me something to do. This sounds ridiculous even as I type it, why would you want to get your transplant call just so you have something to do? Well I don’t mind when it happens to be honest just so long as I don’t die I’m happy. There’s just days when you wish it would happen more than the days when you’re actually busy lol. Its more likely to be because my parents are now back at work after the festive season and my sister has jetted off to New York with her Boyfriend so I haven’t seen her for several days or spoken to her. Just a bit bored.

Although all that being said I did manage to print off about 6 months worth of photos which amounted to 1300 photos overall which Boots didn’t manage to print off in the right order and this therefore meant my entire day yesterday was spent labelling and dating all these photos and putting them in photo albums. I actually have a slight addiction to photo albums especially Paperchase photo albums and I have a few… okay maybe a lot. I love having photo albums and especially because its memories and I want my family to have as many memories as possible with me if god forbid anything does happen to me.
Spencers aunty album pic from my instragram

I actually am creating these kind of photo album/scrapbooks for my nephews I call them their aunty albums. Hopefully I’ll be here to fill them for many years to come but they are just an album of things with pictures of them with their aunty Stacie that I plan to give to them on their 18th birthday, Jaydons has a lot more in at the moment but that’s to be expected since he’s 2yrs 3months old and Spencer is only 2weeks old. But for example Jaydon gave me and Megan a card that he made, helped by his mummy of course, for Christmas and that has gone in his album and other stuff will go in there like when he first draws me a picture that kind of stuff, and the normal 1st, 2nd, 3rd … birthdays and any events that I feel are important enough to make it in there. I like doing them and if something does happen to me they’ll always have (even if it is an incomplete one) album of them with their aunty Stacie and the things they did with me even if they can’t remember me. People do ask why I have so many photos/photo albums and I just sort of avoid it because it’s a bit morbid to say “Oh well it’s for my family for when I may possibly die”. But there it is and if anyone want to know that is why, but it definitely helps that I have a slight addiction to Paperchase photo albums LOL.

I Hope you all have a fab week and I will blog again soon. :-D


Back into the swing of things...

Heya Blogland,


So 2013 has been okay so far but unfortunately the cold that I have had for about 6 weeks now decided to take a nasty turn and decided to become a chest infection, it was just a irritating cold until I started coughing up serious amount phlegm which hasn’t been pleasant and has meant I haven’t been getting very much sleep at all. I probably would have gone to the doctors several weeks ago but I just really dislike my GP surgery. But I went today and managed to get an emergency appointment, if I hadn’t I would have gone to the walk-in centre but I got lucky. I got assigned the GP I don’t like at all! The last time I saw him he was seriously rude and obnoxious, I think there was A LOT of swearing in my Facebook status that day lol. My dad came with me though because I don’t deal well with confrontation if it were to come down to that, but surprisingly he was really nice and even asked why I hadn’t come in sooner and if it didn’t get any better to make sure to come in as soon as possible. I have a feeling this guy doesn’t relate well to women or the last time we encountered each other he didn’t like the fact that I knew more than he did and this time it was as simple as listening to my chest. Either way it still doesn’t inspire confidence in me towards our GP surgeries. I really do feel for people who have to get past them to get anywhere if they start to feel ill. At least if my GP surgery doesn’t listen to me I have two other hospitals that will, some people have to take what their GP says and run with it.

The chest infection was sooo bad today that I had to cancel my exercise test at Hammersmith I could barely get out of bed so I don’t think an exercise test would have been a great idea.

Another thing which is sooo frustrating is I keep losing things I don’t know if I’m becoming more forgetful or I’m just going mad? I’ve lost my Bus Pass and my watch this week both not easily replaceable because the watch was a Christmas present from 2 years ago and the bus pass would mean applying to council again and that is a tonne of hassle lol. Hopefully they’ll reappear soon otherwise it will seriously bug me lol.    


Well the chest infection stopped me from going to work today :( not ideal, but I spent the entire night mainly awake coughing up some lovely phlegm and what felt like my lungs. 

But in some better news I think my diet is going well, pretty sure I’m only about 5lbs from the maximum weight my doctors want me to be and 12lbs from my target weight :-) ideally I would like to lose another stone and half but I will be happy if I lose those 12lbs :). Even though I’m only a few pounds heavier than the lightest I’ve been in like 7 years I still feel massive which is slightly odd I think, because when I was losing that stone I felt like I was getting thinner and now that I haven’t paid that much attention to my weight for about a month I feel just as big as I was when I weighed 16lbs more which doesn’t seem right? :-/.

Hey ho maybe once I go below that next stone bracket I’ll feel like I’ve lost the weight.


I think my antibiotics may be working a little. My sinus’ seem to be much better I’m still coughing up a tonne of phlegm but last night I managed more sleep than the night before which is great news. Hopefully I will get to see more of my new little nephew this week, which will be awesome I can’t wait for the shops to bring out some of their new baby clothing because at the moment they are in the in-between stage where they are trying to get rid of all their stuff from Christmas and waiting to bring out all their new stuff. I for one will be biding my time though. At the moment he’s okay being in sleep suits all the time but I want to get him a proper little boy outfit.

My day today was spent pretty much watching “Once Upon a Time” and reading a book on my kindle. I’m reading “A Game of Thrones”, it’s surprisingly good. Several people in the past year have suggested to me that I should read it but I unfortunately did the whole ‘judge a book by its cover’ and didn’t think it looked like my type of book, but now that I’m reading it, it really is my type of book I may have to suggest it to my sister :). My only criticism would be that it flip flops from one person to the next which is a tad annoying especially when you’re enjoying reading it from a particular perspective. Other than that though I’m enjoying the story and all the twists it has to offer so I definitely would recommend it to anybody looking for a new book to read :).

My week this week will mainly consist of me catching up on University work that I have neglected over the festive period which now that I look at it seemed like a really good idea at the time , but now that I’m faced with a heap of work really was not lol. Hopefully I will be feeling loads better as the week progresses and therefore will hopefully get lots of work done :D 

I've never been a big fan of January as whole, after Christmas everything just doesn't seem quite so magical does it? All the Christmas decorations come down, you have to go back to work or do work and most are probably just waiting for their next payday as generally most get paid early in December. Then for me the weather just seems dreary, its actually probably no different to December but with January you have no fairy lights to brighten up the room and there just not much to look forward to but I will definitely try and make this one a good one :-D as I said I will making sure I look positively on things from now on. 

I hope everyone’s Januarys are going well and your 2013s have started as well as you intended and I will blog again soon.

                                                                    Much Love 


Introduction of Spencer J.C. Wright

Heya Blogland,  

Well the first post of the year will be to introduce my Beautiful Nephew Mr Spencer J.C. Wright.

He was born on December 31st at 12:34am and weighed 8lbs 8oz.

He is the most adorable baby EVER. He is the spitting image of his older brother Jaydon but there are differences, like his face is rounder, he’s a bit shorter and bit more robust than Jaydon was but I suppose that was to be expected seeing how Jaydon was born 10 days early and Spencer was born 2 days late.

If I am honest I am soooooo surprised that he ended up being a HE lol I was so sure he was a girl just because my sisters pregnancy was so different from her first. But hey ho he’s a boy and that’s what matters it now means I can go out and buy some gender specific outfits. Don’t worry I won’t break my New Years Resolution and sensible amount of money will be spent lol.

My nephew is also a very clever soul he was born in 2012 which I’m really chuffed about I have a thing about odd years I refer even ones I can’t stand that my mum was born in 61 and Candice was born in 89 it drives me insane. But both my nephews did their aunty proud 2010 and 2012 LOVE IT!!!

Here’s a few pics :) 

Little family minus Jaydon because he was with Warrens Parents :)
He did not appreciate being moved LOL
Sleepy time
Hope you had a great start to your new years I know my family did :)