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But thought I should do a post on my day at Daybreak before I did my MAC Lipstick giveaway.
So yesterday and today was sooo much fun! Me and my two sisters caught the 6:00pm train to London which was quite nice because I do love a train journey every now and then. I don’t think I could do it everyday like the people who commute to and from London that would just drain every last ounce of me.

We got to the hotel around 8pm where we proceeded to tuck into dinner because we were all absolutely starving we had minted Lamb Shank which was gorgeous seriously YUM! And then we stayed up for like another 4 hours talking about what Megan could potentially have for a wedding, Bridesmaid dresses, centre pieces all that jazz.

We went to bed but let me tell you now my body wasn’t having any of it! So I tried and tried to get to sleep it hit 3am and I gave up so got up and started getting ready. And it took around 2 hours but that was really sluggish me lol.

We got to the studio at around 6:15 where, we pulled up to McFly, I may have had a fan girl moment, but all girls are entitled to one :P We made our way in where we were taken to the green room, then whizzed off to make-up. Let me just say my face got plastered!

After we were both make-up and TV ready we made our way to the studio where we got miked up and got to sit on the Lorraine sofa to watch Aled and Lorraine do the news and all that stuff and then we go to watch McFly rehearse. It was really funny because you could tell they were trying to figure out who we were and whether they should actually know us. Then we made it onto th actual sofa where they did there interview. I actually can’t remember it to be honest I watch it back but I don’t remember the questions or answering them, just being on the sofa LOL.

After Megan and Candice asked if we could get photos which we did. They were all SO lovely and the McFly boys wanted to have a longer chat but obviously we had to get off of the set lol but we got to go back and watch their real performance which was awesome!

We went and checked out the London eye and all that stuff before we left but we got back quite early at 12:30 and it really does not feel like I was on TV at all LOL.

But here is the link to my interview and if you’re abroad and can’t see it let me know and I’ll see what I can do:

Here's the "From the Heart" page too :) http://www.itv.com/fromtheheart/

I'm still trying to find a link from my ITV WEST News bit but I did record it on my phone so you can have a look at that instead while I find one :) I FOUND IT!!! http://www.itv.com/news/westcountry/update/2013-02-14/from-the-heart-campaign-how-transplants-can-transform-young-peoples-lives/

And guys if even after all the “From the heart” stuff this week on TV you still haven’t signed up, then why not? If you are willing to accept an organ you SHOULD be an organ donor and be on the register. If you’re on the list but haven’t talked to your family then PLEASE PLEASE do. If they don’t know what you want they can decide for you and do you really want your parents or next of kin making that decision for you. 

Just click on the right where it says become a donor and you’ll be golden!!

Here's the video with photos and the two interview things for anyone who can't access the link and I recorded my ITV West News one on my phone too but please bear in mind I'm not aa video maker nor do I ever intend to be I just wanted to make sure you guys could see them wherever you are in the world. 


Enjoy Guys and have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


  1. Well done ! And oh my gosh you got to meet McFly! Ahhh!! *Fangirls for you*

  2. I would have had a fan moment meeting Aled Jones hahaha. I'm probably a bit too old to be phased by McFly lol although I do like them

  3. Wow, well done you, you looked great too :o). I am and have been for as long as I can remember, on the organ donor list xx


  4. You are a real star!! looks like you had a good day and have helped loads more people sign up to the donor register.Now you just need that phone to ring,I am keeping my fingers crossed it will be soon:)

  5. Just managed to watch. You both did really well. xx

  6. I've just managed to watch this. You both done really well. xx

  7. Unfortunately I could only watch the short From The Heart Video but it was great and you did a fantastic job! Such a great campaign too! I'm sure you are getting tons of people to sign up. I went through watching all the From the Heart videos and have to admit I shed more then a few tears. Fingers crossed that you get your call soon!

  8. PS Sounds like a great time filming, hope you had tons of fun!


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