Easter Time!

Heya Blogland, 

Well today was obviously Easter day and although me and my family are in no way religious we still like chocolate and therefore we still think it's a great excuse to get some :). We also go and see our other family who live further afield and just quality family tim together. 

It feels like it was such a long day we spent a good hour and half in the car each way today which knackers me out for some reason. I don't know why it should because it's not like I do anything while I'm in there lol. I'm probably even more tired just because the clocks went forward here in the UK last night and I didn't get to sleep till 3:00am/4:00am and then was up pretty early as well.

So here are some pictures from today that I thought you might enjoy :)

Easter 2013: some lovely gifts from my mummy and daddy
On the Severn Bridge entering the land of Wales 
Me forcing James to do an instragram photo in the car :D
My cousin Emma with the little nephew Spencer
The lake we went to after Lunch lots of swans, ducks and seagulls.
My older sister Candice and my older nephew Jaydon

My older sister Candice, her fianc√© Warren and littlest Nephew Spencer 
The family talking and what not
Megan and James swinging Jaydon around :)
Hope you like them guys, I very much had a great day and love seeing the family although very tired. 

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  1. I love chocolate! I wish chocolate was healthy. If it didn't, I would eat it all day, everyday!

    Happy Easter, Stacie!

  2. Looks like you had a great Easter!


  3. Can't beat choco and some Twilight :) xxx


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