Hey Blogland, 
Right before I start this post on my skincare routine I just want to say that my skin is far from perfect, I get spots and I also suffer a little from hyperpigmentation which is when spots leave a mark on your face. Also because of the some of the medication I take I also have very red skin I just use foundation whenever I'm in public so people never know this about me :). Then theres the fact that I'm not a dermatologist, this routine is what works for me and since quite a few of you guys asked me to do a skincare post so, here we are :)
No.7 Cleansing Lotion, Visibly Clear pink grapefruit daily scrub, extra large cotton wool pads, Biore deep cleansing strips, Sudocrem, Simple kind to skin cleansing facial wipes.
No.7 Protect and Perfect Day and Night cream & Origins super spot remover.
So my skincare routine never really differs unless I come across something that I fall in love with. When I was younger I was pretty useless when it came to a skincare routine, just a facial wipe and that was it. Nowadays i'm pretty strict with making sure I do my daily scrub, cleanse all that stuff.
So here we go:
- I pretty much just whack on some of my No.7 Protect and Perfect Day cream in the morning because most of my skincare routine happens at night.
- When I get home, or if I've been out I will wipe off any make-up intially with a
Simple kind to skin cleansing facial wipe, which just makes me feel better before properly cleaning my face.
- Then I scrub my face with my Visibly Clear pink grapefruit daily scrub, which smells amazing and lasts ages. Afterwards my face feels clean and just loads better.
- Then after that I will use my No.7 Cleanising Lotion, I rub this in everywhere making sure to tackle my eyes to make sure any mascara left on there gets removed, then I will wip it off with one of the large cotton wool pads and that really shows that a facial wipe and even a daily scrub doesn't get everything off your face.
- Then I will apply the night cream.
- Once a week I will use a Deep Cleanising pore strip which really does grab any ingrained dirt off of my nose and I also get a strange satisfaction about seeing it on the strip when I take it off, does that make me weird? lol

Depending on spots:
- If I have a little spot appearing I will apply just the tiniest of dabs of sudocrem, it seems to work I don't know why LOL
- If I have one of those spots that you just know is going to be quite big, you know the ones, I will use my Origins super spot remover this you just dab a little bit onto the area and it tingles a little but that to me is the feeling that it's doing its job :). It's not cheap but I think it's worth it and it last ages because it's not something that you use everyday.

There you go guys, hope you enjoy. Like I said before I'm not a skin expert or anything like that this is just the routine that workd for me and seems to doa good job. I also have quite sensitive skin so if you are looking for items that are good for sensitive skin then I can certianly recommend the above items as they don't irritate my skin which reacts very easily if it doesn't like something.

Talk to you guys soon :D
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Heya Blogland.
Well the past week/2 weeks has been a bit crazy hectic and I hadn’t really let myself have a chance to sort of sit down and assess how I was feeling. Now this might sound a bit strange but generally if I do something exciting then my mind overrides my body and I just let excitement reign!

Unfortunately the past few days I’ve had a chance to sort of sit down and get back to normal but now I'm feeling not bad per say just odd. I’m out of breath pretty much all of the time no matter whether I sitting down, talking, walking whatever and it feels like my lungs are too big for my ribs. Now its not the first time I’ve had this feeling, its actually pretty normal but usually if I’ve been walking or some form of exercise will induce this feeling. So I’m hoping it just needs a bit of rest and a lot of good old oxygen to go away. It’s pretty debilitating though because even standing up for a little bit of time can make it worse so I’m pretty much chained to my bed, or the sofa at the moment until hopefully it passes.

I have rung my doctors for those that are saying “well shouldn’t you go to the doctors?” Just an FYI if I did that for everything that happened to me I would be in the hospital all of the time, I know what my limits are and I know when something is serious, I’m lucky in the sense that growing up being terminally ill, I know when something is bad and when something is verging on bad but still okay enough that a doctor isn’t needed. I rang my doctors because it s strange to feel this uncomfortable all of the time without even minimal exertion. They are sending me out an appointment as soon as possible (so probably for early March time) so I can go in and we can discuss a treatment plan. At this point in time it’s not really about preventing my condition getting worse, although they will certainly try to do that if possible, it’s about keeping me stable and generally well enough for when my transplant comes and that also means trying to find ways of making me comfortable too. So we are going to try and find something that will hopefully stop the uncomfortable feeling in my chest because at the moment that’s the worst thing for me because it’s with me all the time. I can deal with getting out of breath walking and all that stuff because I can just stop doing whatever it is that makes that happen but when its there constantly, there’s nothing I can physically do to stop it. So we’ll see how that goes and hopefully we’ll come up with a solution.

I do however have an awful sinking feeling that the doctors are going to want to put me on the Flolan and I know I've been saying that for a while but I didn’t realise how high the pressures in my lungs were till I got the letter today from my PH consultants.

Now to put this in perspective for you guys a normal pulmonary pressure is between 9-18mmHg (don’t ask me what the mmHg is I have no clue lol)

You are considered to have high Pulmonary pressures at 25mmHg and that is a point where they may investigate if you have any issues going on.

Now my pulmonary pressures are 177mmHg which is A LOT.

That is what is going on inside my chest and that pressure is not only on my lungs but on my heart too and it’s having to work overtime with all this pressure that its under and this dramatic increase probably explains a lot as to why I’ve been feeling pretty rubbish for the past few months. And this is why I think they might put me on the Flolan. I mean we are all obviously going to have to weigh up the risks and see if it’s worth it, they are going to have to get a hell of a lot more statistics about the death statistic in congenital heart disease patients before I agree to do anything.

I think some of my doctors think I’m worried about the whole having a line in my neck and having to carry around a pump and all that stuff and while yes this is something anyone having to go through it would understandably think about, but it isn’t the thing I’m worried about the most. The very high risk of death is what I’m worried about and unless they can convince me otherwise I’m not sure I could do it.

I know this is going to sound stupid but in my mind if I’m going to die the thing I’ll die from is
#1 Transplant gone wrong
#2 Ultimate deterioration of PH 
#3 Getting transplant and the eventual rejection of my organs preferably in a good 30-40 years time. 
Seem reasonable? Not some stupid Blood clot from some stupid medication that I don’t even want to be on in the first place. I HAVE NOT been taking blood thinners for the past 11 years for that to be the thing that kills me. SERIOUSLY!   
Hopefully the doctors will figure it out; you know the problem with being an adult is you have to make all the big decisions about your life. My parents used to be the ones doing that and they did a pretty awesome job at it, I mean I’m still here right? And I can ask their advice and see what they think I should do but ultimately it’s me that makes the final decision now. I just hope I don’t screw it up.

Righty Ho guys I’m off to bed but if you haven’t yet go check out my giveaway it still has 2 and half days left to go on it and check out my attempt at a haul and let me know how you like them done or if think my attempt was okay.  
 See ya guys. ^-^


Bits and Bobs Haul

Heya Blogland,

So here is my "bits and bobs haul" if you don't like me doing them this way please let me know, if you do then also let me know :).

Hope you enjoy :)


100 follower giveaway (Now 130 lol)

Hey blogland, 

Well I thought considering I managed to reach 100 followers a few weeks ago I would do a 100 follower giveaway to thank you guys because that seriously is way more people than I ever expected to follow my blog.

Now please bear in mind I am not rich so what I decided to do was choose MY favourite MAC lipstick, that I love the most and I just thought it would be a bit more personal that way. The Lipstick I chose was the MAC Sheen Supreme in the colour 'New Temptation' and it really is my favourite its a really wearable red and doesn't dry out your lips and it seems to have a glossy texture to it which I really like. 

This is my one (ovbiously used) but I just wanted to show you the colour and what you would be getting and you'll ovbiously get a brand spanking new one :)
Whoever wins will get it gift wrapped I LOVE MAC gift wrapping. It's in a massive box don't ask me why but it looks a bit more impressive LOL
You will also get a sweet tree from Sam's Sweet Trees Swindon
You will also get a sweet tree which was donated by a good friend Sam who makes all different varieties and they are REALLY good! You can find her here at Sam's Sweet Trees Swindon we have used her on different ocassions for parties and things and both adults and kids alike love them and I definitley think you guys will too :D

Now this giveaway is open to anyone in the world so whoever you are, where ever you are, you can enter. There are two compulsory elements to the giveaway, you must be a follower of my blog by pressing the "join this site" button just to the right and just above all my other followers and you must comment below providing me with the details of how you would like to be contacted should you win. Otherwise how will I let you know? lol Then there are other ways you can enter if you wish to have more entries.
Good Luck everyone and I hope you like it :D
If you haven't got back to me within 48hours I will redraw a winner.

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Heya Blogland


But thought I should do a post on my day at Daybreak before I did my MAC Lipstick giveaway.
So yesterday and today was sooo much fun! Me and my two sisters caught the 6:00pm train to London which was quite nice because I do love a train journey every now and then. I don’t think I could do it everyday like the people who commute to and from London that would just drain every last ounce of me.

We got to the hotel around 8pm where we proceeded to tuck into dinner because we were all absolutely starving we had minted Lamb Shank which was gorgeous seriously YUM! And then we stayed up for like another 4 hours talking about what Megan could potentially have for a wedding, Bridesmaid dresses, centre pieces all that jazz.

We went to bed but let me tell you now my body wasn’t having any of it! So I tried and tried to get to sleep it hit 3am and I gave up so got up and started getting ready. And it took around 2 hours but that was really sluggish me lol.

We got to the studio at around 6:15 where, we pulled up to McFly, I may have had a fan girl moment, but all girls are entitled to one :P We made our way in where we were taken to the green room, then whizzed off to make-up. Let me just say my face got plastered!

After we were both make-up and TV ready we made our way to the studio where we got miked up and got to sit on the Lorraine sofa to watch Aled and Lorraine do the news and all that stuff and then we go to watch McFly rehearse. It was really funny because you could tell they were trying to figure out who we were and whether they should actually know us. Then we made it onto th actual sofa where they did there interview. I actually can’t remember it to be honest I watch it back but I don’t remember the questions or answering them, just being on the sofa LOL.

After Megan and Candice asked if we could get photos which we did. They were all SO lovely and the McFly boys wanted to have a longer chat but obviously we had to get off of the set lol but we got to go back and watch their real performance which was awesome!

We went and checked out the London eye and all that stuff before we left but we got back quite early at 12:30 and it really does not feel like I was on TV at all LOL.

But here is the link to my interview and if you’re abroad and can’t see it let me know and I’ll see what I can do:

Here's the "From the Heart" page too :) http://www.itv.com/fromtheheart/

I'm still trying to find a link from my ITV WEST News bit but I did record it on my phone so you can have a look at that instead while I find one :) I FOUND IT!!! http://www.itv.com/news/westcountry/update/2013-02-14/from-the-heart-campaign-how-transplants-can-transform-young-peoples-lives/

And guys if even after all the “From the heart” stuff this week on TV you still haven’t signed up, then why not? If you are willing to accept an organ you SHOULD be an organ donor and be on the register. If you’re on the list but haven’t talked to your family then PLEASE PLEASE do. If they don’t know what you want they can decide for you and do you really want your parents or next of kin making that decision for you. 

Just click on the right where it says become a donor and you’ll be golden!!

Here's the video with photos and the two interview things for anyone who can't access the link and I recorded my ITV West News one on my phone too but please bear in mind I'm not aa video maker nor do I ever intend to be I just wanted to make sure you guys could see them wherever you are in the world. 


Enjoy Guys and have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!



Heya Blogland, 

Well Wednesday is looming and I really can’t help but feel VERY nervous. I’m more than happy to do it and I’m also excited about it but there’s part of me that is wondering:-

Will I look like a whale on the TV?

Will they sit me next to some-one extremely slim and then I’ll definitely look like a whale?

Will people actually like me?

Will I say something stupid and make a total prat out of myself?

All these lovely things are running through my mind. Now normally I’m a fairly confident person. I can talk to anyone. I get on with pretty much everybody but there are just doubts running through my mind because to some people I can come across pretty chipper and I know that annoys some people especially when some people think that being as ill as I am I should be depressed as hell and drowning in my own misery, and some days I don’t feel chipper and I do just want to bury my head under the duvet and shut the world out. But when I’m with people it naturally brings the chipper in me out and I just hope that doesn’t irritate people.

Then there’s the idea that I may say something entirely wrong and just make and absolute tit out of myself. I kind of wish I knew what their questions are going to be just so I could be a little prepared. Then there’s my appearance I’m just like any other girl and have so many insecurities about my body; my hips are huge, my face is  fat, my teeth are wonky, I’m breaking out from stress (hopefully this will disappear lol) and I have a very odd voice all things that are also on constant rotation in my mind. The problem is these aren’t things I can do anything about; I can’t fix my hips no matter how much weight I were to lose, the same goes for my face, my teeth will always be wonky (braces are not an option).

I’m just hoping when I get there I’ll meet people and get more comfortable and forget that I’m being filmed and it’ll be just like any other conversation I have with someone who asks about my situation, then I can just be myself and hopefully it won’t annoy people. :-/

Even though I’m very nervous I’m still really looking forward to going to London with both my sisters it should be fun!

I just thought I would air my worries and hopefully that will make me less worried, if that makes sense? LOL

Write soon Blogland  


Weight Watchers

Hey Blogland, 

Well here's my Weight Watchers post.

I went to Weight Watchers today and it wasn't as bad as originally anticipated. I had ovbiously put on a few pounds but nothing disasterous I still weigh a stone less than what I did this time last year so thats great. What was awesome is that I decided to start over from the begininng so a clean slate. I feel like that will be better for me in the long run.

Weight Watchers have brought out a new look which I'm really loving. Their membership folders are soooo much more practical than their last ones and their guides seem alot more user friendly in my eyes. 
Top:- My membership folder. Bottom: the shopping, eat out & exercise guides & a journal.
So Above is a picture of some of the things I got today from my meeting the standard membership folder is given to anyone who is about to start their Weight Watcher journey. 
In it we have the:

- Personal Record card which is where each week your current weight will be recorded and they work out how much you have lost. In your first meeting they work out how many PROPOINTS you can have a day, mine are 28 points. This is worked out based on your height and weight, the more you weigh the more points you get and as you get smaller so do your points. They also work out your 5% weight goal I have to lose 8lbs to reach my 5%. Once you reach it you get a little sticker and if you're anything like me, getting a little sticker just fills me with glee at having acheived it :-). They also work out your 10% and then your ultimate goal weight that you want to get to.

- Your guide to getting started This gives you loads of little tips on what you can do to improve different aspects of you life that will really help you in the beginning of your Weight Watchers journey. So like a cupboard makeover  by swapping your (maybe) large eggs for medium eggs going from 3 PROPOINTS to 2 PROPOINTS as easy as that and you probably wouldn't even notice the difference. 

- A handy pocket guide to finding PROPOINTS values. This is a really 'handy' guide that gives you the everyday food list and how many points they are worth so really easy to just whip out. 

- Track your food, drink and activity. This is basically your first tracker where you can either plan your meals so you know exactly what it is you'll be eating on a certain day, or you can note down what you are eating as you go so you can keep an eye on how many PROPOINTS you may have left.

Everybody also gets an extra 49 PROPOINTS a week. These can be used or not used whatever your preference. I don't tend to use them because if I do I tend to find I don't lose any weight that particular week. I think those 49 PROPOINTS are there so you don't put on weight it keeps you stable. So if you have a special occassion coming up then you can be like "Well I'll use the 49 points on my birthday meal" that kind of thing, so you can splurge every so often and don't feel like you're missing out. 

Then below the membership folder we have eat out guides with pretty much every take-away chain imaginable in them so if you are splurging you can TRULY find out how many points you are eating rather than guessing. The same goes for the shopping guide, if you happen to come across something you're not familar with and don't happen to have your PROPOINTS calculator on you you can look it up easy peasy. 

Then theres you standard you need to move more if you really want to lose lots of weight. Yes! The usual drival.

But my favourite thing is the Journal. This is basically an advanced Tracker but better! You get to put a before picture in it, an after picture, there are graphs to track your weight loss (I'm partial to a graph it's really shows the weight loss) and it has little motivational sayings going through it which I LOVE!

A few of my favourites
So above there's just a few things I like to have when I'm on Weight Watchers:- 

- The Fruit Bears (gummy bears to you and me). There's 2 PROPOINTS per bag and they really are juicy and fruity and give me sweet fix when I'm craving. I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth in the world. I'm not lying! 
- Then there's the Blackberry Drops these are 1 PROPOINT in the whole box and there's quite a few in a box. These take abit more chewwing and that is actually great for me because it means they last longer and I'm not tempted to eat something else.

- Next we have my Rich Toffee Bars, now I'm partial to a snickers on occassion, seriously I love them! But my rich toffee bar here only has 2 PROPOINTS whereas a snickers has 8 PROPOINTS. You do the math...

- Finally we have my Caramel Snack a Jack rice cakes. Now I know these aren't Weight Watcher branded but these are only 1 PROPOINT per rice cake and they are super yummy! This is coming from a girl who hates normal, bland, plain rice cakes. That Caramel really is just the best thing ever and totally worth 1 PROPOINT and if I have a few it tends to fill a hole for minimal damage :D.

Right guys so thats it on my weight watchers post. Every week no matter what day it is I post I will let you know how much I have lost (or put on) that week be it good or bad I will tell you. Hopefully that will keep me motivated to keep going as well. 

Post again soon blogland and wish me luck!

Heart month

Heya Blogland

Well it’s February! I’m going to be one of those annoying people that say where is this year going already? But seriously January went really fast!

For those that don’t know February is national heart month and considering I’m in need of a new one I will also be taking part in ITV’s from the heart campaign as well which I’m really excited for. I don’t want it to sound depressing but when you’re waiting sometimes that’s all you feel like you are doing, waiting. So being able to take part in such an awesome campaign is lifting my spirits, especially because it seems like I’m getting another chest infection which is slightly irritating lol.

As far as I am aware my Daybreak appearance is still taking place on the 13th but like I said as soon as I know I’ll let you know.

Right now the preliminaries are over with. Have you guys noticed my new Header? ^^^^^^^^^^ Up there? Well if you hadn’t, now you have. Isn’t it awesome?! Seriously I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. Gia from Lovely Serendipity did it for me and she really is amazingly talented and I can’t thank her enough!

In case any of you were wondering I will be hosting my MAC Lipstick giveaway next week and I’m very excited about it so I hope you’re looking forward to it.    

Something I would love to recommend to you guys is a programme and if this was a favourites post it would my favourite programme of 2013 so far. It’s “The Carrie Diaries” the premise of the show is it follows Carrie Bradshaw throughout her teen years in the 80’s before the city. It’s about her infatuation with the city and I presume it leads to why she ends up in the city and how Carrie becomes Carrie. It really is good even if you haven’t seen Sex in the City. I’ve been really enjoying it so thought I would share that with you. 

Well if you're a regualar reader you will know I've been trying to lose weight for quite some time. Well in January I decided to stop going to weight watchers, you know to save some money, but as it would seem I just cannot do it by myself so as of today I'm going back to weight watchers I'm hoping it's not too bad and the damage is easily fixable, but you know I'll cope no matter which way it goes. I would be fine if I could exercise because I'm not that much overweight and if I could exercise then I could just exercise the extra few pounds off but alas that cannot be. I will try and do a blog post on it soon :). 

Talk soon guys