Flolan Diaries:- Hospital Day 4

Hey Blogland,

Well last night, after I posted I my previous blogpost, I got to meet two really lovely ladies who are both on Flolan! They were so lovely and they both showed me how they made up their nightly dose of the meds. It was really interesting to see how it differs from person to person because one was more vigorous with the Glycine solution (The stuff you mix the flolan into) whereas the other was quite gental with it. It's actually made me even more positive about it :).

Urgh Last night they brought in a woman who has to be one of the most attention seeking people I have ever met in my life. She rang the bell literally every 5-10mins LITERALLY! I'm not in anyway exaggerating when I say this I really wanted to hit her in the morning because I had a awful nights sleep and to top it off they are still doing half hourly obs (Blood pressure) on me during the night so even if I managed to get to sleep I would get woken up the next minute anyway. They actually managed to change my drugs on time last night/this morning which was good but I made sure I  was awake and alert at around 3:50am to make sure they knew that they had to do it.

Basically the whole day I just practising making up the flolan after that. I managed to fit in a nap here and there but nothing substantial, but I have come to the conclusion that I won't be getting a good nights sleep till I get home and I'm in my own bed. Hopefully they will be sticking me on the small pump (chrono pump) tomorrow and then I depending on how confident or not I am depends when I will go home. They have been upping my dose every 12 hours and so far pretty much no side affects except for a little bit of nausea this morning but my Doctors just think that because they are upping it so fast but tonight I don't feel sick at all. Maybe it's the hospital breakfast that made me feel ill? LOL.

The only other thing that kind was wrong was that this morning I woke up with my entire right boob soaked in blood which was an uber lovely thing to wake up to LOL. We figured out that it was the blood thinning medication they put me on that they were injecting into my stomach a few hours before which I only knew because my lovely friend Anne had experienced something similar. So far this evening No blood which is great!

So things are moving along nicely hopefully I will be out of here in may 3 days if everything continues to go smoothly :).

Hope everyone in Blogland is well and I can't wait to get back to the real world :)


  1. Hope hospital life gets better for you and you get some sleep! <3

  2. You seem to be doing well:) Hope you will soon be back home and able to get rest!

  3. Sounds like your doing really well stacie, great to read each day how your doing. Ping elastic bands at the attention seeking woman she will soon stop buzzing :-p xxx


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