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So 2013 has been okay so far but unfortunately the cold that I have had for about 6 weeks now decided to take a nasty turn and decided to become a chest infection, it was just a irritating cold until I started coughing up serious amount phlegm which hasn’t been pleasant and has meant I haven’t been getting very much sleep at all. I probably would have gone to the doctors several weeks ago but I just really dislike my GP surgery. But I went today and managed to get an emergency appointment, if I hadn’t I would have gone to the walk-in centre but I got lucky. I got assigned the GP I don’t like at all! The last time I saw him he was seriously rude and obnoxious, I think there was A LOT of swearing in my Facebook status that day lol. My dad came with me though because I don’t deal well with confrontation if it were to come down to that, but surprisingly he was really nice and even asked why I hadn’t come in sooner and if it didn’t get any better to make sure to come in as soon as possible. I have a feeling this guy doesn’t relate well to women or the last time we encountered each other he didn’t like the fact that I knew more than he did and this time it was as simple as listening to my chest. Either way it still doesn’t inspire confidence in me towards our GP surgeries. I really do feel for people who have to get past them to get anywhere if they start to feel ill. At least if my GP surgery doesn’t listen to me I have two other hospitals that will, some people have to take what their GP says and run with it.

The chest infection was sooo bad today that I had to cancel my exercise test at Hammersmith I could barely get out of bed so I don’t think an exercise test would have been a great idea.

Another thing which is sooo frustrating is I keep losing things I don’t know if I’m becoming more forgetful or I’m just going mad? I’ve lost my Bus Pass and my watch this week both not easily replaceable because the watch was a Christmas present from 2 years ago and the bus pass would mean applying to council again and that is a tonne of hassle lol. Hopefully they’ll reappear soon otherwise it will seriously bug me lol.    


Well the chest infection stopped me from going to work today :( not ideal, but I spent the entire night mainly awake coughing up some lovely phlegm and what felt like my lungs. 

But in some better news I think my diet is going well, pretty sure I’m only about 5lbs from the maximum weight my doctors want me to be and 12lbs from my target weight :-) ideally I would like to lose another stone and half but I will be happy if I lose those 12lbs :). Even though I’m only a few pounds heavier than the lightest I’ve been in like 7 years I still feel massive which is slightly odd I think, because when I was losing that stone I felt like I was getting thinner and now that I haven’t paid that much attention to my weight for about a month I feel just as big as I was when I weighed 16lbs more which doesn’t seem right? :-/.

Hey ho maybe once I go below that next stone bracket I’ll feel like I’ve lost the weight.


I think my antibiotics may be working a little. My sinus’ seem to be much better I’m still coughing up a tonne of phlegm but last night I managed more sleep than the night before which is great news. Hopefully I will get to see more of my new little nephew this week, which will be awesome I can’t wait for the shops to bring out some of their new baby clothing because at the moment they are in the in-between stage where they are trying to get rid of all their stuff from Christmas and waiting to bring out all their new stuff. I for one will be biding my time though. At the moment he’s okay being in sleep suits all the time but I want to get him a proper little boy outfit.

My day today was spent pretty much watching “Once Upon a Time” and reading a book on my kindle. I’m reading “A Game of Thrones”, it’s surprisingly good. Several people in the past year have suggested to me that I should read it but I unfortunately did the whole ‘judge a book by its cover’ and didn’t think it looked like my type of book, but now that I’m reading it, it really is my type of book I may have to suggest it to my sister :). My only criticism would be that it flip flops from one person to the next which is a tad annoying especially when you’re enjoying reading it from a particular perspective. Other than that though I’m enjoying the story and all the twists it has to offer so I definitely would recommend it to anybody looking for a new book to read :).

My week this week will mainly consist of me catching up on University work that I have neglected over the festive period which now that I look at it seemed like a really good idea at the time , but now that I’m faced with a heap of work really was not lol. Hopefully I will be feeling loads better as the week progresses and therefore will hopefully get lots of work done :D 

I've never been a big fan of January as whole, after Christmas everything just doesn't seem quite so magical does it? All the Christmas decorations come down, you have to go back to work or do work and most are probably just waiting for their next payday as generally most get paid early in December. Then for me the weather just seems dreary, its actually probably no different to December but with January you have no fairy lights to brighten up the room and there just not much to look forward to but I will definitely try and make this one a good one :-D as I said I will making sure I look positively on things from now on. 

I hope everyone’s Januarys are going well and your 2013s have started as well as you intended and I will blog again soon.

                                                                    Much Love 


  1. I agree with the whole Dr thing. Completely hit and miss. Mine in Bassett was a horrible man, very condescending, made me feel really stupid for being worried about something.

    Glad you got it sorted and are feeling better though!

  2. I hope you start to feel much better soon. Put fairy lights up all year round :-) I am sat with mine twinkling now, it just makes everything seem a lot more twinkly. But January will be over before you know it!




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