Waiting and Memories

Heya Blogland,

Well this week has been fairly boring, my chest infection is officially gone whoop whoop! This makes me extremely happy and I’m feeling the best that I’ve felt for it has to be at least 2 months. That being said there is a lot to be said for being ill, when I’m ill I’m preoccupied with making myself feel better, I sleep a lot and just generally it can make more of my day go by because I’m generally not awake for a lot of it LOL. This week however has felt like a ‘waiting’ week. 

When I say ‘waiting week’ it’s hard to describe really but when you’re on the list, and I don’t speak for everyone this is just how I feel, there are days/weeks that fly by that you have something to occupy yourself with and you actually can forget for a few moments that you are waiting for a very important phone call. This week however has been what I class as a ‘waiting week’ whereby I haven’t had that much to occupy myself with and I actually am just wishing for that phone call just to give me something to do. This sounds ridiculous even as I type it, why would you want to get your transplant call just so you have something to do? Well I don’t mind when it happens to be honest just so long as I don’t die I’m happy. There’s just days when you wish it would happen more than the days when you’re actually busy lol. Its more likely to be because my parents are now back at work after the festive season and my sister has jetted off to New York with her Boyfriend so I haven’t seen her for several days or spoken to her. Just a bit bored.

Although all that being said I did manage to print off about 6 months worth of photos which amounted to 1300 photos overall which Boots didn’t manage to print off in the right order and this therefore meant my entire day yesterday was spent labelling and dating all these photos and putting them in photo albums. I actually have a slight addiction to photo albums especially Paperchase photo albums and I have a few… okay maybe a lot. I love having photo albums and especially because its memories and I want my family to have as many memories as possible with me if god forbid anything does happen to me.
Spencers aunty album pic from my instragram

I actually am creating these kind of photo album/scrapbooks for my nephews I call them their aunty albums. Hopefully I’ll be here to fill them for many years to come but they are just an album of things with pictures of them with their aunty Stacie that I plan to give to them on their 18th birthday, Jaydons has a lot more in at the moment but that’s to be expected since he’s 2yrs 3months old and Spencer is only 2weeks old. But for example Jaydon gave me and Megan a card that he made, helped by his mummy of course, for Christmas and that has gone in his album and other stuff will go in there like when he first draws me a picture that kind of stuff, and the normal 1st, 2nd, 3rd … birthdays and any events that I feel are important enough to make it in there. I like doing them and if something does happen to me they’ll always have (even if it is an incomplete one) album of them with their aunty Stacie and the things they did with me even if they can’t remember me. People do ask why I have so many photos/photo albums and I just sort of avoid it because it’s a bit morbid to say “Oh well it’s for my family for when I may possibly die”. But there it is and if anyone want to know that is why, but it definitely helps that I have a slight addiction to Paperchase photo albums LOL.

I Hope you all have a fab week and I will blog again soon. :-D

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