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Hey Blogland, 

Well here's my Weight Watchers post.

I went to Weight Watchers today and it wasn't as bad as originally anticipated. I had ovbiously put on a few pounds but nothing disasterous I still weigh a stone less than what I did this time last year so thats great. What was awesome is that I decided to start over from the begininng so a clean slate. I feel like that will be better for me in the long run.

Weight Watchers have brought out a new look which I'm really loving. Their membership folders are soooo much more practical than their last ones and their guides seem alot more user friendly in my eyes. 
Top:- My membership folder. Bottom: the shopping, eat out & exercise guides & a journal.
So Above is a picture of some of the things I got today from my meeting the standard membership folder is given to anyone who is about to start their Weight Watcher journey. 
In it we have the:

- Personal Record card which is where each week your current weight will be recorded and they work out how much you have lost. In your first meeting they work out how many PROPOINTS you can have a day, mine are 28 points. This is worked out based on your height and weight, the more you weigh the more points you get and as you get smaller so do your points. They also work out your 5% weight goal I have to lose 8lbs to reach my 5%. Once you reach it you get a little sticker and if you're anything like me, getting a little sticker just fills me with glee at having acheived it :-). They also work out your 10% and then your ultimate goal weight that you want to get to.

- Your guide to getting started This gives you loads of little tips on what you can do to improve different aspects of you life that will really help you in the beginning of your Weight Watchers journey. So like a cupboard makeover  by swapping your (maybe) large eggs for medium eggs going from 3 PROPOINTS to 2 PROPOINTS as easy as that and you probably wouldn't even notice the difference. 

- A handy pocket guide to finding PROPOINTS values. This is a really 'handy' guide that gives you the everyday food list and how many points they are worth so really easy to just whip out. 

- Track your food, drink and activity. This is basically your first tracker where you can either plan your meals so you know exactly what it is you'll be eating on a certain day, or you can note down what you are eating as you go so you can keep an eye on how many PROPOINTS you may have left.

Everybody also gets an extra 49 PROPOINTS a week. These can be used or not used whatever your preference. I don't tend to use them because if I do I tend to find I don't lose any weight that particular week. I think those 49 PROPOINTS are there so you don't put on weight it keeps you stable. So if you have a special occassion coming up then you can be like "Well I'll use the 49 points on my birthday meal" that kind of thing, so you can splurge every so often and don't feel like you're missing out. 

Then below the membership folder we have eat out guides with pretty much every take-away chain imaginable in them so if you are splurging you can TRULY find out how many points you are eating rather than guessing. The same goes for the shopping guide, if you happen to come across something you're not familar with and don't happen to have your PROPOINTS calculator on you you can look it up easy peasy. 

Then theres you standard you need to move more if you really want to lose lots of weight. Yes! The usual drival.

But my favourite thing is the Journal. This is basically an advanced Tracker but better! You get to put a before picture in it, an after picture, there are graphs to track your weight loss (I'm partial to a graph it's really shows the weight loss) and it has little motivational sayings going through it which I LOVE!

A few of my favourites
So above there's just a few things I like to have when I'm on Weight Watchers:- 

- The Fruit Bears (gummy bears to you and me). There's 2 PROPOINTS per bag and they really are juicy and fruity and give me sweet fix when I'm craving. I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth in the world. I'm not lying! 
- Then there's the Blackberry Drops these are 1 PROPOINT in the whole box and there's quite a few in a box. These take abit more chewwing and that is actually great for me because it means they last longer and I'm not tempted to eat something else.

- Next we have my Rich Toffee Bars, now I'm partial to a snickers on occassion, seriously I love them! But my rich toffee bar here only has 2 PROPOINTS whereas a snickers has 8 PROPOINTS. You do the math...

- Finally we have my Caramel Snack a Jack rice cakes. Now I know these aren't Weight Watcher branded but these are only 1 PROPOINT per rice cake and they are super yummy! This is coming from a girl who hates normal, bland, plain rice cakes. That Caramel really is just the best thing ever and totally worth 1 PROPOINT and if I have a few it tends to fill a hole for minimal damage :D.

Right guys so thats it on my weight watchers post. Every week no matter what day it is I post I will let you know how much I have lost (or put on) that week be it good or bad I will tell you. Hopefully that will keep me motivated to keep going as well. 

Post again soon blogland and wish me luck!


  1. Good idea stacie, i think i need to jump on the weightwatchers bandwagon too :-) i weigh 2 stone more than i am meant to, i blame the ph and not being able to exercise!! Love your blog by the way. its inspiring me to do one too :-) selina xx

    1. Hi Selina!

      Weight Watchers is what seems to work for me I just have a awful sweet tooth and that fights against my will power lol. I'm currently 12lbs more than I should be which is better than the nearly 2 stone over weight I was last year. I definitley blame the PH too! if I could exercise more I would just exercise the extra weight away. Maybe when I see myself on tv on Wednesday that'll be a massive kick up the arse too lol.

      Really?! You'll have to let me know the address when you've set it up and started writing it. I'd love to give it a read. I so chuffed that mine has inspired you to do the same. :D


  2. Good Luck Stacie!
    I've always done slimming world but lost my way after getting to my target weight. I considered joining weight watchers this time but couldn't get my head around pointing everything after slimming world do rejoined SW last week and I lost 2.5lbs :) I'm trying to go lower than my old target weight this time as well
    I thought about doing a post about it but thought people might not enjoy reading it but I enjoyed reading this to see the difference so I might do it anyway! I certainly wanted to do a meal round up each week lol

    Jenni x


    1. I've always wanted to try slimming world but in my mind it just seems more complicated I don't know why. I like the counting aspect for some reason as well lol. I think a post on slimming world would be awesome I know I would enjoy reading it :D.
      It feels really good to start off a stone lighter than last year hopefully I'll reach my target weight this year. I just tend to lose motivation but thats because I have a short attention span lol.


  3. Good luck Stacie, even if you don't need to slim down, you're lovely! Make sure you keep us updated! I'm on a diet health kick thing, that I've wanted to start for a while, but I have no willpower so I should really join something as structured as this



    1. Lol what would life be if we couldn't eat chocolate or indulge every now and again :-). I think weight wathers is good for people like me who have no will power and it definitley keeps you on track :D

  4. I signed up for WW again a few weeks ago and loving the new propoints system and the App is a lifesaver - makes it so easy and tracking as I am I can really think about whether I'm hungry, work in treats when I want or need them and am on my way to losing half a stone!

    Hope it's continuing to work well for you

    Victoria x


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