Heya Blogland, 

Well Wednesday is looming and I really can’t help but feel VERY nervous. I’m more than happy to do it and I’m also excited about it but there’s part of me that is wondering:-

Will I look like a whale on the TV?

Will they sit me next to some-one extremely slim and then I’ll definitely look like a whale?

Will people actually like me?

Will I say something stupid and make a total prat out of myself?

All these lovely things are running through my mind. Now normally I’m a fairly confident person. I can talk to anyone. I get on with pretty much everybody but there are just doubts running through my mind because to some people I can come across pretty chipper and I know that annoys some people especially when some people think that being as ill as I am I should be depressed as hell and drowning in my own misery, and some days I don’t feel chipper and I do just want to bury my head under the duvet and shut the world out. But when I’m with people it naturally brings the chipper in me out and I just hope that doesn’t irritate people.

Then there’s the idea that I may say something entirely wrong and just make and absolute tit out of myself. I kind of wish I knew what their questions are going to be just so I could be a little prepared. Then there’s my appearance I’m just like any other girl and have so many insecurities about my body; my hips are huge, my face is  fat, my teeth are wonky, I’m breaking out from stress (hopefully this will disappear lol) and I have a very odd voice all things that are also on constant rotation in my mind. The problem is these aren’t things I can do anything about; I can’t fix my hips no matter how much weight I were to lose, the same goes for my face, my teeth will always be wonky (braces are not an option).

I’m just hoping when I get there I’ll meet people and get more comfortable and forget that I’m being filmed and it’ll be just like any other conversation I have with someone who asks about my situation, then I can just be myself and hopefully it won’t annoy people. :-/

Even though I’m very nervous I’m still really looking forward to going to London with both my sisters it should be fun!

I just thought I would air my worries and hopefully that will make me less worried, if that makes sense? LOL

Write soon Blogland  


  1. Stacie, I can understand you being nervous, but I do think you will be great. Remember you will have your two lovely sisters to step in and help you along if you falter and the people interviewing you will help you too. We think you are lovely just as you are and of course people will like you, if not love you! Best to be chipper than miserable too! So go for it girl, get one of those grgeous dresses you have on!

    1. Thank-you Kath. I'm sure it will all be fine, it't just the worrier in me I overthink things alot but generally once I get in the swing of things I feel more comfortable :). I was soooo nervous at the PH weekend but was fine once I got into that :D. I may go shopping tomorrow and see if I can find something new to wear, but if not I'm sure my wardrobe has something nice in it :D xoxo

  2. Good luck I am sure you will be fabulous!! <3

  3. I will be watching! You'll do amazing x

  4. Hi Stacie, I'm a new follower.

    I think its amazing that you're doing this. These are all natural concerns but once you are there and the excitement takes over, I am sure you will be fine. And they will be used to dealing with people who don't usually make TV appearances and are nervous so they will have ways of helping you to relax.

    Good luck with it, I will certainly be tuning in :)


    1. Hi Hayley! Thank you so much for following that's so lovely of you!

      Thank you as well for you support, hopefully all will be fine and it's just pre-nerves I'll probably be to busy calming my sister down on the day to worry myself so I think I just need to stop thinking about it :)

      Stacie xoxo

  5. You will be fine I am sure:)
    One thing to remember is that people very seldom take time out of their life to think about what organ donation means to the person waiting, you are in the position to help them understand what that is like.You will not say anything wrong if you tell people how you feel.
    Enjoy your day with your sisters and I wish you all the best :)

  6. I'm sure you will be wonderful :) Your sunshine personality will shine through for all to see! Please let me know if I can view it online, since I'm in California!

    Good luck!


  7. You were in the year below me at school and I've seen your daybreak clip as it was shared by a friend I though I would hunt out your blog to tell you that you were fabulous! and you looked totally gorgeous- I know we all have insecurities about ourselves, but truly you looked totally beautiful. Have shared your clip on my facebook page to hopefully recruit some more sign-ups and am keeping my fingers crossed you get the call soon.
    Love Rose x


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