Keep Going

Hey Blogland,

Well it looks like me and my family have come down with that norovirus that is going round, it's not very fun and I can't keep any food down but hopefully it'll be gone soon but just thought I would do a blog post because I don't think I'll be doing one for a little while just until I fully recover. It's just a bit too close to me getting rid of my chest infection but hopefully bed rest and water will sort it all out. My sister is back from New York tomorrow so when I can I'll try and do a blog post on anything she brings back for me :-). 

http://pinterest.com/pin/563161128373704819/ :- A great moto to live by I think even when you feel awful just keep going and you'll see the light eventually :-)

See you soon Blogland


  1. I love this, makes me smile!



  2. I love the photo I thing your blog is so sweaty so I am now your new follower.

  3. Feel better soon!

    Lori from California

  4. Get well soon!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. Your cat in your picture looks really cute and like you I have a bit of a WW2 obsession, but I like the styles the thriftyness and the home front element of it all - I love a good WW2 spy drama too :) I recently watched "Restless" and now want to read the book, and I have a secret obession with Foyle's War!

    Jenni x



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