Introduction of Spencer J.C. Wright

Heya Blogland,  

Well the first post of the year will be to introduce my Beautiful Nephew Mr Spencer J.C. Wright.

He was born on December 31st at 12:34am and weighed 8lbs 8oz.

He is the most adorable baby EVER. He is the spitting image of his older brother Jaydon but there are differences, like his face is rounder, he’s a bit shorter and bit more robust than Jaydon was but I suppose that was to be expected seeing how Jaydon was born 10 days early and Spencer was born 2 days late.

If I am honest I am soooooo surprised that he ended up being a HE lol I was so sure he was a girl just because my sisters pregnancy was so different from her first. But hey ho he’s a boy and that’s what matters it now means I can go out and buy some gender specific outfits. Don’t worry I won’t break my New Years Resolution and sensible amount of money will be spent lol.

My nephew is also a very clever soul he was born in 2012 which I’m really chuffed about I have a thing about odd years I refer even ones I can’t stand that my mum was born in 61 and Candice was born in 89 it drives me insane. But both my nephews did their aunty proud 2010 and 2012 LOVE IT!!!

Here’s a few pics :) 

Little family minus Jaydon because he was with Warrens Parents :)
He did not appreciate being moved LOL
Sleepy time
Hope you had a great start to your new years I know my family did :)


  1. congratulations from Los Angeles! He is just beautiful :)

  2. Hey, I’m loving your blog! Great post :)
    Your blog is very inspiring and I will definately be putting your button on my page.

    Come check me out – elliebeaa.blogspot.com
    Love, Ellie x

    1. Hey Ellie I have only just seen your post and I'm so sorry for that. Thank you very much I will make sure to check out your blog too :-)


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