Flolan Diaries: Hospital Day 3

Hey Blogland,

Well today hasn't been too eventful I've been in one of those moods where I'm tired but not tired enough that I can sleep but then not awake enough that I can be bothered to do anything.

They started my Flolan via an IV pump last night whic was really annoying because I had literally just got to sleep ad then she came in and was like "Time to start your medication" and I was just like "Really?!" Last night there was quite alot of bleeding from my line site and I think I've decided I don't like the nurse I have at night because when I mentioned this to her and showed her she told me that it was perfectly normal and then when I woke up this morning it had spread quite alot and I showed her and she finally gave in and changed the dressing on it. I mentioned it to my doctor this afternoon and she didn't seem best pleased by it because the site is supposed to be sterile not drenched in blood. Anyway after that little fiasco I pretty much dosed for the rest of the day until my doctor came round at about 3:00pm.

At 3:00 I had to relearn how to set up the pump and the drug because I need to get the timing down to around 3 minutes after the drug as been exposed to the air I think it's going to be hard but I should be able to do it. At this point my doctor was about to go mad the nurses because they had given me a 24 hour dose when I actually need 12 hours doses and they had in fact told me it was supposed to be a 12 hour dose but they just forgot to change it, so under the glare of my doctor they changed it at 4:25 but that now means I have to wake up at like 3:30 to make sure they know that they have to prepare my drugs and whatnot. Apparently I have to get stricter with my nurses. I hate doing that though because I hate to feel like I'm bothering people. But like my doctor said it's my life and I have to be in control of it, so if the nurses aren't doing what they are suppose to be doing I have to tell them.

I did have a bit of a weird "can I really do this by myself?" moment earlier because it's so much to take in and I'm just worried that I will screw it up. And yesterday I had a bit of a panic moment because I had been finding it hard to swallow and cough and was so worried that it wouldn't go away but was totally reassured by some of my PH friends, I'm still finding a bit of pressure when I swallow but that has gone down as the day has gone on so yey.

Although right this second I have just discovered to mini blisters near the dressing on my neck which was pleasant... not lol I think it's the dressings they use my skin doesn't really agree with them.

I have yet to feel any side affects to the drugs but I'm not going to say thats not going to happen because it probably will at some point and I'm on a small dose as it is anyway so my body probably won't react till we get higher I don't want to have any bad reactions because they don't sound very nice at all :-/.  

All the stuff I've been practising with this afternoon :)
Right I am off to hopefully catch a bit of sleep while it's quiet and then I won't be so grumpy when I have to get up in the morning LOL. 

Stacie xoxo

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  1. Hi there. This is a really inspirational blog. Stay positive and keep smiling.
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