Flolan Diaries: Hospital Day 5

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Well Since last night it was all drama in my Ward Bay. The really attention seeking  woman opposite my bed had a lot of visitors come and  visit her and when I say a lot I think it was like her entire family around 20 when I counted but more kept coming, bearing in mind that you’re only allowed two people at the bed at one time. Anyway they obviously wanted their privacy, which they are more than entitled too, the only problem is squeezing all those people behind the blue curtains is that it kind of becomes a sauna. So this woman started to overheat and just generally started to decline and all her family members were doing everything for her even moving her from side to side. All day the nurses had been making her do some things by herself because that’s all a part of recovery by having all her family members do everything for her it meant she got worse and then around 8o’clock something happened and the nurses got very mad because they couldn’t get around all the people to treat her so they tried to chuck them all out but as much as they tried there was at least four of the family members there at a time. They just didn’t seem to understand that by having so many people there they were in fact making her worse. So eventually she got sent to intensive care because this ward just didn’t have the man power to deal with her. In intensive care they have a nurse per patient whereas on the ward we are on they have 2 nurses for around every  6-8patients so they can’t attend to just one patients as they have other patients to see. But anyway that was my drama for the evening LOL. On to me…

So today I woke up at around 3:30 again to make sure that the nurse was prepping my drugs and then I had a pretty chilled out morning I discovered that I have gain the side affect ‘Jaw ache’ which isn’t so bad just a tad annoying and really hard to explain. They brought in a new lady to the bay who seems nice enough and I just pretty much practised, practised, practised on my little practise pump. I think I’m getting okay at it. Then at around 13:00 my PH team came up and told me I was allowed to go on the little pump at last. Yeyy. They left one of my doctors with me to observe me make up the solution, and obviously I made a bunch of mistakes but that is because I was being watched and get nervous when I’m being watched and start to second guess the things I’m doing. I’ve always been like it even at school like in Textiles I would be happily sewing along and then the teacher would come along and watch and I would just completely mess up LOL. But I think my doctor could tell that I was nervous with her watching me and I wouldn’t have ordinarily made those mistakes if I didn’t have my Dad, her, and my nurse all watching me at the same time LOL. She was satisfied with what I did though and she said she was happy for me to carry on doing it. She came and saw me do it again at 6 tonight because she just need to make sure that I’m doing everything correctly, and she’ll come again tomorrow morning and see me do it and hopefully if I’m feeling confident enough I should be able to go home tomorrow, but if I’m still feeling uneasy they’ll let me stay till Saturday or however long I need.


I think I will be fine once I get back home and all my drugs have got a place of their own and I know where it all is because at the moment it’s all in boxes and just a bit higgle-de-piggle-de.
I got moved from my ward bay though to the bay with the other two PH patients on which is nice and also means that I won’t need monitoring every half hour through the night and only every 4 hours. Because the room I was in had a 24/7 monitoring thing on the wall whereas the one I’m in now doesn’t which is awesome :).

Anyway I’m off and will keep you guys updated.  


  1. Good luck with everything & I hope you're feeling well enough to go home tomorrow :) x

  2. I pray for amazing healing, and everything goes well!(:


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