Flolan Diaries: Hospital Day 6 & Home-time

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Well Yesterday was Day 6 of being in hospital. It was really boring to be honest, well most of it was, but then the day you leave always tends to be just one big wait. So yesterday I woke up and my Doctor came in around 8:00 for me to my Flolan, she just let me get on with it not really paying too much attention to me, she was just there if I needed her, which I didn't so yeyy! That meant that she felt okay to let me leave but then we had to get the go ahead from everyone else LOL. In the mean time whilst waiting to see everyone I managed to get to go for a shower I cannot tell how much I needed one they, wouldn't let me have one until I had this kind of like cling film stuff to put around my machine, which is more than understandable but I was hitting 5 days without a shower so I felt SO gross, but it was literally the best feeling ever! 

Then after my shower I saw the Pharmacist who went through everything drug related with me, like my warfarin because they had been fiddling about with that I needed to go get my INR checked out as soon as possible and that it would probably be a bit wonky for a while. Then I had to wait for Mike the social person who had to see that I was okay within myself to go home and that I wasn't just saying it LOL. Then my friend Rosie came to see me over the lunch, where there would be no doctors seeing me, and it was sooo Lovely to see someone from the real world because when you're in hospital you kind of get stuck with the same conversation that relates to hospital and obviously Rosie asked me how I was and what happen and all that type of stuff but we actually got to talk about real life things which was awesome. I know its everyone right to be a little curious but sometimes all you want is for someone to talk about something else and not the thing that you've already been thinking about for days, weeks and months. So that was so lovely of her to come especially because she got lost getting there and if you don;t know how to navigate Hammersmith it can be a bit of a maze LOL. 

After Rosie left another one of my doctors Fabreceo or if you know him Fab came to see me and just gave me the check over as well to make sure that I was okay and not feeling any side affects, ran through everything that I needed to know for when I got home, and he was happy that I was okay now all we had to do was wait for the head consultant to give the go ahead for me to leave which took a while because she was the only consultant yesterday so EVERYONE needed/wanted her. I was bored out my mind but got it I wasn't an emergency so I would have to wait :). 

Eventually Mike came back told me that my transport would be coming to get me and that I could go home. With all my drugs and equipment that I had to take home with me it actually looked like I was moving house because I had taken quite a lot in with me too so add on all the stuff they were giving me and it really, really did look like it. We had to have the transport guy, a nurse & my dad take it down stairs on trollies LOL. I think I will do a separate post on all the stuff I have and what it is and all that type of stuff because I think it's a bit too much for this post. 

But I eventually made it in last night and it was soooo nice to be home, I made sure I put everything away it only just fitted though mind you! LOL. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to relax and then I flopped down in my bed after doing my first totally non supervised drug change :). BLISS!

It is actually 1 year today that I got put on the transplant list but I'll do a post on that tomorrow for you guys :)

The day I came out of Surgery 15-04-2013 
Thursday 18th April 2013 Looking loads better 
All the medication boxes I came home with taking up loads of my bedroom LOL
Me when I got changed last night, it looks like it's starting to heal :)
Sorry this post is late guys, but better late than never right? Thank-you for your lovely comments in my previous post and I will keep you all updated on my progress :D 

Talk soon guys 

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