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Well I thought I would do a review of two of the foundations that I have been trying recently I have given them a few weeks to really be able to give my opinion on them, but before we get into this I would just like to say that I’m not some-one who know loads of things about make-up, the correct terminology all that stuff. I’m just a normal girl and this is just my opinion on them :]. 

Loreal Paris True Match foundation

When I first tried this I really was not a big fan of it but I literally just took off my previous foundation with a make-up wipe and put this on two seconds afterwards because I really wanted to try it. I really hated it initially but I made sure to not be totally deterred by my initial impressions and therefore tried again. I made sure to prep my face properly and then applied it. Now it wasn’t as bad as the first application but I’m still not impressed by it. It’s got what I would call a sticky texture to it and for me that just doesn’t seem to go away It makes me feel gross, I prefer a much more matte foundation and this just doesn’t do it for me. I will keep it and probably use it if all my other foundations ran out or maybe I’ll keep giving it a go and one day I might like it, but for now it’s just not my cup of tea.

MAC Studio Sculpt foundation and studio finish concealer
Now these I loved immediately! The concealer is really, really good very similar to Benefits “Boing” but I think I prefer the texture to MAC’s studio finish. It covers redness and blemishes really well and even the dark circles I have under my eyes which can be very prominent. I would most certainly recommend it and definitely worth the £14.50 you pay for it.

The foundation has also become a firm favourite of mine and I think its one of those products that “does what it says on the tin” or in this case the tube lol. It provides a extremely flawless finish or as MAC describes “satin finish” which doesn’t cling to dry patches that my face tends to get which I love and can be quite hard to come by whilst also still achieving quite a matte/flawless finish. I prefer a matte base to my face because I like to add dew/shine in later with highlighter and blush. I also love that it is cheaper than my favourite Clinique foundation as it is only £24.00 but I know this is still a little pricey but definitely well worth it as I think the tube will also last quite some time, so definitely a good investment :).

Here are the links to both foundations and concealer so if you want to purchase them there you go :]
Loreal Paris True Match Foundation
MAC Studio Sculpt foundation
MAC Studio Finish Concealer

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  1. Ooh I was actually thinking of trying out the l'oreal one because I need a new foundation but think I will stay clear of it now! x

  2. I've done a review on the Mac foundation too! Although I had a different opinion of it haha, Love the Blog, keep going!


  3. MAC is a bit pricey, but you do pay for quality - the true match sounds similar to the rimmel wake me up, but I like the feel - have you tried it? :D
    Great reviews and a lovely post :D <3

    1. Hey Annabelle, I have tried the Rimmel Wake me up foundation and I think that is better than the true match but I'm still not a big fan I think I just don;t like the textures of those type of foundations :)


  4. Great review! Am now really intrigued to try out the MAC foundation :)
    Just discovered your blog, really looking forward to the next post
    Sassy x


  5. i love wake me up rimmel london and mac studio sculpt they are perfect

  6. Mac Studio Sculpt and it is always my 'go to' Mac product, especially in the winter this foundation is perfect.

    Wake me up foundation is great for a high street foundation. I always use this foundation in the summer. However i have heard a few people being allergic which is a shame as its such a great all round foundation.


  7. I felt the same about the L'oreal true match foundation when I first tried it, it left me oily and shiny and generally feeling horrid! xx


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