Flolan Diaries: Hospital Day 2

Heya Blogland,

So prior to coming in here I had to stop taking my warfarin as I mentioned in my previous post so that my blood isn't too thick but they had to replace that with another drug that I cannot remember the name of but it begins with a T. Now when the lady was telling me this I was like "yeah, yeah, okay thats fine do what you need to do." Nowhere in this nurses explanation of this drug was there a point where she said "oh it'll need to be injected in your stomach" NOWHERE! If there had I'm sure I would have remembered and forced my dad to stay with me, but no there was not! So this lady comes in and says to me, are you ready to have your injection and me being me was like "excuse me? What injection?" Then  she continued to explain to me that this Warfarin substitute had to be injected luckily the nurse was quite nice and kindly explained to me that she injects it in the stomach because it's one of the fatiest part of the body so it wouldn't hurt so much. The problem with me is I don't like things I don't know, why do you think it took me 10 months to decide to go on the Flolan in the first place LOL. So I may have had a mini panic attack as soon as she started to prepare it but she calmly talked me through it and I may have over-reacted because it didn't hurt at all. The only bit that hurt was like 5minutes after she had injected it. I'm anticipating a large bruise because I'll have to have it done everyday I'm here. When I was 13 they actually used this drug but it was in my leg (not that I could remember that when they told me about the drug LOL) and I was there for about 7days and I had a bruise that covered half of my leg, so lets see how much of my stomach it'll cover LOL.

Right now I'm having to listen to the most irritating beeping noise coming from one of the women opposite me's machines, its driving me stark raving mad! I don't have a clue how the lady is sleeping through it I would have called someone by now and I want to but I don't want to interfere.

Right now as I write this 9:00am, I have been told I need to have my bloods done again because my INR (how fast your blood clots) was a little too high/higher than they would have liked so they need to redo my bloods today to see if it has gone down, and hopefully it will have, otherwise I get to be bored all day LOL.

14:00pm Sorry if this seems a bit mish mash guys (and for those that don't know what mish mash is, kind of in bit and pieces) I'm writing it as I go because otherwise I'll forget it and I want you guys to know as much as possible. I went into Theatre around 11:30 and to say I was a bit nervous is an understatement, I was so, so, so nervous never having been awake for a surgery before, although I had been told what to expect it never really calms you because you've still never experienced it. But the doctor/surgeon man came out and went through everything and tried to calm me a little which sort of worked. I went in and literally just kept concerntrating on my breathing, in, out, in, out, in, out it worked to an extent but then came the time to stick the Anaesthetic in and OMG that REALLY hurt! I'm kind of comparing it to the dentist but like 10 times more painful. The following two injections were okay still not nice but less painful than the first.

After the the injections it was just a lot of pulling and tugging and some odd sensations at times but other than that it was fine much less traumatic than I was expecting LOL. I suppose thats the good thing with me I always expect the worse then anything better is a bonus :D.

I was in there for around 30-40mins which didn't seem too long but they put the line in and I have 2 incisions I'll take a picture of it when I can as I can't really investigate it at the moment because my neck is so sore and stiff I can't really see it but when the soreness and stiffness goes down I'll be sure to investigate and take pictures for you guys :).

19:30pm So I have just been and had an X-ray done to make  sure that the line is in place properly and they will be starting the flolan soon, they are doing it on big machine first (one that I have to drag around with me) this is just while I get used how to work the pump that I'll be taking home with me. This is really annoying because it means I have to stay in either the hospital gowns or the one nighty I brought with me thats basically just a really long shirt LOL and the only reason they're letting me wear this one is because it buttons up in the front.

... And the lady in the bed opposite me just collapsed -_-...

i will keep you updated tomorrow :)


  1. Make sure you take care sweetie xx


  2. Have been reading your blog for awhile now but I haven't commented often but I want you to know that you are so brave!!

  3. Hi Stacie!
    You are one brave woman :) You are doing great! thanks for the updates, since many of us are thinking about you all around the globe!


    Lori from California


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