Flolan Diaries: Hospital Day 1

Heya Blogland,

Well as I write this I am sat on my bed in hospital. 

My current place of residence LOL
This morning was quite relaxed although it didn’t feel like a Sunday to me because generally I have never been to hospital on a Sunday and it kind of had the feel of a weekday, with my Mum sorting my dad out and doing a tonne of cleaning. I got to sleep in till 10am which was awesome because usually if I’m going to hospital I have to be up at the crack of dawn, so nice change there. I got to watch Sunday Brunch which is a TV programme which I love to watch on a Sunday, hilarious to watch. Then at 13:15 the transport guy arrived. The guy we got was one of those too much information kind of people who talk about ANYTHING even if it’s not appropriate but he was still funny and I’m not sure some of his conversational topics would have gone down so well with some other patients LOL.

I got to the hospital, it’s pretty much your standard generic 4 bed room on a ward of about 8 I think I haven’t investigated totally yet but that seems to be about right. They have NO wifi! Devastated but the good thing is being the organisational bee that I am I brought my mobile broadband stick which although not totally reliable seems to be doing okay at the moment  :-). This means I may or may not be able to an update everyday but you know me I’ll get them to you when I can :). I am currently sat on my bed opposite a lady who seems to have a lot of visitors but they’re all being quite loud but I can’t be nosey and find out what they are talking about because they aren’t speaking English :-( which is sad because when I’m bored I tend to listen to what the others are talking about. I know this probably isn’t one of my better traits but that’s what you do when you’re bored and in hospital LOL. There’s another lady who I think is Italian in the bed diagonal to me she’s fairly elderly but I don’t think they are people that I will end up talking to which is sad because I always like to talk to people while I’m in hospital but you know luck of the draw and all that.


The procedure as it stands at the moment may or may not happen tomorrow depending on how high/low my INR levels are (how fast your blood clots), if it’s too high they won’t be doing it tomorrow because otherwise I will be bleeding all over them which wouldn’t be ideal LOL. Hopefully it’ll be low enough because to be honest I can’t be bothered to spend a day in here just waiting for my blood to be thick enough if that makes sense?  Hey Ho what you gonna do? We’ll find out tomorrow I suppose.  

I think something positive that may come out of this trip is I may finally lose some weight because I’ve put on 3 kilos which is not great and hopefully I will lose them in time for Papworth in June :) and hospital food will certainly do that for you lol


  1. You seem to take it all in your stride so inspirational! Hope you're all good to go tomorrow :)


  2. Usually my pub occupation Stace. Shushing Matt so I can hear the conversation on the next table. lol

    KEeping everything crossed chicklet for tomorrow for you. Sleep tight tonight

    Ceri xxxxx

  3. Hope everything goes well for you! Love the way you write so positively and you really make me smile! xx


  4. It's always so lovely to read your blog, you're such an inspirational person! xxx


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